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Moma! Ooo Ooo Ooo!

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If your cofused, its a line from a queen song ↕

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"Yeah, I know your brother." Sadly. "Is he here?" Say no little boy! Say no!

"No.." YES! "He's out looking for a job so he can buy me alot of chrismas gifts." The cute kid had a huge smile on his face.

"Well that's nice of him." Considering hes was an ass to me.

"Yeah. Roman is very nice. I love my broder." Aw! That's the cutest way to say brother ever! "He dosen't yell at me. Niether does Chisy but, can you keep a secret?" He asks. I nod my head yes. He stands up, I kneel so he can reach my ear. He cups his ands around is mouth and whispers. "I like Roman better than Chrisy. Chrisy doesn't like it when I come in his room." He draws back. I want to give him a huge hug! I've been there.... Melissa!

"He yells an extra lot when he has girl in the room. They're always so close. I haven't seen one in a wile though. " Spoke too soon little guy! "MOst of the time it's the same one for a few times then they're gone."

"How many were there all together?" Just want to make sure hes not a player. Your welcome Melissa!

"In our old house there was 3 in one year. Dats all I remember. And I haven't seen any since we moved here yesterday." Well that's good, right? 3 in one year. I know a guy that has a new girl friend every week.

"So where did you use to live?" I ask the simple question.

He responded with a scared look on his face. His smile had droped and his eyes grew wide. Deer in head lights! It surely looked like it.

"Wanna see my toys?!" He asks quickly, taking my hand into his and pulls me towards a little toy box near his race car bed. He fishes out random toys, naming them and telling me what they do. I just nod my head wile thoughts race. What the hell was that all about? I just asked where he lived! At 7 I could say my phone number, address, my grandparents phone number and address!

"And this is Teddy." He hold up an old bear with a few stains on it. "He's my teddy. I've had his since I was a baby." Wich was only 7 years ago. I still have my bunny! What now?!

"I have a bunny that I've had since I was little. He's green with a cocoa stain on the knee." I point to Teddy's knee.

"Teddy has baby food stains on his ear and tummy." He points to the orange and yellow stains. I feel bad for these stuffed animals. Yes I'm 17 and feel bad for a stuffed animal. They're so beaten through the years. And have the simplest names ever! But how much can you rely on a 3 year old to name it something good?

"Aw. Well maybe they can have a play date some time." I giggle. I am a small child.

"Let me ask Teddy first." He raises Teddy to his ear. He nods a feel times and saying "Yeah" or "Yes" in the middle. Mini me! "Teddy would like that! And he said that we should go down stairs and get some food." He says. He stands again and takes my hand.

We walk through the hall way where I was looking for the twins. It seemed better now that a small child was leading me through it. It was akward with the high diffrence when we staggered down the stairs.

"Hi Mommy!" Adam said letting go of me and running to Kate. There was a man now, sitting beside her. The same brown hair I've been seeing this whole time. He must be Geogre. Him and dad were talking, so was mom and Kate. I still haven't seen my sister or Chris. They must be clicking. Wile I'm here talking to a 7 year old.

"Hi sweetie. Where you having fun with Jillian?" Kate mushed as she snuggled him.

"Yeah! She's awsome!" Adam giggled. Why thank you little boy! Now will you tell that to everyone in high school? Yeah, thanks. The sad part is that they'll believe him...

They all look at me. I shrug. "Eh, what can I say? I'm good with kids."

"I'm not a kid! I'm 7! I'm a big boy!" He said in his best mean voice, crushing his brow together, pouting, and putting his hands on his hips.

"Your my big boy!" Kate said hugging him closer. We all laughed. My mom wants more kids. I say no! "So will you be staying for dinner?" Kate asked.

"Oh no, we couldn't." That's right mommy, we can't!

"I insist! We're having ranch chicken! I akways make more than my family eats!" No, Kate! Didn't you hear her?! We can't!

"If you insist.." DAMNIT MOM!
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