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The Kid Left Me!

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warning: Kathy Griffins no so nice comments in there...

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"Oh! Great! I'll start on- Roman!" shit.

Everyone looks to the door. Roman was standing in the door way with on hand on the key and the other on the knob. His brow together and his mouth tight, all together making a look that says "What I do?"

"Come over here! We have guest! Don't be rude!" Roman took a few steps into the house before Kate spoke again. "First, change your shirt. It's ugly."


"I said go!" Roman stomped up the stairs.

Not five seconds after Roman vanished up the stairs, I heard "Come on!" and I was being draged up the stiars. This kid must be the fricken hulk! He was pulling me up even when I lost my footing and fell I was being pulled with no problem.

When we got to the 7 year olds room I was practically thrown in there. "Wait here!" He said with a huge smile. "I have something to show you!"

It's been 10 minutes. This kid is not coming back!

Sing it for the boys, sing it for the girls. Every time that you lose it sing it for the world!

What is that?

Sing it from the heart. Sing it till you're nuts. Sing it out for the ones that'll hate your guts!

Sing! One of my favorites!

Sing it for the deaf. Sing it for the blind. Sing about everyone that you left behind!

I peek my head out the door and the music gets louder. I start to crawl on my hands and knees to find the music. I come to a door with stickers all over it, mostly for bands. It reminds me of my sisters door back in NY.

I slide to the wall besides the door. I close my eyes and smile. The music soothes me, even thought it loud on volume level 5.

I hear the door open. My eyes spring open and I scrabel to my feet. When I stand, I'm face to facem, more like face to chest, with Roman. "What were you doing?"

Looking down, I say "I was just listening to the music..."

"Then why didn't you ask to come in? Aren't we friends?"

"No! We're not friends! And I don't want to be!" I snap. Granted, that was really mean but it was the only way to get the point across.

"Ow. That hurt. I thought we'd be the bestest of friends." The sad part is theres no sarcazume in that...

"Well, I don't want to make friends now. Okay?" I'm being nicer! I'm proud of myself!

"Tell ya' what, how 'bout you come in and listen to music as a neighbor. Nothing more." He has a half smile on which, dare I say it, is really cute...

I give him a small smile back. "I'd like that." Good Girl! He waved me in.

I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. The walls were all blue, the bed set was striped with blue, the head bord was oak wood with a few knots. There's a desk with an aplle computer, an ihome and an ipod touch next to the closet. I dresser sat by the door with a small flat screen TV. Posters lined the walls. They're mostly band posters too. You know, the ones that come in CD's. Chiodos, MCR, Hollywood Undead, bayside, Attack! Attack!, Mayday Parade, and Shinny Toy Guns line the walls. Heh, that last one sounds like it's not a band....

"What? Not what you thought it would be?" He laughs leaning on the desk chair.

"I didn't know what to think, really. I thought it would be messier though! Where's the underwear on the floor and shirts on the lamp?!" I say in a 'what the hell' voice.

"All of that is in the haymper like always. I hate a mess. I'm not one of those disgusting male that don't shower and cover the smell with axe. I like axe. I put on a good amount. I don't mask with it." I can smell the chocolate axe... Where's the bottle? I want to steal it... "And those locker room, ugh, why didn't you warn me about that? You were my tour guide! Inform me!" I glare at him. We were getting along too! "Okay, sorry."

"It's whatever. So your not the normal guy of 17? Not girl crazed and trying to get into their pants. I find that hard to believe. The only ones that don't do that are gay!" A pause. "You are?! Yay now-"

"I am not gay!" He says with his mouth open.

"Aw." I say in my sad voice. I really am a bit dissapointed. "Then we could have been bestest friends. You don't hate gays right? Then I would have to leave now." I get up, ready for his answer.

"No! They're fine. I really don't care if people like chicks or guys. As long as they're not dick heads, I'm good." Ha! Some gays are! Oops!

"Alright, I guess I can stay." I sit back down on his bed. Mmmm, comfy...

"Nice. So your a lover of the gays that is straight?" He asks.

"Yeah. I'm with Kathy Griffin! Go gays!" I laughs and lay down on the comfy bed.

"She's a crazy bitch.." He says. How dare he?!

"Gasp! Do not dis the Kathy!"

"I was not. She's insane and you know it. But she is funny. I loved it when she told Jesus to suck it! Ha!" He bends over in laughter.

"So are you a Jew or somethin'? 'Cause non of my catholic friends thought that was funny. Well one did but she's only a baptis to please her mom." Love you, Hannah!

"It's complicated." He flatly states.

"Oh, okay."

He opens his mouth to speak but he was drowned out by his mother. "COME DOWN! DINNER!"

"Come on, Roman." I wave at him to come, and like a puppy, he follows me out of his room.

A/N: Hey, just to clear things up, I'm cool with The Catholics. I respect their beliefs and all that, but, I loved it when she told Jesus to suck it. So I'm sorry. It wasn't me!
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