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It seemed a bit awkward at dinner. Neither Chris nor Melissa were in attendance, which, pissed the mothers off greatly. The even checked Chris's room. They weren't there. I'm guessing they hit it off and snuck out. I wouldn't put it past my sister.

The seating is arranged like this: Mom and Kate where sitting next to eachother, Dad and Geogre were at the ends of the table, Adam was sitting next to Kate, Me and Roman were on the other side of the rectangle table.Two seats were open at the end by dad, where the oldest were suppose to sit.

Kate cut Adams chicken in neat squares wile talking to mom. "Helene, where do you get your make up? It's so light and pretty. I always got it at the mall before we moved now I can't find it."

"Oh I get it at concord mills. I'll have to show it to you some time!"

Wile they there talking about make up and other things I don't care about, I was picking at the chicken. It's good and all but I'm not that hungry at the moment.

Roman leaned in a few inches from my ear and said "Bored?" That's what brought me back to life. His breath was cold and it made me shiver. (F.Y.I. when I shiver, its like a huge twitch and many people laugh.) I could just feel his huge smile. I could hear him laugh under his breath.

"Shut up." I mummble playfuly, bumping my elbow into his arm.

"I have a challenge for you." He says.

"Yes? And that would be?"

"I bet that you can't go a week without telling me shut up." He smirks. It will be hard... "And If I win, you have to go somewhere with me. Not a date. Just some where."

"And if I win?"

"I wont make fun of you for a week." Tempting...tempting...

"Deal!" And we shake on it! Dis ting fo real! Don't laugh at my distorted spelling... See, thats what happends when I try and be cool. It doesn't work...

"So whats up with the hair?" He asks.

"Shu- Not falling for it!" I laugh in his face! I cought myself!

He growled to himself and turned back to his chicken. Ha! This might be better than I thought!
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