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No. Yes. Maybe

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I don't know what I was so worried about. Me and Elliot are still preatty close. Now all I need to do is tell her that I'm 98% in love with her. Help?


I couldn't be happyer! Every things going my way! Daddy'd getting better, Emma hasn't sarted crap latly, Jace is.... well hes still annoying but I can deal with that, and Jason has gotten nicer. Not to other people of course. Just me. He does tolerate my friends, which, is hard to do.

"So what the hells up with you and Jason?" Emma said loudly in the middle math. The class I don't have with Jason.

"Nothing, why?" I answer. Not the one she wanted though.

"Bull shit! You two are closer than ever and spend every waking moment together. I think theres somethin' there. Even is you two dumb asses don't see it.

"Shut up. Theres nothing. I don't think he can feel that way. He looks like hes broken. I don't know though. He doesn't talk about himself offen." I say to her. She just rolls her eyes at me and stares at the bored.

I really haven't thought of him that way. He's my best friend. How could I? Yes he's hot but... I haven't thought that since I first saw him. I don;t like Jason. That's that. I always think thats the weirdest thing when best friends. And when they break up it's awkward or they don't even talk to eachother. I don't want that to happen with me and Jason. And if that means hiding feels a maybe, probably not!, have. Well, that's what it's going to be isn't it?
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