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We are the waiting

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"Shu'p and give me a fucking hug!"

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I know it sounds cliche but when you're waiting in. Hospital bereavement room waiting to find out if your boyfriend is going to be okay/alive seconds seem like minutes, minutes seem like hours and hours seem like days, it all blurs into one big mess, one big nightmare. Hour one was spent crying in the arms of Bob. Hour two was spent pacing the small room, 209 times in 60 minutes, yes, I counted. Hour three was crying in Ray's arms. Hour four was waiting outside. I ran to the store across the road and brought some cigarettes. My hand shook as I lit one up and wandered around the grounds, 10 cigarettes later I walked back inside. By hour 5 I was dragged into the canteen by Mikey who sat me down in front of a cheese sandwich and refused to let me leave until every bite was gone. I really wasn't hungry so we sat there for half an hour staring at each other from across the table. After 40 minutes I saw a flash of blonde hair lining up to pay. As the girl turned around I realised who it was- Sadie. 
She noticed me and stared, walking over to me and sitting down with me and Mikey. 
"Please don't tell me Gerard was beaten up." she sighed and stirred her soup. 
"Why, what do you know?!" Mikey glared at her and looked at me. 
"My boyfriend beat up someone. He wouldn't tell me who, but he's got a broken rib and a black eye."
"Troy beat up Gee?!" I screamed, louder than I should have and began to cry. "Sadie, why the fuck do you hang around with him?!? He raped me! Does that not tell you something about what a fucked up piece of work he is?!" Sadie looked up, tears in her eyes. 
"He said he'd come after me if I didn't date him. And he treats me nicely, he buys me stuff and takes me to parties. And he does dirty work for me. It's win win really." she smiled and carried on staring miserably into her soup. 
"Gerard has internal bleeding, scrapes and cuts all over his face. Bruises everywhere. He might not make it through surgery! He's been in there five hours. Sadie just tell the police. For everyones safety." I stood up and took a packet of cigarettes out of my back pocket. "I need to go outside."

"Since when do you smoke?" Sadie and Mikey said at the same time. 
"Since my boyfriend's in surgery."
I walked out and lit one up. Sighing and sitting on a plant pot. 

"Hey sugar." I looked up and noticed the greasy smile in front of me and knew exactly who it was. 
"Get the fuck away from me you scum bag." I stood up and began to walk away. 
"Hey baby, come back."
"Shut UP. Get the fuck away from me. Never come near me, Gerard, my friends, my family or Sadie again." I stubbed out the cigarette and walked inside, bumping into Bob on the way. 
"You okay?"
"Troy beat up Gee, he's outside trying to harass me. What you doing round here?" 
"The surgeons want to speak to you and Mikey." 
"Oh fuck." I ran into the lift and pressed the button for floor 5. Mikey slid in the lift just as the doors started to close. We looked at each other and my eyes filled with tears. Mikey hugged me as the doors opened and we sped down the hallway to the room where we had been waiting. Two surgeons we sitting down next to Ray. 
"Ah, Miss Aarons and Mr Way, we need to speak to you in private." they lead up out of the room into a smaller room where they sat us down. 
"Mr Way is in intensive care recovering." I sighed out of relief and broke down crying. "We can't seem to find any medical insurance, this will cost a lot of money."
"Oh shit, I told ma to take out insurance."
"My dad, my dad will pay." I said and took out my phone. I dialled dad's number and handed it to the surgeon. They spoke on the phone, she explained what happened and then explained the situation. 
"He wants to talk to you." I took the phone and wandered out of the room. 
"Dad?" I sobbed. 
"Rhianne, are you okay?"
"I'm not hurt if that's what you mean."
"This medical bill, it's going to be a lot. I need to know who did this, we can get lawyers to claim compensation and we can get some of the money back. 
"Troy" I breathed down the phone "Troy did it."
"The one that rap- I mean, hurt you?"
"The same one. And the one that Sadie's going out with." I flinched as I blurted the last bit out. 
"Sadie's doing WHAT?" 
"Dad, that's not the point, just please say you'll pay the bills."
"Hand me to the lady I was speaking to before." he sighed and I ran into the room and handed the phone to her smiling at Mikey who exhaled loudly. the surgeon hung up, handed me the phone and smiled. 
"Okay, now that's all sorted you can go visit Mr Way, one at a time though please."

We rushed back to the others to tell them them the good news. Ray and Bob sighed with relief and we made our way down to intensive care. I think now was the time to call Mr and Mrs Iero. 

~Evie's POV~ 

I woke up in a tangle of sheets, snuggled up on Franks chest. 
"Morning Mrs Iero." Frank sighed as he kissed my forehead. That's right, I'm Mrs Frank Iero. 
"Hey gorgeous." I smiled and kissed him. "What do you want to do today?" 
"Well," he chuckled as he slid his hands down my body. "This is our honeymoon..." I giggled as we moved under the covers. 

Suddenly my phone rang, again. I sighed  and glanced at the screen: 10 missed calls from Rhi. Frank stopped to look too. 
"She must really want you. Pick it up." I sighed and picked up the phone. 

"Evie Iero, this better be important, I'm having honeymoon sex." 
"Hey Eves." Rhi sighed down the phone, she sounded upset and tired. "How's the sex?" she fake laughed. I rolled my eyes at Frank, Rhi and Gee obviously hadn't made up, and she'd gone all manic depressant on MY honeymoon. Great. 
"It's brilliant. What's up?"
"The usual, Gerard got beaten up by Troy, Gerard's been in surgery for 5 hours. I've started chain smoking." 
"What?! Oh my God! When did that happen?!" I sat up and searched around for my clothes. 
"Last night. He basically died on me. Anyway. We'll call you if there's any changes. Enjoy the sex." she giggled, trying to hide the fact she was crying and I heard Mikey soothing her. 
"What are you talking about?! We'll be there in 20."
"No Eves, it's your fucking honeymoon, he wouldn't want to get in the way of that!" 
"I don't care what Gerard would want we are coming whether he likes it or not. See you soon baby."
"Bye." I hung up and looked at Frank. 

"Gerard's been beaten up and is in surgery." I stood up and grabbed some clothes out of my suit case, chucking some at Frank who sat up in bed shell shocked. 
"When the fuck did that happen?! And who did it?!" 
"Last night, and Troy." I heard Frank mumble under his breath as he put clothes on. By the time he had done, I was halfway out the door. He called for me to wait up and he wrapped my arms around me as we took the lift to get a taxi. 

~Rhianne's POV~

Gerard looked so small and fragile surrounded by wires and beeping machines.  
I sobbed as I entered the room, alone, stupid one person only system. "Gerard? Hey sweetie, it's me, Rhi." I shuddered at how cold it was. There was a chair next to him. I sat down and took his hand. "I'm sorry, its all my fault! If we hadn't gotten into that fight, you wouldn't of stormed out and you'd be safe. If anything happens I'll never be able to live with myself. I love you Gerard." I put my head on his hand and began to cry. I don't know how long I stayed like that, but there was a knock at the door and Evie poked her head around the door. I stood up and walked out. "You go in." I said and I took the lift downstairs to smoke again. It was dark outside but I saw franks so I went and sat with him. 

"Hey" I sighed, lighting one up. 
"You know, smokings bad for you." he giggled as he took a drag from his own cigarette. 
"Hypocrite." I laughed back. 
"Come here and give me a hug." he opened his arms as he spoke, ushering me forward.
"I don't know if I want to, have you washes since you shagged Evie last?" I giggled, he scowled. 
"Shu'p and give me a fucking hug!" he smiled and ran towards me, wrapping his arms around me. "Now that's better isn't it?"

Suddenly Rays booming voice filled the nights silence. "RHI?! RHI?! It's Gerard." 
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