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Hard Times

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'So she accidentally ingested weed laced cheese, good thinking Batfink. eish'

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A/N: Hey guys! Just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing reviews! This stories coming to an end soon, but you guys have been amazing! I love you lots! :)

~Rhianne's POV~

My stomach dropped. My head started to spin, did I really want to know what had happened to Gee? Of course I did. I loved him.
"What's wrong Ray?!" the words didn't come out of my mouth, but out of Frank's. Frank was holding onto me tightly, rubbing his hand lightly up and down my arm.
"Well, I went in there, to say hi and stuff and he just, crashed. They're reviving him now."
"REVIVING?! YOU MEAN HE'S DEAD?" This time I spoke.
"Uh, yeah, might want to get upstairs." I sobbed and the world started moving, not because I was fainting but because Ray had picked me up in a fireman's lift and was speeding towards the elevator. When we got to the corridor Ray finally put me down. Evie was sobbing, Mikey was crying and Bob was holding on to both of them, staring at the floor. In the room where Gerard was, there was the noise of sirens and surgeons shouting.
"Gerard" I whispered and ran inside, knocking away the arms that tried to stop me. I stopped when I saw the sight of him.

Gerard was laying flat on a crash mat, the wires had been removed from his body, replaced by two rectangular patches on his chest and a air pump in his mouth.
"Gee" I whispered, tears rolling down my cheeks.
"miss, we're going to have to ask you to leave. Mr Way is becoming stable now." one of the nurses tried to usher me out. Hands were grabbing me from behind too. Mikey wrapped his arms around me and dragged me into the Bereavement room that had become our home. As Mikey sat me down, I could feel I was burning up, a cold sweat drenched my fever ridden body. I began to try and remove layers of clothing, my coat then my shirt, I was in a vest top when the nausea hit.
"I feel sick." was all I managed before I threw up all over Franks converses.

~Franks POV~
It was like slow motion, Rhi turned green, mumbled and chundered all over my new All Stars. I'll admit, as I watched Mikey gracefully leap out of the projection line, I felt the puke warm up my feet a bit.
"Awh shit!" I sighed as I wiggled my feet about, trying to get as much puke off with shear force before I started using my hands. That was when I noticed the amount of blood and bile within the mixture. I looked up at Rhi, she was pale, sweaty and shivering, she didn't look well at all. Suddenly her head lolled backwards and her eyes rolled to the back of her head as blood started pouring out of her mouth. "RHI?!" I screeched as I shook her shoulders, not that they needed shaking, she was having a fit.
"NURSE! NURSE!" Evie screamed into the hallway. Soon enough, half the team who had been reviving Gee were in the room, ushering us out and treating Rhi.

Ray was rushing out of Gee's room.
"Was that Evie shouting?! Gee wants to see Rhi." without answering his question I walked in the room. Gerard was sitting upright now, pale, but alive.
"Hey Frankie! Can you get Rhi for me?"
"Mate, something’s happened." his eyes widened.
"Is Rhi okay?!" I remained silent and shook my head.
"WHAT THE FUCK HAS HAPPENED TO HER?! WAS IT TROY?!" he started to try and climb out of bed.
"Shh, calm down, let me explain." I pushed him back into bed. "All of a sudden she went all, weird. She just turned green and puked all over my shoes. She was pale, and sweaty and shivering then all of a she, fainted. The nurses are looking after her now. They said she'll be fine. I think they're cleaning her up as we speak, something dodgy she ate in the cafe. Loads of people have been in with it. Weed got spilt into the cheese." his eyes widened, his face shocked, I know I lied about her being fine but I didn't want to worry him anymore. So she accidentally ingested weed laced cheese, good thinking Batfink. eish

"Frank! Can I talk to you!" Evie's eyes were all puffy. I nodded, patted Gerard shoulder and wandered out of the room. Evie broke down. I wrapped my arms around her and comforted her until she looked up. “It’s poison. Rhi was poisoned.” My eyes grew wider, I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. “They don’t know what kind of poison it was so they can’t treat her, if they don’t find out what it was in less than 48 hours, Rhi’s gonna die.”

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