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sorry I didn't update yesterday, I had a Christmas concert at school. I arrived at school at 8:30PM and I got home at 10:45PM!!! t'was a long day!!!

That afternoon, I had German with Mikey and Ray. Mily was in the class to, and sat infront of the three of us. I couldn't see her face, but I could tell instantly that she was upset.
"Mily?" I asked after the teacher had left. She turned around, and her eyes were slightly red, by the looks of it, she'd been crying.
"Oh," she said, wiping her eyes embarassedly "Hi Emma" 
"Mily what's up?"
"oh, it's nothing" she lied
"Come and sit next to me" I told her. She just nodded, looking like she needed someone to talk to, and moved her stuff back a desk so she was sitting with me. I looked over at Mikey who was sitting on the other side of me. He had gone compleatly White.
I gently put my hand on Mily's shoulder and asked her again "Whats wrong Mily?" 
this time she didn't bother lying
"My friend Georgia just decided that I'm too Uncool for her, and that i should go off and find some new friends" she told me. Her and Georgia had been friends for years, they were inseperable
"Mily, if she doesn't want to be with someone as amazing as you, then she's not worth it" Mikey piped up. I looked over at him shocked
"Thanks Mikey" she said with a slightly smile as she wiped away another stray tear
"Y-y-you know why name?" Mikey asked
"Of course I do silly!" she giggled, and Mikey's face lit up. Through the rest of the lesson me, Mily, Ray and Mikey all chatted, well, except for Mikey and Mily who helplessly flirted with each other. 

Next lesson was drama, possibly the best lesson because again, like music, we just muck around. We were all in drama together (all meaning Me, Mikey, Gerard, Ray, Bob, Frank, Ellie and Mily). I told Mily to come and sit with us. She smiled at me as we sat down with my 6 best friends.
"Guys, I'm sure you all know Mily, well, except for Frank and Ellie probably" I said and they all smiled at her.
"Ellie, can I ask you something" Mikey said to her, and she nodded. They went away and talked for a few minutes and then ame back to join us.
"Mily," Ellie started "me and Frank are having a sleepover at our house tonight, do you wanna come?"
"Wow, really? That would be great! I've never been to a sleepover" she told us honestly
"WHAT?" Gerard asked shocked "Youve never been to a sleepover? Girl, you haven't lived!"
we all talk about past sleepover then! Me, Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob had had quite a few since we'd met 3 years ago. They always involved some form of stupid childish game that resulted in someone running down the road in their underwear!!

When Drama finished, we all walked out of school together. Frank and Ellie gave us their address, and we all said we'd be over in a couple of hours. 

As I walked out of the school gates, I looked over my shoulder. I saw Frank talking, or should I say flirting , with some girl I didn't know. I felt a sudden pang of jelousy surge through me and i saw her brush a strand of his hair from his face. And that's when I realised that I had a crush on Frank...  
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