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I'll trust you any 'way' I can

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quite a long one, enjoy! R&R, suggestions are most welcome! x

I got home after a quiet walk home with Gerard and Mikey. I think they could sense something was up, but they didn't ask. I got home and Angrily threw some stuff into a bag for tonight. Me and Frank had grown so close over the past couple of days, and it was just like a shove in the wrong direction. I had started to think me and Frank could be amazing friends, but now I've realised how I felt, i don't think we could.

I peered at myself in the mirror and sighed. Of course Frank wouldn't like me! I mean, I was so boring! Nothing special, dark brown hair, light blue eyes, not exactly stick thin. I always looked the same, never different. I sighed again and picked my bag up. I told my dad where I'd be and set off. I was early, so I decided to go to Mikey and Gerard's house before hand. They were the two I'd always been closest to, and if I couldn't trust them then I couldn't trust anyone. 

I knocked on their door, and waited for someone to answer. Mikey opened the door, and I think he noticed the depressed confused expression on my face.
"Emma? Come on in" he said and put his arm aroud my shoulders.
I sat on the Way's sofa and put my head in my hands. Mikey was sitting e
next to me, and I felt the weight shift on the other sde. I looked up and saw Gerard had also sat next to me. 
"what's up emy?" Gerard asked and I sighed
"I can't figure it out..."
"Figure what out?" he asked 
"my feelings for... Frank" I said, sighing his name
"Well how do you feel?" Mikey asked me
"I sort of love him... an I feel really protective about him. Like earlier I saw him flirting with someone, and I felt angry, like he isn't aloud to do that. but he doesn't seem to notice me" I said, sighing again
Gerard put his arm around me and I lay my head on his shoulder
"Ah ems, he'll come to his senses" Gerard said
"But what if he doesn't!" I said, a tear escaping my eyes.
"Ems, he will, I promise" Gerard said knowingly
I just sighed and nodded even though I was unconvinced
"Do you want me to say anything to him about it?" Gerard asked
"NO! no, that will make things awkward, seriously" I urged him and he nodded. 
"So, you two ready to go?" I asked them and they stood up. We all walked over to Frank and Ellie's house which wasn't too far away. When we arrived gerard and Mikey gave me reassuring hugs. We knocked on the door and Ellie opened, giggle at something
"Hey guys, come on it, We could use a few extra pairs of hands!" she giggled. She led us into the living room where we saw a mess of metal poles and a big plastic sheet. I looked around for Frank until I saw the mess in the middle start to move. 
"Frank?" I laughed as I started pulling things away from the pile, and a rather exasperated Frank appeared.
"What the hell are you trying to do man?" Gerard asked
"I was gonna out a tent up. But the damn poles aren't bendy enough!!!" He moaned
"Thats becase they're made of Metal you idiot!" Ellie laughed
"Look, give me a hand, I'm good at tents, my mum used to force us to go camping" I told him, abd set to work. I had the tent up in no time while Frank just stood gobsmacked.
"Holy cow, you can come camping with us any time, we always spend the whole first night putting the tent up!" Frank laughed. The though of being snuggled up close to Franks warm body in a tiny little tent made my heart beat faster and my palms start to sweat. We piled loads of blankets and pillows inside the tent and then Mily arrived. She looked kinda nervous, but as soon as she saw me Mikey and Frank having a huge pillow fight, she relaxed.

Frank hit me particularly hard with a pillow and I fell on the floor.
"PILE ON!!" He shouted before throwing himself onto me. His face was hurried into my neck as eeryone else piled on. I didn't care about the weight ontop of me, all I could think of was Franks warm breath tickling my eat, and his body being so close to mine. Eventually everyone stood up, and Frank grabbed my hand to pull me to my feet. He held my hand for a few seconds after I'd stood up before he pulled away and blushed. Why did he have to torture me by being so god damn cute?!          
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