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date night

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he took my hand and lead me to sit down on the rug.
"did you really do all this for me?" I managed to ask
"well, I wanted our first proper date to be one to remember. I know I probably should have taken you on a proper date before I asked you to be my girlfriend, but what the hell, let's do everything the wrong way round" he chuckled.
we sat eating and talking for what seemed like a lifetime. it was the perfect date, although any date woul be perfect for me, as long as I was with Frank.
"Frankie, I have a surprise for you" I said
"really? show me" he said and smiled at me encouragingly. I shrugged off the small jacket I had been wearing and turned to show him.
" at the very top if my back on the left hand side, running along the back of my shoulder were the words
'awake and unafraid
      6.24.10' tattoo'd onto my skin for a lifetime.
"what do you think?" I said turning to him
"thank you charley. you should hve let me come with you though! it was your first one, it must have hurt" he said running his fingers over the words
"I wanted to surprise you I guess." I whispered
"well, I think it's beautiful. your beautiful" he said, ending on a whisper.
he leaned his head in and his cool lips brushed mine for just a second. he pulled back with a smile.
"what's up?" I asked him
"you just look so beautiful tonight, I can't stop looking at you."
"you look pretty good yourself" I whispered and wrapped my arms aroun his neck. he kissed me again, this time deeper, and more passionate. he Tongue brushed my lips for just a second before his hands found my waist, and he pulled me slightly so that I was laying on top of him. one of his hands stayed on the small of my back, and the other one found it's way into my hair. he rolled us onto our sides, no breaking the kiss, and moved one hand to rest on my stomach. this sent shiver though me, and I could feel him smiling against my lips. eventually his lips broke from mine, but he moved them right to my jaw, and kissed down to my neck. it was the most amazing feeling ever. he then looked deep into my eyes, and with one hand on my waist, pulled me so I was pressed right against him, our faces inches apart as he stroked my cheek with his other hand
"well that was... interesting" he said
I started to panic and said "good intersting or bad interesting?"
"very very very good interesting" he whispered right into my ear, leaving my breathless. he pulled my lips to his once more before checking his watch.
"it's getting late. we should head back before it gets too cold" he whispered and pulled me to my feet.
I only then realised that I was freezing, and pulled on my jacket. while Frank put his arms tightly around my shoulders, lending me him body heat.

when we stoves back at Kates house, We walked inside and were shocken when we saw Kate and Gerard making out on the sofa. I knew my plan had worked!
"Get a room guys!" Frank called, and they looked round at us shocked. we smiled at them and they beamed back, Gerard with his arms still around her waist.
later that night, the boys were all together, because gerard suddenly had some inspiration and wanted to get a new song down on paper, so me and Kate had some time alone. i'd already quizzed her about how she and gee had got together, and I'd told her all about the date with Frank. we were both giggling like a bunch of little girls by the time the boys came back at 11:30, and mikeu decided to jump ontop of us.
"MIIKKKEEEYYY!!!" we both shouted and struggled trying to push him off. He was lifted off us by Frank and Gerard, who then piled ontop if him.
"stop squashing our gifriends!" said Frank as me and Kate sat and laughed.
"okay guys, I think he's learned his lesson!" I said while Gerard and Frank removed themselves from mikey.
"I've gotta go now, I'll see you guys tomorrow" said Ray. we waved him off
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