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This silent Hill fanfiction is about a girl with violet eyes , who is an empath, and her boyfriend Ben who lose two friends in Silent Hill. Please Read and Review.

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This is not the first fanfiction that I've ever started, but it is going to be the first fanfiction that I actually finish. Okay Plot. Will continue, as long as I get at least one good review, and criticism is much appreciated, but only if you mean it for me to better my work.


All they found was the jeep. Ryan's jeep. It was found with both front doors open, and a big dent in the right side of the jeep. No other trace of them. The jeep was found in Silent Hill, the town they were to pass through to get to where they were going. this was almost two years ago, during junior year. Now, highschool's over. Kirstie graduated. Ben graduated. Sara didn't. Ryan didn't. No one knows whether they're alive or dead.
The disapearance of Ryan and Sara made the front page of the small town newspaper. After all, living in a small town with a population of 3500, nothing much happened here, but once it did, it REALLY happened. It starts a never ending chain of rumors and gossip. People pick what they believe, tell other people, and before you know it, everything gets out of hand and the families have to move away. She knew how that felt from experience, except for the moving part of course.
Maybe I'm just over exagerating. Kirstie thought as she laid on her bed in her house. It was just her house now. Her mother, after two souicide attempts is now at a hospital who claimed could help her.
Her mother, Angela, was taken by force to the hospital in the middle of the night, without Kirstie's knowledge. She remembered her mother's screams for help from her only remaining daughter.
And she had tried to help, tried so hard that she spent two nights in jail. Before Ben, her boyfriend could get there from where he was to bail a crying Kirstie out.
She visited her mother every chance she could until she found out her mom told the doctors that Kirstie wasn't allowed to visit her anymore.
Not a word from anyone as to why. Not even a note or a letter. Nothing. Her mother is the only family that she has. Her dad died in a carwreck as did her younger sister of only 5.
Kirstie could remember it vividly. Mom and dad were fighting. Again. Over money. I don't understand why, we had plenty of it. Cari had a heart mumur and dad didn't want to spend the extra money getting it fixed. He'd been selfish that was ever since he started gambling. He was also the prime money maker in the house so he had a lot of say in where the money went. Mom tried to talk him out of it, but she couldn't no matter how hard she tried. Dad had gotten drunk that night. He took Cari out when mom was sleeping. From what I was told, another car ran into dad's as they crossed a bridge and both cars ran off. There were no survivors. Mom had just started wasting away after that.
First it was anti depressants, then an overdose on a drug that Kirstie doesn't know what, and then the attempts at ending her own life. Her mother's wasting life started to try to waste away Kirstie's life s well, but Sara has helped Kirstie's life more than she knows.
I owe her everything. Kirstie thought. Sara was the one who got her and Ben together. After all Ben is Ryan's best friend. Kirstie didn't like him at first, she found him annoying and rude. However, Ben was very persistant and Kirstie couldn't help, but like him. Sara and Ryan seemed perfect for each other.
But their gone now. Both of them.
No. Not gone as in dead, but gone as in no one can find them, she started convincing herself again. What could've happened in Silent Hill? There was no sign of a struggle, save for the dent in the jeep.
The phone ring seemed to shriek through out the whole house from downstairs, shocking Kirstie form her thought.
She got up and ran downstairs passing her disheveled appearance in the mirror and answered the phone as it started ringing for the fifth time.
"hey" said Ben's calm sounding voice.
" What're you doing?" He asked.
" Watching tv." She lied.
" uh huh, so whenever your done killing brain cells wanna come over?"
Kirstie laughed. " Tv doesn't kill your brain cells. I'll be over in an hour"
"kay hurry up" Ben said still smiling on the other end.
"Bye Ben"
They hung up. Kirstie studied her appearance in the gold, ovalshaped mirror.
Her violet eyes of course stood out. Especially against her jet black hair. She picked up her brush on the small, round, polished wood table and brushed her hair smooth.
She then ran upstairs quickly, and grabbed a dark pair of jeans that clung to her small form. Kirstie wasn't skinny as in unheathy, but she was slim , and physically fit. Kirstie also grabbed a balck tanktop and a dark purple hooded sweater that tied around the front. She brushed her hair onece more then headed downstairs. She grabbed her car keys off the key rack by the front door and walked outside to her car locking the door on her way out.
Ben sighed out of boredom when he got off the phone with Kirstie. He'd just moved into his new apartment, near the edge of Krystal Falls so he could be closer to the college. He wished Kirstie would move in with him, but hasn't yet gathered up enough courage to ask her yet. But it seemed that her house was the only thing left of any family that she had. Either her family has abandoned her, or they were taken from her.
Before he reached the entrance to the living room, his phone rang again. He picked it up.
" Hello?"
"Ben" said the childish voice of his little brother , Tommy, he was only six years old, about to turn seven.
"Ben?!" Tommy's voice rang in his ears and shocked him out of his thoughts.
"I'm here Tom, Is there something you need?"
" When are you coming home?" he asked, sounding sad.
" I told you I'd be home in a few months"
" Why'd you have to move away, Ben, didn't you like living with mommy and me?"
" Of course I do, its just I'm older, and I want to do things with my life that I can't do if I'm living with you and mom, you need to understand that."
"Ryan would've-"
" Well, Ryans Gone! He's not going to do anything!" He screamed into the phone , not meaning too.
" You don't know, that Ben!" He could hear him sniffle in the background.
"I'm sorry Tom , I didn't mean to yell at you."
"Yes you did, I'm glad you moved away, that way I don't have a stupid older brother that picks on me all the time!" Ben could hear Tom slam the phone down.
Ben held the phone in his hand until he heard it start beeping, then he hung it up. Ben went into the living room, his apartment deathly silent as he laid on the couch and fell asleep while waiting for Kirstie to arrive.
Ben awoke to the doorbell, which at the moment seemed like the loudest sound in the world. He got up, completely unaware at the moment at the state of his hair and opened the door.
Kirstie was standing on the doorstep.
"What took you so long?" she asked as she stepped in. As she did so , a worried look immediately crossed her face.
"You and Tommy had another fight." she said.
Ben sighed, and ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair. " You know , I think he loves Ryan more than he even likes me"
Kirstie looked Ben in the eyes. " Ben , I don't know what Tommy is feeling right now, but I do know he loves you Ben. More than you know."
Ben kissed her. "Thanks"
Kirstie looked out the window. It'll be dark soon she thought.
They sat on the couch, Ben's arms around Kirstie. " So how're you?" he asked with a small smile.
Kirstie sighed. " I'm not sure actually"
He kissed her on the forehead " I miss them too" he said.
" But their not dead" Kirstie said.
Ben looked at her with a puzzled look.
" I mean seriously Ben, don't you think that if they were dead, that I'd know, that I'd feel it."
"Then where are they?"
"I'm not sure of course, but it does seem that they didn't get pass Silent Hill"
"But if they were there, how come no one has found them, I mean theres not really any people there except for maybe the occasional visitor, I've heard about that place, bad things happened there"
"Wanna go find out?" Kirstie asked standing up.
" I don't know Kirstie, we don't know whats there, or what we could be getting ourselves into."
Kirstie sighed. "Your right Ben, but I have to know what happened to them , I mean Sara has been there for me since we were both very little, She would do the same for me"
Ben scratched his head and smiled a little to cheer her up. " Ok, but lets get some sleep and do it tommorow okay?"
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