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Kirstie has a troubling nightmare. Should Ben go with her to Silent Hill or not?

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Chapter Two

UPDATES I've gotten two reviews so far, thank you both. They were both good, I appreciate it muchly hugs Also I'm using one thing from the movie, I don't remember if it was in the game as well, its been a while. The thing I'm using is the siren.


Kirstie kissed Ben goodnight before she left, shutting the door behind her. Knowing Ben he'd probably fall asleep really late watching TV or playing ps2. He'll probably even sleep on the way to Silent Hill, she thought smiling as she walked down the driveway. Kirstie got into her car and started on her way back home to get some sleep for herself. If Ben wasn't going to get any sleep at least she was going too. It started raining once Kirstie hit the freeway; she flipped on her windshield wipers. With the other cars coming towards her and their lights bright as they passed her, she had to squint her eyes to see the road. About thirty minutes later, Kirstie pulled into her driveway and parked her car. She got out quickly and locked her door, soaking wet by the time she reached her doorstep and unlocked the front door.
She pushed open her front door and pulled the keys open, then slammed it shut. Kirstie hung her keys back on the rack than went upstairs to take a quick shower, stopping quickly in the hall to grab a towel out of the closet.
After she had finished taking a shower, Kirstie grabbed her pajamas out of the closet, which basically consisted of some white shorts and a tank top. Why can't I just grab my clothes before I take a shower? Kirstie thought as she plopped down on her bed and then rolled down the covers so she could lie down. She felt really tired suddenly, so she closed her eyes and let sleep come.

All around her it was foggy, but not foggy to where she couldn't see. There is a road in front of her, so she walked forward. To Kirstie, the road seemed to go on forever, she was almost hypnotized about how it went on through the fog. A loud siren suddenly broke her concentration and she spun around. It seemed to have literally shaken her bones, it scared her so much. It was nothing compared to what she saw behind her. The sky had suddenly turned dark, even the fog was gone. She saw Sara running towards her, she was running from something, and shouting at the same time. Sara ran right passed Kirstie with the horrible creatures behind her. "Wait Sara!" Kirstie screamed as she ran after her best friend. "Ryan Run!" Sarah screamed at the nothingness in front of her. Kirstie turned around. The creatures had frozen. They were all staring at Kirstie. Some of them with their twitching heads. Some of them looked like they used to be dogs, but now their faces were split open, no longer animal like, now monstrous. They just stared at her, like she was alien to this place, like she belonged here , yet didn't at the same time. They just stared. Why do they keep staring at me? Everything was silent except for the sound of the creature's twitching body parts. Then they vanished. They just disappeared. Like they were never even there to begin with. Kirstie sighed in relief. She heard music behind her. Kirstie turned around. There she was. Sara was standing in front of her holding a little music box that played the same haunting tune that Kirstie had heard many times. She had given Sara that music box for her sixteenth birthday. It was a small golden heart that when opened it plays with a miniature ballerina twirling around. There was a small click as Sara closed the locket and the music abruptly stopped. Sara looked horrible. Her clothes were tattered, her hair messy. Her once happy face held a grim expression.
"Shhh. Kirstie, you have to listen to me."
"ok. I'm listening"
"No Interruptions"
Kirstie nodded. "Ok"
"Don't come to this place Kirstie, I'm dead. Ryan's dead. I can only warn you because of your gift, Don't come looking for me, I'm already lost, I don't want the same for you. And Ryan wouldn't want that for Ben."
"There are other people that go to silent hill, Sara , how come they don't go missing?"
"The Dark One doesn't let them in, I fear that he would let you in if you came, I don't think Ben would be able to , but you, yes , I believe so. I don't want you to be trapped here in this place like we are. Please Kirstie, stay away."
" You may be dead, Sara, but I can save you still, please let -"
Kirstie was interrupted by the sound of steel scraping against the pavement behind Sara.
"Kirstie run! Don't let it get you!" Sara fell to her knees and started screaming, Kirstie could barely handle how loud it was getting. Kirstie couldn't move, she stayed frozen in her place. She tried to make out the sound, tried to see what was there, but her mind started drifting away.


Kirstie woke up drenched in sweat, and breathing heavily. Her heart was still pounding. It was still dark outside, she looked at the clock. Its red numbers flashed brightly in the dark. 2:25 a.m. it read. Kirstie sighed heavily as she laid her head back on her pillow and closed her eyes and finally fell into a dreamless sleep.
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