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Luminescent Sommers introduces DayDream NightMare through his very own daydreams.

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He flew carefully and skillfully over the world as the two bright and forgiving suns beat down on his reflective windows. The airship was built to last and saw it through that every adventure count til the end. The boy had become one with his aeronautical beast and carved through the wind with metallic wings. As his controls follow his every move, he climbed the altitude submersing him and his ship in the clouds nearby.
As he floated over, the turbulence became welcomed and the mission came into play. He hit the gas hard, and banked right as an enemy ship disperse from the clouds readying their guns. Bright flashes skid by as he increased his speed heavily. Taking the newly found danger into play, he too began lighting up the skies as the airship skillfully dodged his skilled attempts. Making it clear he wouldn't go down easily only angered the pilot even more. He watched them engage larger guns than he's ever seen on an airship its size. It made him decide to plummet towards the ground to try and shake them off. As he gained speed, something became very wrong.
Impossibly, two larger ships immersed from the clouds and joined their angered partner. Open firing at the boys renegade ship, they powerfully destroyed both his wings within seconds, making it completely impossible to operate the controls any longer. Sounds from shots fired rung in my ears. 'Luuuume..' 'Luuuuuuume..'
Observing his doom, the wicked sharp rocky bed beneath him had seemingly transformed to a now glistening sea. As if it were in slow motion, he hit the water hard as he listened to the loud and detailed splash of a crashing ship. He opened his eyes to see he was laying on a beach. A beach with large sharp rocks pointing out of the ocean on both sides of him. The sea smelled strong, and his clothes were now soaking wet. He began to laugh, stood up, and headed to a fort he had built deep in the jungle behind him.
His name is Luminescent Sommers, and he is completely obsessed with everything that had to do with daydreams. Though it used to be way worse. Or better, depending on how you looked at it. For him, he enjoyed every living second of it to the fullest extent. He used to live on Earth among the billions of people who called it home. But a lot had complicated that, and now among the shining stars he reside in a world he created. Deep in space, there existed many other planets as well.
To date, there are 17 fully inhabited planets that all feature many different forms of life. The Gods that created them are known as the Hexion and Forteza Gods. They were all given one mission; to create life they saw fit to the universe, each having to include something the other planets could benefit from.
One of the many Gods had dark, rotten intentions. He designed a wicked planet known as the planet Orancha. It featured life forms that bear guns on their tails, able to disperse black holes at will. But it didn't always used to be that way. The yynx species used to be a happy life form that celebrated life with every moment.
When Forteza God, Oracx Dekko started the creation of his planet, he had good intentions. A lazy endeavor led him to intentionally leave the planet half complete. On the most southern part of Orancha, was an empty spiky cavern that led to the inside core of Orancha. Inside this empty core was quickly filled by a black void. Instead of destroying the planet, it took millions of precious lives from the yynx that had learned to call home.
This made the yynx very upset. The thought of living on a world that could destroy them one day only angered them more by the minute. In a retaliation attack towards Oracx, the yynx created the black hole guns and attached them to their tails for ease. Constructing dark evil plots, the yynx secretly stole space ships known as Lightships from the faraway planet Torkia. In an evil rage filled attempt to completely take over a planet who could solve all their problems, a brave young girl from planet Fuxrio stood up to the giant fleet of deadly angered snakes.
The girl panicked and fluttered around the town in agony. She felt the pain of a million souls, beating at her very heart. Her people were in danger, and she felt she had to do something to stop them. A giant clan of evil warlords known as the Space Pirates of Orancha has begun an attack on her home planet Fuxrio. For young Aaliyah, she was more than not okay with this situation.
She climbed the stairs of a big tower the people of Tento called 'Opac'. It rose above the town, and through the clouds. This was the only way she could face the yynx. She wasn't too sure what she could do, but something told her it was going to be okay in the end. Listening to instinct, she quickened her movement up the steps and reached one of the many open platforms. She gazed out the window to see the fleeting ships crack through the dark clouds. Determined, she climb the stairs at an alarmingly fast rate, and reached the highest platform in no time at all.
She closed her eyes and concentrated on what she wanted. She wanted these beasts to leave forever. Focusing really hard, things around her started to change. The room had begun glowing a bright yellow, and the windows had shattered all around. Concentrating, Aali burst into Godly flames, and now hovered over the ground around her. Angered at the snakes, she let out a loud scream which inflicted powers unknown to the ships nearby. As she yelled louder and louder, the attack became more serious. Wiping the ships out leaving no trace of their existence.
A final burst of intensity, Aali let out a supernova that enveloped half of the yynx's ships, as they dispersed into nothingness. Panting as Aali had become weakened, she fell to the ground and passed out. The remaining yynx had fled back to planet Orancha in hope of staying alive. After what they had just seen, they decided going after a small power that would make their planet better, was nothing. Now they went after something much, much bigger.
Aali was transported to the God Realm known as Zatallion, where the God who not knows a name informed her of her duties. She didn't seem to grip it all at once, but she had to use it as an excuse to explain how she didn't die when she faced the yynx. Accepting it more than declining, she joined the God Realm in an effort to find a young boy who would save the entire universe from the evil that had begun long ago.
Currently Lume reside in a figment of his imagination he likes to call planet Lynx. He escaped his future by creating a world so addicting, he would never leave. It was the perfect plan to keep everyone out. He used his almighty powers from being a Chrono-Hexion God, and created everything he'd ever need. His plan was to never be seen again. That is until evil came looking for him.
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