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1] October 24th, 1997

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Lume begins to experience daydreams that aren't what they first appear to be.

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I awoke from the sound of my bleeping alarm clock, telling me it was time for me to start my day. When I opened my eyes, I was welcomed with a bright assortment of light leaking through my windows onto my sheets. I guarded myself by pulling the blankets over my weakened eyes. Rising myself to sit over the side of the bed I felt myself fall. Reacting quickly by placing my hands in front of me, assuring my feet had justified placement. The blanket entangled me and I fell straight onto my left arm. Moving fast, freeing myself of the blanket hold, I observed my surroundings with wide eyes.
I was no longer in my bedroom.
I had jumped to somewhere very far away, from my understanding. The floor was damp, and had me all grossed out at first. I looked down to see, and it was just moist dirt. Not the squishy kind, but it still jolted me. Looking above me, I saw tall trees that seemed to loom over me for centuries. This was definitely someplace I'd never been to, because the leaves were like nothing I've seen before. The bushes settled around my rude awakened drop were colored many oranges and blues. I was overly uncomfortable about my location. I stood up and brushed the dirt from my butt, hands and knees. The blanket I had been trapped in was nowhere to be seen, and I was wearing clothes I hadn't wore to bed. The material was rather rubbery, but felt more like cloth. It was colored a dark blue, and had superbly bright orange hems. My pants were black, and I now wore large metal boots that looked capable of taking off into the sky. Taking a few steps assured they were definitely of the heavy type. Frightened by a flash of light that buzzed by, I did a quick three-sixty to see more and more odd colored bushes. But I was certain there was more to it. Swiftly, more and more bright whips of light exploded through the air around me. I prepared for an attack with my fists clenched in front of my chest. They got slower, and I could almost examine what they were. That's when I really started to freak out.
They were shots from a laser gun and I was their target.
The whizzes almost seemed at random, and completely unplanned. Whoever was firing these rounds was obviously trying to hit me, but it was as if they weren't trying. I ducked a bit lower and crept towards a nearby tree. The trunk was think with all sorts of discolorations splattered on the bark. I really hoped I had a chance of surviving this place. Something assured me that almost made me pass out. As I turned my head to face the bushes where the shots prevailed, I was hit. Spot on in the face. I didn't feel anything. No jolt, no sudden pain. Nothing. That's when the light shards had all been focused on me instead of missing. It was as if I was collecting these bits of light. But for what, and by whom?
It ended. It was a timely matter, but the bright additions to my body had ended. I observed my torso and arms to see that they were glowing an odd black. Why was I glowing black if the original beams were white? When I rose my attention ahead of me once again, there stood something I hadn't previously observed. It was a statue that stood tall among the trees. What really crept me out, was when I looked further at what the actual structure was formed of.
The black metallic statue stood a tall and proud replica, of yours truly. How was that possible, I asked myself. Where was I and was there a reason for all of this that would be soon revealed? Was I possibly dreaming this all up, and would wake up in reality by the real alarm of my clock? I really hoped I would. Strangely, my answer was given to me without complication.
“You're on a different planet Lume. This is a place known to us as Euxphoria. A planet whose future population built a time machine to introduce technology to their past populates. The people were doing amazingly fine on their own. Until they got an unexpected visitor. Lume, these people need your help. You have the powers and plans to help recreate this dwindling planet.”
It was a voice that spoke true, and with heart. Her voice rang through the open forest as it settled into the ground. She stepped out of the orange bush nearby, and opened her arms wide to me.
“You aren't who you think you are,” she finished. I stared at her in disbelief as she looked deep into my eyes. I wanted to ask questions. There were a million on my mind at that point, and I wanted answers. But I couldn't help but focus on her cheeks that had a dash of freckles that skimmed over them so softly. I guess there were a time limit to the amount of time it would take me to come up with a first question, because the next thing that happened caught me off guard.
I closed my eyes, and opened them to find that I was falling down, looking up at a very saddened girl. She looked very helpless as the distress fall from her eyes. I descended down to wherever I was going, and hit hard. I remembered lights. A lot of them. Was I in a hospital? Had I really fallen?
“Lume, you know the initial point of visiting an arcade, is actually playing well. Way to go, loser.”
It was my friend, Amber. She had just witnessed my character fall from an elevated height to destruction, and was upset that I hadn't paid better attention. I looked around to confirm I was actually in an arcade. The games flashed images all over their screens, being operated by the scrawny kids that visited this place regularly.
Not only was I confused beyond all other emotions, but I was a little sacred. How come I couldn't remember anything before getting to the arcade? I'd guess it was all a daydream, but usually I don't remember what happens after them.
“What happened?” I asked Amber as she stomped off towards the token dispenser.
“You had a look on your face like I've never seen, I don't know. I figured you were just messing around but then you died just before the last boss. You're idiotic. You know no ones ever gotten that far, and you blew it!” she said as she fumed with rage. After jamming a couple quarters into the ancient machine, it spewed out tokens she quickly wrapped her fingers around.
“I.. I don't know how I got here Amber. The last thing I remember is I was with some girl I had never met before! She looked like a princess,” I spoke with force, but she didn't buy it.
“Yeah, and I dreamed I bought a 6-pack of mountain dew and never took a sip! You've got to stop messing around, it'll be the end of you,” was her overreacted response. She did that. A lot. It's something you get used to I guess.
“Not funny. I seriously do not remember a single thing about today. There was a girl in my daydream. Where did she say we were again? Ooxphori?” It was no use, my mind was blank.
“Well Lume, you have fun figuring out your made up girly fairytale, I'm going to play Galactic Force 3. See ya,” she said as her boots stomped on the old stained carpet. There was no use going back to talk to her, she was too zoned into video games. At first I thought girls didn't like video games. But of course that was long before I met Amber.
I was left with no choice but to leave it be. The girl I remembered in my daydream would have been able to answer my questions. I figured I'd need to get back to the Euxipah place first, or whatever she had called it. But how was I supposed to figure that out when I don't even know how I got there in the first place?
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