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2] June 11th, 1998

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Lume meets the dreaded yynx species, and battles the black hole bearing snakes with courage.

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Today was the last day of school. The weather was extremely nice, and as you can imagine, the busloads of kids that traveled home everyday were ecstatic. Paper airplanes floating through the crammed air above the loud and robust students. But not me. I was sad more than ever. I hadn't seen this mysterious girl since the time I got trapped in my blankets and transported to a world of imagination.
I feel things happen for a reason, maybe more than one reason. I had always asked myself why it happened, hoping the reasons were higher than I expected and that she would return bearing this news. But it never happened. I just had to accept the fact that it was a daydream. Since the end of the school year was abrupt, I felt no hope in ever seeing her again. But I shouldn't have concluded so early.
“Hey Lume, sleepover tomorrow night okay?” Amber knocked me up side the head playfully, and I giggled.
“Of course. Just like last year.” I smiled after I spoke. She smiled back, and I stood up. It was my stop at the small personal road of Tangeri Ct. My mom and dad wanted a place away from all others in the giant mass of houses. They had built a house when they were younger and named the street after their favorite fruit that grew in their backyard. A tangerine.
The two slow doors swung open at the front of the bus as I made my way through the crowded walkway. The kids screamed for the excitement summer break would bring them, as I screamed inside with closed eyes. I took my first step down the set of miniature stairs, and I went tumbling down into an inferno of darkness filled with flames all over. My clothes had become a dark jumpsuit of some sort, and it was rather comfy. I stared down as I remembered this is how it ended the last time I saw her.
That reminded me. Would I see the mysterious girl?
Down below stood a structure of some sort, similar to the dark statue representation of me in the thick forest. I hit the solid ground in my dark heavy boots without complication of staying balanced. The flames whispered all around as the light flicker. Staring up at the structure verified it was again of me. This time I held a weapon in my hands as I swung it around. Looking behind me I saw an opening in the flame. Standing in the interrupted glow of heat, was a girl dressed in a dark black suit with red markings all over.
It was her, she had returned.
“Luminescent Sommers. The name that brings hope among people all over. A name who represents trust, and power. Someone that inflicts the course of what should be, and deflects the power that repels it. These are all true. But, there is still a lot you must overcome to achieve these titles. In front of you is a prophecy, fulfill it. Then maybe you can prove yourself to the Gods.” With that, she threw her arms in the air and disappeared.
I swallowed. Hard. What did she mean prophecy?
I went through the opening of flames to see a room with three pedestals. Each contained an emblem of some sort that were hovering, glowing and rotating above. I walked onto the flooring, and a loud hiss filled the room. High from the sky a large airship hovered within the steamy clouds. From it emerged several creatures that appeared to be snakes. I shouldn't have been so modest, because as soon as they hit the ground, I found out they could shoot massive black holes from their weapons attached to their tails. Obviously, they didn't like me already.
I quickly ran towards the middle pedestal without thought. It contained the shape of a plus-sign and glowed a dark blue, representing strength and valor. I touched the emblem and instantly it shattered into the shape of a very large and lightweight sword. Without short notice, I grabbed it and threatened the spacey snakes below. They hissed out of their razor sharp teeth, and shook their gun bearing tails violently. There was a total of three lined up in front of me and the one in the middle began the first strike. Soaring into the air above me, it aimed its tail at the ground below me. Storming through the air, I could feel the strength of the black hole. It felt as if we were both opposite pieces of a magnet and were attracting each other without force.
I had news for this black disaster of cosmic proportions. There was a force and I wasn't about to let anything stop me.
As I loudly sliced my sword through the air, the black hole lined up withing perfect range. The static stung, becoming unavoidable. Cracking through the ball of darkness, the sword had deactivated its static storm as it let out the equivalent to a storm's thunder. Breaking a black hole into pieces, the sword became empowered with darkness, and I could feel its power transforming to good. With a new type of power, I was sure to rid this snake of ever firing one of those again.
With certainty, I made good traction as I ran toward the beast that just empowered me. Hissing along with the others, I swung the sword with might right through the snakes midsection. It spliced into two, and black ooze cover the floor around. I cheered in my head, but there were still two to take on. They grouped together, taking it slow. I circled around them as they slither this way and that. At that moment, something unexpected happened.
My sword burst into streams of black filled electricity. The snakes looked just as surprised as I did. Frightened, too. They shot sharp glances at me, and impossibly slithered back up to the airship, on thin air. Boggled at my sword, it calmed down and returned to its original state when I grabbed it from the podium.
“I knew you would prevail.” It was her again, the girl.
“What just happened?” I asked as I lowered the weapon. The room remain still in the darkness as we neared each others presence.
“Well I'm sure you're not asking about the loss of the yynx. You just defeated your first battle among an enemy that has long stayed its welcome. I'd like to introduce you to the God who not knows a name..” She took a couple steps to the side. Glowing from the ground, a light show appeared. Steaming through the ground, a hole shone through a blast of light that extended to the skies above. I was a little frightened, so I readied my sword. The girl shook her head. This was no enemy, it was clear. The person, or spirit I guess you would call it, was immense and proved it's power with its entrance. A figure emerged out of the smoke, and looked straight through my eyes into my thoughts. He definitely scared me, but I trusted whatever my dream girl led me into.
“You are here for a very important reason. You were chosen to be the leader of a very important group that will lead us into a never ending lifetime of happiness.” He spoke with a loud booming voice that bounced off the dreamy clouds that surrounded us.
“I am here to inform you of your duties. Luminescent Sommers, you are no normal boy,” he paused. Holding his hand near my sword he transformed the object into something I've never seen before.
“The weapon you chose to battle off those yynx was no ordinary weapon. It can change form, but it has the same purpose. It wields off enemies that do not have a soul. This is the weapons purpose. It moves the soulless creatures, to a distant planet where we can perform a purification.” I looked down and stared at the newly transformed sword.
“It's known as the lynk, named after and almighty being that is only known through legend.” It was the girl, she spoke. She knew about this whole plan too.. I was dumbfounded.
“I do not mean to complicate, but I must erase your memory of all things we have just repeated. Just so when you return to Earth you can't tell anyone. Not like they would believe you..” Now I was a little furious.
“You're going to take my memory away? But this isn't real is it? This is just a daydream!! “ I threw the sword down and it hit the ground with a thunderous bang.
“This is no dream boy, this is the beginning.” With that, they both disappeared and I was left alone in a dark room with a glowing sword. Its presence made the hairs on my back stick up. I didn't know what was happening, how could this all possibly be real? I was just daydreaming, and I had to prove it to myself.
I picked up the sword and more yynx appeared.
“Alright you slithering savage creatures, prepare to be finished!” I screamed as I ran heavily towards the snakes. They hissed loudly as their eyes glow a bright green. Two more appeared, backing the lead snake. The large snakes prepared their guns located on their tails, and aimed. Screaming louder than ever, pounding and forcing my feet into the dark ground below, the hums of whirring engines fill the empty air. I was sickened by these creatures even if they were fake. I hated them. I wanted them destroyed forever.
Taking a big slash into the air, my first unlucky slithering friend was split into two and hissed as it fell to the ground. Its two friends weren't very happy about that. They swung around me quickly, and one of them tripped me. I stabbed my sword into the ground to recoil, and quickly unstuck it. The snake reacted fast, but not fast enough. I had already twisted myself around to face him, my sword already in action. It blew downwards into the torso as it yelped and joined its dead leader. Two down, one to go.
As I thought that, I cocked my head to the left to see there were about five others joining the ongoing battle. Fine by me, it just meant more dead snakes would be on the ground. Rotating myself towards the new crowd, I face the ground and put on an evil grin to greet them with. It only made them hiss more. Couldn't have gotten more perfect.
I screamed a loud battle cry and shoved my sword at them. They charged quickly. Standing my ground, I waited with the tip of the sword grazing the ground.
“A little closer..” I repeated in my head. Each second seemed so long as they whizzed over the cold dark metallic surface. My mind went blank, and I closed my eyes. I focused on what I wanted, and what I needed. I focused harder than I've ever done before. The airwaves around me sounded like static, and it got really warm. I slowly opened my eyes to see my sword glowing with electric charge. This made me grin even wider. The snakes were in range too.
Three of them leaped into the air in front of me. My opportunity came, and without hesitation I swung the sword through all three of their torso's with mighty force. Each hissing after another, they exploded into smoke and dropped heavily to my feet. This was only getting more interesting by the second.
“Is that all you got!” I yelled with crazed eyes as my blood pumped through my veins. The two remaining stopped hissing, and backed off. Had I proven to them that I wouldn't give up no matter what? Were they frightened yet? My answer came quickly.
From above, a gunship cracked the air waves with a massive boom. I jolted, and slowly looked above me. Those snakes weren't backing down. They called their chief leader, and it only took one guess to realize it probably wasn't happy.
It got really silent. The air brushed my cheek with a cool wisp. I started breathing slowly as I closed my eyes. Something shot through the air downwards. It was massive from what I could hear, as it chopped through the wind. Transparent colors shone into my eyelids in various colors. I slowly opened them to see all sorts of rainbow colors shooting around me. This was about to get nasty.
The snake hit the ground with such force, I almost fell flat on my face. It faced me, and rose its snout and fangs up into the sky. With a deep inhale, it let it all out in a furious hiss that shook through my mind.
I was pretty shaken, even if this was just a daydream.
Trying to keep it cool, I put a maniacal toothy grin on my face with some angered brows. I wasn't going to step down, not now. Not ever. After its charged hiss, it too put on a pretty nasty smile. It was eager to defeat me, it wasn't aware of what I was capable of doing.
It made the first move. It slowly slithered back and forth, sneakily making its way towards me. I stood still eying my beautifully crafted sword made by the Gods. I had a chance, right? The ground shook as it turned with its body. Now it had taken up a new speed. It was charging.
I swung my sword up to my torso, and held on tightly with stiff hands. If I was going to have any luck taking this beast down, I had to do it fast and forcefully. As it neared, I thought of ways I could pummel it to all extent. I could stab through it's neck and into its brain, but what if it blocked it.. Once it neared, if I swung up onto it's neck, could I chop its head off then, but it might shake me off before I got the chance. I thought of at least five different ways until it had come in close contact with me. I had decided, and I was completely certain I would be the only survivor of this battle.
I acted fast with closed eyes. I concentrated all my power within my sword. I jumped into the air, and got a hold on its nostril as it swiftly struck a blow that I completely evaded. Angered, it shook heavily this way and that. I had complete control, waving my body right along with the snake as I held onto its neck with deathlike grip. I could feel the power my sword was emitting. It was like no power I've felt before. I had complete control.
With godlike powers, I stood up briskly and magnetized my feet to the back of its neck, literally. The power given to me by the sword was allowing me to control things I've never felt before. The snake seemed very confused, as its shaking didn't affect me one bit. Wind began enveloping us, as it shot us through the air above into a wind storm I had created moments ago. The snake shook violently, trying to negate the attack I prepared, but it didn't work the slightest.
Flinging myself into the sky demagnetizing my feet, I held onto the sword with great capacity. With my newly gained powers, I jetted myself downward, as the sword point straight down towards the snakes enormous head. Pulverizing its scales, it snapped through its skin. The speed I maintained followed through, pushing us faster and faster towards the ground. As we neared, the sword started to glow with light so bright I was blinded as we slammed into the hard surface. Hissing, and booming sounds could be heard from miles away as my enemy was obliterated with light fragments that split through its very foundation. I had just struck down the biggest yynx and I had controlled a sword with no boundaries. There was probably the biggest grin on my face. I couldn't tell, it's not like my God powers let me see things I shouldn't.
“And that is what we've all been waiting for.” The loud booming voice I heard before filled the room again as the powers I had used were sucked back into the sword.
“That is exactly why we need to erase your memory. No one else can know who you really are. I'm sorry,” and with that, the God figure raised his bulky arms into the sky and lights beamed down from them. They stroke my body with such power, that I was knocked out in complete darkness. Sounds could be heard from all around. Sounds of comfort, and ease. It made me really relaxed and I was knocked out.
“Lume, please wake up. You're going to be late.” It was my mom, and I was laying flat on my over sized bed. I loved my comforter with the black fabric it had slung over my bed. It made me feel so warm and welcome.
“Lume, I'm serious!” she yelled, as she slammed through my bedroom door.
“Can you for once, listen to what I say in the morning? It'd make everything so much easier for me..” She left, and closed the door behind her.
“I'm up, I'm up..” I swung my body over the edge of my bed, and slouched heavily with my head towards the ground. What just happened? It all felt so real.. It had to have been a dream though, there was no way.
I slid out of my blankets, as my feet hit the ground. Dragging my feet, I made my way to my bathroom where I brushed my teeth, and put on some deodorant. I then made my way back to my bedroom, towards my desk. I looked up at my calendar located above my desk. It read, 'Friday, February 17th, 2003.' My eyes opened wide.
I had just jumped almost five years into the future, with absolutely no recollection of anything happening since 1998.
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