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3] February 17th, 2003

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Something weird had happened in Lume's daydreams. Now begins an ultimate adventure.

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I panicked. How could it possibly be the year 2003 when just yesterday I was with Amber and it was 1998? I was already so disoriented, but was even more so once I saw my new room.
It owned things I had no memory of. Big lamps, a new black dresser, a closet with sliding doors. It's like I slipped into some other person's life, without knowing anything about it. Even the shoes laying on the floor were a mystery to me.
The God wasn't going to erase my memory of going to the dark surfaced area. He was erasing my entire life's memory.
Acting as if nothing had happened, was a hard thing to do. I put on the mysterious clothes and shoes and headed down the stairs. Even the living room looked completely strange. A big black couch sat flat in front of a large coffee table. In front was a large flat screen TV with some dramatic movie playing. Mom was in the kitchen. I could hear some rattling, and banging but not a whole lot. I entered the kitchen to see she was preparing my lunch or something.
“We haven't got a lot of time. Can't you see it's fifteen minutes til? I would like to get going..” She stammered over her words as she rushed through her preparations.
“Okay, is there anything I can possibly do?” I said, completely unfamiliar with everything around me.
“Yes, take this and this out to the car. Dad probably is having complications with something out there so why don;t you help afterward.” After she finished, I picked up the two bags on the ground. Through the garage which I barely found, was my dad trying fit some sort of object in the car.
“Hey buddy, could you put down those bags and help me really fast?” He was sweating pretty badly. I set the bags near the back of the car, and saw that the object was a bike.
“Just help me twist the handlebar and then push it into the back, okay?” He stopped what he was doing.
“Okay dad. Let me see..” I helped him get it into the car and the rest was just me helping put all this random stuff in the car, and then we closed the doors and trunk. My mom came out and saw that we were done and smiled.
“Thanks guys, now this will be much easier.” She actually looked relieved that we were finished. She set down the two bags she had in her arms, and brought my little sister out into the garage. She was jumping around like crazy, obviously excited.
“Okay, so where exactly is it that were are going?” I finally said, as the family stood still and stared at me like I should have known the whole time.
“Well, you know. We're going to your favorite place. Now get in the car.” Great, because that said a lot. Apparently, I developed a large liking for a 'place' over the five years I was shot through. Just great.
Mom hopped into the driver seat, and dad in the passenger while me and my sister got into the back seats and fastened our seat belts. We left the garage and hopped on the freeway headed South. Everything around me seemed to be moving ten times faster than it really was. I didn't know where I was nor where we were going. Not too long later I looked over through the window, and saw something that made my eyes grow a million sizes.
It was a giant building that emerged out of the ground as if the outside world were a threat to it. Pointed towards the sky, it was an enormous pyramid painted a shiny black that towered over everything I've ever seen. The sun high above looked like it would hit the top of this enormous monument. Over the time it took for me to analyze where were headed, the car must have transformed into a space ship of some sort, because after I looked around, I noticed everything around us was replaced with dark night skies and clouds.
We were sailing the skies headed towards a pyramid the Egyptians would be jealous of, and I still had no idea what to say to convince myself I'd be okay.
We neared it within the second, and landed at the base of one of the walls it contained. Since I was so distracted by all the things going on around me, I didn't quite notice my mom, dad, and sister had become different people. Mom was now a superbly attractive person who glowed like the God that sat in my dads seat. It was the God from earlier, and the girl that now sat beside me was the mysterious daydream girl. Things just kept getting weirder..
“Okay Lume, now that you're life has been erased, we can begin. We are now on planet StarLight, and this giant pyramid is known as the Defender of Ablazati. This planet was built by your friend here Aaliyah Sparx” He pointed towards the mysterious girl sitting next to me. Is this really her name?
“After a war erupted on her planet from our friends the yynx, this place had to be built. It keeps all sorts of powers out, and keep their own mystical powers inside.” I still was hung up on the fact that her name was Aaliyah Sparx. What a majestic and perplexing name. Just the sound of it makes me imagine a light show in the sky, presenting colors like yellow, blue, and red..
“Now.. Are you coming or not Lume?” She said my name.. I melted. Almost quite literally. The spaceship we just evacuated burst into a blue and black flame, but didn't turn into any ash.. Was it destroyed?
“Don't worry, that's how we keep it safe here on StarLight. Now come on, there's a whole lot we want you to see..” She made me lose all control.. I didn't know how I kept it together the way I did, but I headed towards the enormous structure with two glowing Gods, and a cute space cadet whose name makes me delve into an imaginary world of which I want to stay. In front of me, the black wall sparkled with dark crystals and reflected the sun high above. It caught me off guard that their sun was a light purple,but it reflected gorgeously off the dark walls. Taking step after step, Aaliyah's smile grew very wide. She created this place, it was very obvious.
Once we reached where the wall met the cold ground, three light were lit from on the wall. Two being a dark blue, and one a hot pink. When they all went blue, a small opening formed through the wall and revealed a small room equivalent to a very large elevator. We all made our way into the room, and the doors shut. Although close to an elevator, it moved freely instead of on tracks. Aaliyah professionally manned the controls, and we hovered off swiftly. I had to hold onto the rails it was so fast.
The walls were made of window, so you could see out. It seemed this place had a space between the outside wall and a newly discovered inside wall. The inside wall was another pyramid, just a tad smaller and painted a pearly white. It shimmered under the bright lights that shone from the outside walls. The gap wasn't large, but we seemed fine as we floated through the bright scene. I looked over at the inside wall and saw about a million doors that were all mostly closed. I also saw what looked to be windows placed close to some of the doors. It all seemed they were placed at random, and that you had control over where the window could be. Now that was definitely one of the niftiest things I've seen. I even saw some other people that were in the same elevator type thing as us. They were shaped like an oval like ours, and had a bunch of motors and controls at the back of the ship.
“This is what I built to keep my population from dying off. We were in a position of life or death, and I made the most important choice of my life that day. I was like you, I didn't know I was special. On that day, I sacrificed myself to their first attack of black holes. Expecting to be destroyed one way or another, I wasn't. Instead I felt a strong power that filled my bloodstreams. Without hesitation, I concentrated myself on becoming a large enough threat to the yynx, and transformed into a machine I can only describe through sight. I shot blasts of energy all through their mighty ships that filled our skies, and obliterated them. Half of them got away that day and probably regrouped with the others back at base. I couldn't completely destroy them, but I had to do something to protect my people instead of let them take over.. So I built this place.”
“Your bravery is certain, but how come you couldn't defend them all off?” I asked as I stared at the back of her head. Her hair was probably the most interesting thing about her, as it was balled up on both sides of her head, letting some strands hang down. Her bangs flopped over her face like mine, and above her hair spiked into a couple points.
“Because.. That's is your job.” What? How could it be my job? This daydream was getting out of control..
“I'm tired of you guys saying I'm so mighty and strong. I know I proved myself battling off those yynx, but I don't think I could take out millions of airships like you did! That's incredible!” They shook their heads in disapproval.
“You not know of your abilities, because you have to unlock them unlike Aali here. She was forced to unlock them because of an attack. You haven't been in a situation like that. Yet.”
That last word scared me. How come he said yet? Is there a part of their plan that I didn't understand yet?
“But this is all just some silly daydream, I can't let it take me over like it has been! I want out!” I got furious, and screamed among the small crowd in the elevator. I couldn't stand feeling like I had absolutely no control over the daydreams I'd been experiencing, and it was about time to do something about that feeling.
“Lume, maybe it's time to stop telling yourself these are just daydreams. This, is the reality you were meant to have, it's not a dream anymore.”
How could this not be a daydream anymore? I was indefinitely lost in this whole situation, and wanted out.
“I can't stand you guys lying to me. I have control over you, this is my created world! Get out now!!” I backed myself up into a corner of the room that was isolated.
“Lume, your daydreams connected you with the real world. Now this is your life, your future is with us.”
I closed my eyes and demanded myself be woken up and shot back to earth in year 1998. I wanted to go back to Amber, to my mom and dad, to my sister. I wanted to go back to my life, and I wasn't going to let anything stand in the way. Loud crashes and booms began as well as whirring noises. Something had happened. Did it work, was I back at home?
Frightened to open my eyes, I kept them close as I imagined harder that I wanted to go back home.
“Go back.. Go.. Back.. Home.” I kept repeating out loud.
“Go back!!” I screamed out, as it echoed all around me. I took my hands and reached them as far as possible into the sky. I imagined a world that was filled with everything I wanted to see. I imagined a place where I could be Lume Sommers again. A boy who went to a high school with a ridiculously cute girl named Amber Pentall. I imagined my life.
It got quiet. The echo of my scream remain as it fade away into the darkness. I opened my eyes, and stood up. I saw darkness. Doing a three-sixty, all I saw was darkness. Black all over. Was I back at the place where I battled the giant yynx leader?
My answer came very quickly. I had created my own planet, and I was the only person there.
I stepped onto the darkness, and colors flooded the room. I looked up as they flung around in an odd pattern and hit the walls hard as they filled in objects. This happened everywhere I went. So many colors were enveloping this world I had just created. The ground was a sandy beach, and in front of me was a large vast tropical ocean that had spiked rocks emerging through the waves to both sides of me. The sky was a dark blue and contained two suns that emitted a very strong heat. I turned around to see a large tropical forest emerging through the ground, with leaves of all colors. Trees contained fruits colored a very bright yellow-orange. They hung from high up as the ground contained some as well. The bushes beared small red berries that were as bright as blood.
The world around me was created for one purpose. To escape. I had escaped from reality, from everything I ever knew. I created a world so addicting I didn't want to leave. I loaded the place with imagination filled lakes, trees that crowded the skies, airwaves with flying ships, elevated landscapes covered in snowy terrain, and tropical lands galore.
My name is Luminescent Sommers, and I had done just what Aaliyah had once. I created my own planet to live and prosper on.
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