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Chapter 4

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Things get worse for Mikey D':

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"Where are you going teacher shagger?" Frank asked, as Mikey tried to walk past him. "Home." Mikey replied, trying to step past again. Frank shoved him hard and he fell against som boys who were twice the size of him. "Let me go!" Mikey cried, trying to push them away. Frank laughed and said "Unleash the beasts!" A giant mobile phone and laptop ran after him while Mikey ran away...

"Mikey?" Gerard was shaking him when he woke up "Mikey, you were screaming!"
"Sorry!" Mikey mumbled, grabbing his glasses "I was having a bad dream..."
"Well quick, get dressed. You're going to be late!" Gerard sighed and left. He stopped at the door "I'll make you breakfast, you're late enough already."
"Thanks." Mikey replied sleeply, climbing out of bed and quickly getting dressed. He ate his breakfast slowly, even though Gerard was moaning at him that they were already late. Mikey just didn't want to go to school.
"Are you getting the bus?" Gerard asked as he was locking the door.
"No." Mikey replied "I feel like walking."
"You'll get into so much trouble." Gerard told him.
"I don't care." Mikey whispered, but Gerard heard him.
"Why don't you wanna take the bus? Frank is always late, so he'll be on."
Mikey went through every excuse he could think of "I'm trying to lose weight."
"You've got no weight to lose!" Gerard laughed "You're thin as a stick!"
"Well I eat too much. I need to keep a balance!" Mikey argued.
Gerard laughed as they reached the bus stop "Okay, get your butt kicked by teachers. See ya!" Gerard stopped to wait for the bus and Mikey walked on.
He burst into helpless tears when he was down the street 'Why do they hate me!?' he asked himself in his head 'What did I do?'
People on the street glanced at him with concerned looks on their faces, but they didn't want to get involved.
The day didn't improve. He spent the whole day alone. If anyone noticed him it was only to laugh at him and call him a loser.
Things got worse when he got home.
going 2 the shops. stay @ home til i get in luv mom xx
im gonna stay @ skwl and do sum extra work. don't trash the house :) luv gerard xx

So Mikey sat in his room alone, browsing the internet when he suddenly got an email. He opened and found a link to a website.
He was curious so he clicked on the link.His heart sank. The picture Emma had took of him a couple of days ago was there but he had a stupid tongue drawn on. Miss.Baker was there but they had taken a super models body and put her head on it. The text said -
I'm Mikey Way and I fancy my teacher Miss.Baker. She's so sexy and I would do things to her.
Mikey didn't read anymore and pressed the X on the page. He lay back on his bed. The text messages, MSN conversations and the website ran through his head. He felt so alone, like he had no-one to go to...
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