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Chapter 4

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For once I had woken up without the heavy feeling of a hangover. I stretched and yawned, wincing slightly from my left arm. I opened my curtains and walked into the bathroom to get showered and dressed. Once I was out I pickd an ordinary outfit, Iron fist tee, grey skinnies, puple converses and a red hoodie. My hair was straightened and my fringe over one eye. I putmy regular eye makeup on, grabbed my bag and walked out of my room and out the door.
The sun was out and cooking my skin, I slipped a pair of blak sunglasses on and carried on walking. I looked in my bag for my ipod, shit my ipod ! I must have forgotten it. I sighed and carried on trudging along the pavement.
Pain shot through me as I felt someone grab my arm. I turned to see an angry looking Gerard gripping onto me.
"Ow let go that fucking hurts !" I shouted angrily. He loosened his grip and I pulled my arm free. I turned away from him and carried on walking. Who the hell does he think he is !?
"What the hell were you thinking!?" He shouted as I marched down the street, I stopped and turned.
"What has it got to do with you !? You don't give a fuck about me and you prooved it the past day and a half completely fucking ignoring me!" I more or less screamed at him.
He looked taken aback from my true words. He looked down at his feet and then away from my head with a pained / awkward expression.
"Yeh. Exactly." I carried on walking until I reached the bus stop, the bus wasn't there and there was no way I was going to be stood with Gerard waiting for it to arrive. I zipped up my hoodie and put my sun glasses in my bag and walked straight ahead into the town centre. I picked up a sandwich and drink for lunch and made my way towards the alley. I got to the same point as before and I heard Gerard and his girlfriend again.
"Yeh but you don't get it..."
"Just tell me..."
I couldn't be bothered listening to their relationship so I carried on walking straight past them. I didn't even bother to look at them, they both mean't nothing to me. Well, she didn't but Gerard ... I felt something for Ger- Wait! What? No! Noohoo no feelings for Gerard. None. Whatsoever. Yup...
I sighed as I walked up the steps to my first class. I opened the class door and sat in my seat. Maybe Gerard wasn't coming in today ? I thought hopefully. Just as the thought slipped my mind Gerard strolled into the class. I scowled and pulled out my skethbook and carried on my drawing. He sat down next to me and pulled out his sketch book aswell. We both sat in silence, I had a fixed scowl on my face but I don't know about him, I was trying not to stare at him.
"We're going to talk at lunch." He stated as if it were a rule.
"Really?" I replied sarcastically.
"Yes." He stated yet again.
I sighed and continued my drawing.


I sat under the tree and sighed, we hadn't spoken a word to eachother in our past lessons and yet he was expecting me to have another heart to heart with him and then watch him walk away ? I think not. I pulled out my sandwich and picked at the filling, I wasn't hungry anymore. My stomach was in knots and I just didn't need food. I put it back in its wrapped and in my bag and pulled out my drink instead. I could see Gerard approaching and more knots tied in my stomach. He was just so beautiful, his black hair, his hazel eyes, his -- Stop right there. I shunned myself for thinking about him like that. I looked up to see Gerard standing infront of me. Phwoar. He sat down opposite me and put his bag next to him.
"Well ?" He asked.
"Well what !?" I snapped at him, I was in no mood to be interrogated, him of all people.
"Why'd you do it !?" He replied with anger in his voice.
"Do what !?" If was going to be a dick, I was going to play dumb.
He grabbed my arm and ripped up my sleeve, he pulled off my bandages to reveal a deep bruised cut.
"That !!"He cried out, his eyes were filled with sadness as he stared at my cut. I have to admit - it was deeper than I expected. His brought his gaze up to my eyes and looked at me sadly.
"Why'd you do it El'?" He asked sadly. I looked down at my arm and realised he was still holding it gently. I pulled it away and wrapped the bandages back onto my arm and pulled my sleeve back down.
"Because.." I trailed off moodily.
"Because .... ?" He carried on.
"Because my life is fucking shit ! My parents died last month, I live in an empty house by my fucking self. I don't fucking know anyone in the neighbourhood and then you ! You let me tell you everything thats bothering me and then you walk off and completely ignore me!" I shouted at him, luckily we were at the back of the school field so no one could hear me.
"That's no excuse to go cutting youself !" He shouted back at me.
"Since your the on who ignored me for nearly two days, I think your the last person I would take advice from." I spat out angrily at him. He looked hurt at my last sentence. I felt glad in a way, but then again I didn't want to hurt him.
"You're right." He began sadly, " I'm sorry..I didn't mean to hurt you, it's just, when you said that I- I didn't know how to act.."
I sighed and slumped back against the tree. We sat in silence until his phone started ringing.
"Go on better answer it - don't want to keep your girlfriend waiting." I sighed unhappily.
"There is no girlfriend. We broke up." He said simply as he stood up and answered his phone.
"Frankie!... Nah, no I'm not busy at all...." And with that he grabbed his bag and walked away. Leaving me yet again.

[*Enjoy my pretties xxxx
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