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Well, When You Go

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The continuing story of Gerard and Bennie. Sequel to "I could Wait For You For... Forever"

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“What about these plate and napkin sets?” Gerard asked Bennie as he held up pink plates with yellow and blue flowers. They were shopping for Samantha’s fifth birthday party. Bennie rolled her eyes and sighed.
“She hates pink, Gerard.” Bennie quickly said before grabbing the same plate set in blue.
“Well, excuse me.” Gerard said before throwing the plates he was holding back onto the shelf. Gerard sighed as the plates and napkins bounced off the shelf and onto the floor. Bennie scoffed as Gerard bent over to pick them up.
“If you would behave like an adult, and not a child, you wouldn’t make a mess like that.”
“Would you shut the fuck up, Bennie? Jesus Christ!”
“Don’t speak to me like that!”
“Why not, you talk to everybody else like that. You’re so fucking important and entitled to everything, right?”
“Kiss my ass, Gerard.” Bennie shouted as she pushed her shopping cart into him and stormed out of the store. Gerard quickly walked around the store putting everything back before heading back outside. As he walked toward the door, he watched Bennie climb into a cab. He cursed under his breath, got into his SUV and sped all the way home, locking himself in his art studio before Freddie or Samantha had a chance to notice he was home.

The next day Bennie took Freddie and Samantha over to Delilah and Mikey’s house for a play date with their sons while My Chemical Romance was at Gerard and Bennie’s house in the recording studio. They had been working on their newest album for the past six months. Delilah and Bennie were watching a gossip show and drinking coffee while the kids ran amuck outside. Bennie’s posture became stiff and rigid as she suddenly heard her own name.
“Gerard and Bennie Way were photographed in a children’s party store this weekend in Los Angeles. They are preparing for their daughter Samantha’s 5th birthday party next weekend. But it wasn’t all smiles and laughs, as you would imagine, rather the pair spent the entire time arguing and Bennie left the store without her husband in a cab, and neither of them bought anything. Hopefully one of them will be returning to-” The woman on the TV stated as pictures of Bennie and Gerard arguing flashed across the screen. Bennie glared at the screen and Delilah shut the TV off.
“I have to go back there and buy all of her party things this weekend. Do you want to come with me?” Bennie asked after five minutes of silence between the two women. Delilah stared at Bennie a little uneasily.
“Shouldn’t Gerard go with you?” Delilah asked after a minute. Bennie rubbed her temples and sighed.
“If I wanted to go with him, I would have asked him to go already.” Bennie curtly stated. Delilah shook her head.
“You are leaving on tour with the boys in two months. Whatever is going on, you guys need to work on it before then. Being in the public eye isn’t helping the situation any, I know. But trust me; being on the road isn’t going to help either.” Delilah replied. Bennie got off the couch and walked over to the back door.
“Sam, Freddie, it’s time to go home.” She called. The two girls came running, followed closely by Mikey and Delilah’s twin sons, Peter and Martin.
“Bennie, don’t get mad!” Delilah said as she walked over to her best friend.
“I’m not mad. I’m just frustrated. I don’t even want to go on that fucking tour any more, and it seems like wherever I go, that’s all anyone wants to talk about.” Bennie vented. Delilah put an arm around Bennie in a half-hug.
“Mommy, Aunt Bennie said the bad f word!” Martin said, tugging on Delilah’s pant leg. Delilah laughed.
“I’m sorry, Martin. I won’t do it again.” Bennie promised her small nephew as she ruffled his hair. “Four was more of an ‘Oh, no she’ll repeat it’ stage for Samantha. Not a tattle tale kind of thing.”
“Mommy, you said ‘was’ I’m still four.” Samantha reminded Bennie. Bennie laughed and took Samantha by the hand.
“Say good bye and thank you, ladies.” She said. Samantha and Freddie thanked Delilah and the boys for having them over and said hasty goodbyes before Bennie practically dragged them outside.
“Mommy, how come whenever anybody talks about Daddy you get upset?” Samantha asked as Bennie strapped her into her car seat. Bennie laughed.
“Mommy doesn’t get upset.” Bennie replied.
“Sissy, why does she get upset?” Samantha asked as Bennie closed the door and walked around to the front of the car. Freddie hesitated for a moment, thinking of the easiest way to tell her sister the truth.
“Because your mommy and our daddy are going to get a divorce if they don’t stop fighting.” Freddie replied. Bennie froze as she opened the door.
“What does that mean?” Samantha asked. Freddie shrugged.
“It means they don’t love each other any more and they don’t wanna be married, so they get un-married.” Freddie explained. Samantha’s eyes got wide.
“I don’t want them to not be in love!”
“It’s okay, though. Daddy and my mommy got divorced, and they’re still friends. And I get to live with them both.”
Bennie finally got into the car, turning on the radio after she started it. The whole way home, he couldn‘t focus. She smiled and laughed with the girls as they sang along with the radio, but she just couldn‘t shake one thought for the entire thirty minute drive.

Were she and Gerard going to get a divorce?
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