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"Good Luck!"

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“Bennie!” Gerard shouted through the house as he ran up the stairs. Samantha came running to the top of the stairs.
“Mommy is in the studio, Daddy.” She said. Gerard nodded and finished up the stairs to give her a hug and a kiss.
“Thank you, baby. What are you doing today?”
“I’m playing with my doll house.” Samantha said before running back into her play room.
“Have fun, sweetie.” Gerard said before running back down the stairs. He quickly crossed the living room and kitchen before he was greeted with the song My Chemical Romance had finished recording the day before playing at full blast from the studio. He slowed his pace and stuck his head around the door, smiling at Bennie who was mixing the track, eyebrows furrowed in frustration.
“What are you doing?” Gerard asked. Bennie paused the song and turned around in her swiveling chair.
“Oh, I’m just mixing the track. I always mix the day after you guys record.” She replied.
“You weren’t supposed to mix that song. You weren’t supposed to hear it until I played it for you.” Gerard replied as he sat down in the seat next to Bennie. Her cheeks turned a dark shade of crimson.
“Mikey told me not to mix it, so I wanted to hear it.” She admitted. Gerard laughed.
“Did you hear the whole thing already?” Gerard shyly asked. Bennie nodded.
“What’s it called?” She shyly asked. Gerard smiled.
“It’s a secret.” He replied. Bennie glared, pretending to be mad.
“I’ll kill you if you don’t tell me.” She said as she stood up. Gerard got up and ran out of the room.
“You’re gonna have to catch me first!” Gerard screamed over his shoulder. Bennie kicked off her shoes and took off running after him.
“I’ll kill you when I catch you!” She promised between giggles.
“Good luck!” Gerard screamed as he started up the stairs.
“You have to stop-” Bennie began as Gerard tripped on the stairs. Bennie laughed and ran up the stairs two at a time and pushed Gerard into a seated position, sitting on his lap.
“What’s it called?” She whined, pouting. Gerard shook his head.
“You already heard the song early, and you even mixed it! Can’t you leave something to be surprised over?” He asked. Bennie pouted. “B, it was supposed to be an anniversary present.” He replied.
“Oh! Well… What about the anniversary of when we got engaged? We’ve never celebrated that before!” She replied. Gerard shook his head.
“It’s three months too late for that.” He replied. Bennie pouted again.
“Fine!” She said as she stood up and walked down the stairs.
“Where are you going?” Gerard asked as he stood up.
“To call Ray and ask him what the title is.” She replied before running back through the house toward the recording studio where she had left her cell phone. Gerard groaned and ran after her, picking her up and throwing her over his shoulder when he caught her.
“No fair!” Bennie shouted as Gerard started back for the stairs. Gerard laughed.
“Life’s not fair.” He replied. Bennie tried to wiggle out of his grip before they got to the stairs.
“Please don’t drop me!” She begged as he started up the stairs. Gerard laughed.
“Oh no!” He said as he pretended to loose his grip. Bennie shrieked and grabbed on to his torso with super human strength. Samantha came running out of her room and stopped in horror at the top of the stairs.
Daddy, what are you doing to Mommy?!” She screamed. Gerard laughed.
“We’re just playing.” He replied.
“It’s like when Daddy picks you up and jumps in the pool when you have your clothes on.” Bennie replied.
“Yeah, except, I’m just trying to keep mommy out of the studio.” Gerard explained. Samantha nodded, appeased by this explanation, and returned to her bedroom. “Now where were we?” Gerard asked. Bennie laughed and screamed again.
“Right about there.” She replied. Gerard laughed and continued up the stairs.
“Ah, yes, I remember now.” He replied before pretending to drop Bennie again. Bennie shrieked and held on even tighter.
“I’m going to die of a heart attack!” She screamed between laughs. Gerard laughed and pretended to drop her again as he kicked their bedroom door open. Bennie screamed and tried to wiggle free of Gerard’s grip again. “I’m going to die!” Bennie screamed as Gerard lightly tossed her onto their bed.
“You are not going to die!” Gerard said as he started laughing hysterically. Bennie nodded her head as Gerard closed and locked their bedroom door.
“I’m dying! You gave me a heart attack!” She replied. Gerard shook his head and climbed onto the bed.
“You are not dying!” He said before kissing her. Bennie pulled away from him.
“Gerard?” She whispered.
“What is the name of that song?!” She begged as she slid out from under him. Gerard sighed and fell face first into the pillows. "Does that mean you're not going to tell me?"
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