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"Gerard... we have to tell our parents" Ellie said and I saw Gerards face fall. 
At that moment, Gerard and Mikey's parents walked into the house.
"Mom, Dad, we need to talk to you" Gerard said and the four of them walked into the kitchen. I listened at the door and could make out most of the conversation. Gerard told his parents that Ellie was pregnant with his child. He also explained how he'd decided to be part of this and was gonna stick by Ellie. Gerards parents were totally accepting, and proud of Gerards maturity. Then they had to go and tell Ellie and Franks parents. We all went with them and the same things happened. Ellie and Franks parents were told about her pregancy and Gerard explained how he would be standing by Ellie for as long as she would have him. At first Ellies parents were disapointed at their carelessness, but eventually they were just as happy as Gerards parents. 

That evening I was sat in bed texting Frank when I got an incoming phone call from Ellie. 
"Ellie?" I said and I heard crying on the other end.
"I'm scared Emma, I can't do this, I'm not ready" she said
"Ellie. Listen to me, sure, your aloud to be scared, but your not alone okay. There is gonna be someone with you every step of the way. Not just Gerard, but all of us. For every bought of morning sickness, every mood swing, Doctors appointment, these whole six months, we'll all be Here for you. And after this baby is born, we are all gonna be a part of this. Your not gonna be alone, we won't leave you. This baby is gonna be the most loved thing in the world. Gerard is an amazing guy, and I know how much he loves you. he will be there, this is his responsibility as much as it's yours, and he wants to be a part of this. You have nothing to worry about" I said
"Thanks Emma, your the best" She said.
"No problem, now go and see Frank" I said
"What? why?" she asked confused
"Just go into his room and see him okay?" I said and hung up. I quickly texted Frank and told him that Ellie was worrying and that he needed to give her a big 'Frankie' hug and make sure she was okay. About half an hour later I got a text from Ellie saying 'thank you'.

The next day the morning sickness started. Frank, who obviously wasn't very clued up about pregnancy called me up worrying.
"Frank, it's called morning sickness and it's totally normal, it will pass, just look after her. i'll call gee and get him to stop by" I told him. 
I called Gerard up and he hurried over to Frank and Ellies house. I decided to go over to, knowing Ellie would probably want a girl to talk to, and because I was missing Frankie.

I arrived and knocked on the door. Frank opened it and I hugged him tightly. I heard Ellie throwing up in the bathroom. 
"How long has she been in there?" I asked
"About 10 minutes, Gerard got here just after she started. He's in there with her now" Frank said. 
"He's so good to her" I thought out loud. Frank wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my neck.
"If it was you, I'd be in there looking after you" he said. 
I smiled up at him. We flopped down on the sofa and I sat on his lap. 
"Frankie, do you want kids?" I asked him
"Emma, we haven't even do it yet..."
"no no, I don't mean YET, but you know... one day...?" I said
"Well, would you...?" 
"Erm... yeah actually..." I said, worried that if he didn't want kids it might scare him off
"Me to" he smiled. 
I smiled at him and pressed my lips to his. He nibbled my lip as his Tongue entered my mouth.
He pressed his forehead against mine and stroked my cheek. 

"Hey guys" We heard Ellie say and I pulled away from Frank turned out. 
"Ellie!" I said and got up to hug her. She looked slightly delecate and her skin was paler than usual. 
"How you feeling?" Frank said from behind me
"Not too bad, I guess I'll have to get used to it" She said and laughed. Frank hugged her and I smiled at Gerard. 
"Emma, can I have a word with you?" He said and I let him lead me into a spare room. 

"Emma, I'm gonna ask Ellie to marry me" He said
"Oh, My, GOD!" I said and hugged him 
"I love her so much, it's the right thing to do" he said
"Gerard, you are asking her this because you love her, and NOT just because she's pregnant?" I questioned him
"Of course I'm marrying her because I love her!" 
"Well she better know that. Because if she thinks your only marrying her because of the baby she will resent you forever" I told him
"Thank you Emma, you always know what to do" He said and hugged me.

Ellies POV: 
That afternoon I was sitting on the sofa with Gerard watching movie. Emma and Frank had gone upstairs so me and Gee were totally alone.
"Gerard... I wanna talk about the baby" I said. We hadn't really spoken about any details about anything, where we would live, how we were gonna afford the baby... what about school?
"Actually Ellie, there's something I need to ask you first. I planned on doing this in a couple of years, I have since i met you, but the whole baby thing has just made me realise that there is no reason to wait. Look Ellie, I love you and I've known that for some time now, and there's only one thing I can say. Ellie... will you marry me?" He said. My mind started racing. This was all so fast, I mean, I loved Gerard, so much. I couldn't see myself with anyone else, he was the father of my child, so why not. But there was something that was holding me back. He let me think for a while before he continued
"Look Ellie, one thing I want you to know, I am not asking you to marry me just because of the baby." He really hit the nail on the head with that one
"I'm asking you to marry me because I love you, the baby has just made me realise that I CAN ask you" he said.

I sat for another couple of minutes. I wasn't thinking about my answer, I was sure of what I would say. I was thinking about how I would say it. I suddenly realise there was only one way to say what I need to.

Gerards POV:
She was hesitating. She Was having to think about what she would say. She wasn't sure. I could have ruined everything. She might not let me see the baby. I might have blown it. This could ruin our whole relationship...

"Yes" She said. Me head snapped up to look at her. "Yes?" I questioned her with a smile
"Yes! yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" she squeeled and jumped into my arms. I hugged her tightly and laughed almost with shock. I crushed my lips to hers and she smiled against the kiss.
"your gonna marry me..." I said absentmindedly 
"Gerard. We're going to get married, and we're going to be parents!" She said and I let out a shakey breath. 

Emmas POV: 

As Franks lips moved with mine I heard excited voices and then a squeel coming from downstairs. I assumed that Gerard had asked Ellie and he had given him the answer he wanted. I smiled against Franks lips.
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