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Taking the gate

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Cadel and Numbuh two find a way into the Printworks, starting phase one of the plan.

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There it was.
The last meeting in the Yellow Submarine.
Everybody was hanging around in the room with the couch and the TV, not saying anything.
“Well. This is it. We either live or die” Cadel said, kicking the leg of the couch.
“Aw, c’mon man, it’s been fun” Numbuh five said.
Cadel managed an eighth of a smile.

The submarine seemed so quiet as everybody suited up in the weapons room. “Take everything you can guys, no matter what happens, we’re not coming back” Lincoln said, without his usual swagger. He’d always been living in Havoc, and most of what he knew about earth he had learned from his friends.
Cadel and Hoagie had been working on new armor, in addition to 2x4 tech. “It’s going to protect you from whatever we face, hopefully.....” was all Numbuh two had to say.
“From all the moaning and complaining I’ve been hearing, you’d think you’d want to stay here” Numbuh one said, putting on his sunglasses.
“Hey, listen up, you guys, if we die and anybody here isn’t heaven-cred, I’ll put in a good word for you with the Big Guy, okay?” Ingrid said, picking up her problem stick.
“Thank you Ingrid, I feel loads better” Cadel called, pulling on his gloves and picking up a hoverboard.
“Just here to help, my good friend”

“Let’s go!” Holly called, her voice echoing through the submarine.
“Do we have everything?” Cadel asked, clearly worried.
“Yes! Shut up! You and Numbuh two are the most important parts of the mission, so don’t mess up out there!” Numbuh one yelled at Cadel.
“No pressure” Ingrid joked, punching Cadel’s arm.

Everybody got Hoverboards, and everybody was silent as they made their way to the Printworks. “Turn Left!” Lincoln called from the front of the group.
They all turned left, except for Numbuh Three, who accidentally turned right.

The Printworks more resembled a high tech security prison. An eight foot tall cinderblock wall surrounded the perimeter, with barbed wire looped over the top of it. A metal spiked ten foot tall gate was the only way in or out. Searchlights scanned the surrounding area, and guards that had been modified at the Shock Box loped around the wall, scanning for intruders.
“Wow” Numbuh four whispered.
“So, do we get the key?” Numbuh two whispered.
“I got it. Let’s go!” Cadel whispered back.
“Wait! You forgot the stuff!” Ingrid whispered, throwing a bag to Cadel.

The two boys picked up their hoverboards.
“So, how’s this work again?” Numbuh two asked.
“Pay attention next time. But our Hoverboards will pick up metal traces, or just metal, like the gate. So we just go over the gate” Cadel explained, pulling down his goggles.
“What! That’s impossible! It’s too sharp of an angle!” Numbuh two cried.
“Okay, first off, you’re inside an alternate universe inside a comic book, and you’re calling something impossible. Second, all we need is a running start”
“I hate you”
“Right back atcha”

The two boys coasted around the searchlights and the guards, heading for the gate.
“We’re totally going to burn out” Numbuh two whispered.
“Whatever. On three. One....” Cadel shifted his weight.
Numbuh two sighed.
“Two....” He whispered.

The two boys burst out like rockets, going from nothing to two hundred miles an hour. The clamps went over both their feet and ‘SLOW DOWN‘ appeared on both their Hoverboards.
Both of them went faster.
Cadel’s Hoverboard began to smoke at around three hundred miles an hour.
Cadel gritted his teeth and shifted all his weight forward, and Numbuh two copied him.
It was around four hundred miles an hour when both Hoverboards simultaneously caught fire, but by then it was too late.

Cadel and Hoagie took the gate at four hundred miles an hour.
They hit the gate and went straight up and over.
The span between taking the gate and hitting the ground seemed to last forever.
They both hung in the air, Hoverboards on fire, and then Hoagie yelled “We’re flying!”
“Not we’re not! We’re just falling in style!” Cadel yelled back.
Numbuh two laughed, and then the drop was over.
Both boys rolled to a halt and took off their Hoverboard clamps.
“I’m not on fire, am I?” Numbuh two asked.
“Nope. Me?” Cadel asked back.
“Nah” Numbuh two shook off the dirt and stared at the menacing Gray Printworks.
“You got the key, right? So we just go through the door?” Numbuh two asked.
Cadel hesitated.
“Not exactly....”

Cadel pulled a grappling hook out of the bag that Ingrid gave him.
“No. Nuh uh. Ixnay on that Anplay” Numbuh two crossed his arms.
Cadel just laughed. He swung the grappling hook over his head and threw it high against the Printworks.
“You comin or what?” Cadel asked.
“Coming” Numbuh two sighed.
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