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When Tecchies attack

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Hoagie Gilligan and Cadel Young are an unstoppable force of nerdiness an technology smarts.

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“Man. I don’t care how many times Batman and Robin do this, I still hate it” Hoagie puffed as Cadel and himself had climbed to the top of the wall.
“It builds character. I wonder how high up we are?” Cadel asked, staring down at the ground below.
“I can’t even see anyone else from up here” Numbuh two said.
“We can look at the ground later. We got a factory to explode!” Cadel exclaimed, wandering off across the roof of the Printworks.

“So what now?” Numbuh two asked, kicking aside debris as he followed.
“You didn’t pay attention at all, did you?”
“Nope. What’s the plan?”
“Just follow me”

Cadel walked over to a chimney that had been barricaded off. Reaching into the bag of stuff that Ingrid had handed him, he pulled out a couple of Cherry Bombs. “This might get loud” Cadel murmured, pushing down on the centre of the bombs. Then he put the bombs on the chimney.
Cadel backed up as the bombs exploded.

“C’mon, hurry, somebody probably heard that” Numbuh two worried.
Cadel climbed into the hole, bracing himself by pressing his hands and feet on the other side of the hole. “More Climbing. Great” Numbuh two muttered, climbing into the hole after Cadel.
Numbuh two’s fingers were still on the ledge as a searchlight swept across the hole.
Both boys froze.

One Second.

Two Seconds.

Three Seconds.

Four seconds.

Five seconds.

The searchlight moved on.

Both boys let out identical sighs of relief.
“Let’s keep going” Cadel whispered.

It wasn’t long before their arms started to shake.
The strain of pushing against the walls to hold themselves up was hard on their muscles, and their backs started to ache from the strain.
“Can’t we just let go?” Cadel whined.
“Sure, as long as there’s no trap at the bottom” Numbuh two commented.
There was a silence, only broken by the scuff of their boots on the sides of the passage.
“Just hold on, it can’t be that much longer” Cadel whispered.
Cadel foot hit a grate with a loud CLANG.
“Shh!” Numbuh two shushed him.
“You shh. I found the way in!” Cadel exclaimed.
Cadel lifted his arm off a wall, and reached with scraped-up hands into his boot for the key.
Unfortunately for Cadel, trying to get a key out of your boot while the boot is currently being used to keep yourself from falling is not an easy task.

Cadel had almost fallen down for the fourth time when he finally got the key.
“I got it!” he screamed, his voice echoing around the Chimney.
“SSHHH!” Numbuh two shushed him again.
“Shhut it” Cadel muttered, leaning forward and opening the grate.

The two boys crawled past the grate.
“Holly said it was 64 pulls” Numbuh two whispered.
“We should get going then. Do you have your 2x4?” Cadel asked, brushing dirt out of his eyes and pulling on his gloves.

After a while, (fifty-three pulls, to be exact) they arrived at a vent.
“On three, ready? One…” Cadel whispered.
“Two….” Numbuh two whispered.
“THREE!” both boys shouted, and kicked the vent inwards.
Both boys dropped into the room.
Cadel shot at a snake-like creature sitting in a chair, and Numbuh two easily took down an ogre standing by a control panel.

“Tie ‘em up!” Cadel commanded, tossing some rope to Numbuh two.
Both boys helped tie up the new captives, making sure that neither one had anything that could’ve helped either one escape.

“Alright, we can do this” Cadel stated, staring down a complex control panel that looked like it belonged in a 747.
“Heck yeah!” Numbuh two proclaimed, punching the air triumphantly.
Cadel rolled his eyes and started pressing the buttons.
“I kind of expected the Control Room of the Printworks to be a lot more…” Numbuh two trailed off.
“Intimidating?” Cadel filled in.
“Yeah. C’mon, we gotta get everyone else in too” Numbuh two started to shut down the searchlights.
“Aye Aye, sir!” Cadel quipped, pressing the buttons that would disable security.
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