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Where Hollows Dwell

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Kawada observes Hueco Mundo.

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-Author's note- I would like to apologise for the late posting of this chapter and would like to state that the series will continue. I know this chapter hasnt got as much action as my other's however, this is sometimes nessecary in character development. In future, I will be featuring chapters consisting of information on Kawada's Zanpakuto, inside his inner world, so any requests and ideas will be greatly appreciated. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!

“GAAA----HHH!!!” I gasped, furiously clawing ahead of me with my fingers. Digging my aching digits into the sand that occupied the entirety of the space in front of me, I began to choke.
I just couldn’t believe it. As soon as I had found a flight of stairs, the roof had caved in. This wasn’t right. I couldn’t die like this.
Continuing to fill my mouth, the sand sunk deeper into my throat. Suffocating me. I could feel myself blacking out.
It was dim and faint, but it was still there. I could just make it out through my squinted eyes. I was almost at the surface!!
Regaining strength in my arms, I began to furiously cleave away at the sand ahead of me.


Gasping heavily, I swallowed numerous mouthfuls of air as I laid on my back, still semi-submerged in the hole I had just crawled from. Coughing an spluttering, I turned halfway to my side before vomiting heavily. The contents of my stomach, it seemed, consisted mostly of sand.
Turing back onto my back, I kept my eyes closed and reached up to wipe my mouth on the sleeve of my shihakusho. It wasn’t smart to not be aware of my environment, but I didn’t care. I was just glad to be alive.
Finally sitting up, I opened my eyes and proceeded to stare around myself at the landscape. It was, again, far from what I expected. I was currently situated in the middle of a vast expanse of ghostly white desert. This scenery was, albeit occasionally, broken up by the rare appearance of trees. (Although they didn’t seem like any trees I had encountered before. Perhaps they were made of quartz or something?)
Then, I noticed it. To be honest, how could I NOT have noticed it before. The sheer size of it was enough to completely mess up my entire sense of scale. The ‘trees’ looked like mere twigs next to it. The structure somewhat resembled a massive, domed, fortress. So this was captain Aizen’s fortress. The one Mr Urahara had told me about. This was Las Noches.
Lifting my feet from the sand filled hole that I had crawled out of, my gaze fell on the hilt of my zanopakuto. I couldn’t help but think back to what had happened in the underground tunnel. That high toned wail that had assaulted my ears. Was it really my zanpakuto trying to make contact with me? Still sitting on the floor, I reached down to my waist, untied the fastening strap from my sash and placed my zanpakuto on my lap. Allowing my eyes to trail across it, a smile plucked the corner of my mouth. The appearance of it was nothing short of (in my opinion) magnificent. The guard, which was moulded into a shape vaguely reminiscent of a hexagon, bore several sharp pointed carvings extending from the hilt, which was wrapped in a sky blue cloth.
Sighing to myself, I voiced the thought that was on my mind:
“Why…? Why wont you tell me your name?”
There was no response. Obviously.
Maybe, just maybe, it had made contact earlier because…it was the first time it had tasted the blood of a true enemy. It had cut someone who could have killed me. Could that be it?
Then I remembered what Mr Urahara had told me, a few days ago: “Arrancars…even those created from gillian level menos, can only be killed by those with a high seated position. I doubt that even yourself will have to fight.”
If that were the case, then how was I able to kill that arrancar? I never gave much thought to the density of my own spiritual pressure. I had only graduated from the academy ten years ago and never had a high view of my own importance. I was happy just to be another nameless drone in the grand scheme of things…But…To think that I was comparable to at least a 5th seat…The mere notion of it baffled me!
Rising to my feet, I proceeded to tie my zanpakuto back to my sash before starting off at a fast paced run, towards Las Noches.
Clouding around my body, a slight film of sand stuck to my sweaty skin as I ran. At least this vast expanse of night wasn’t as hot as the deserts in the world of the living. It was, you could say, eerily cold.


It had, quite literally, taken ALL day. I had been running for well over 24 hours. I was just lucky that the air contained a high abundance of reishi. If it hadn’t, I surely would’ve passed out.
At least, in all my time that was spent running, I noticed something of value. This world, this realm…The night here never ended. Constant darkness. Even the moon failed to move or change. Forever it stared down upon the land, crescent shaped, like some kind of sadistic smile.
Breathing heavily, I craned my neck upwards and stared up the side of the enormous dome of Las Noches. Needless to say, I had been thoroughly dwarfed by the sheer size.
Gingerly reaching out in front of me, with my right hand, I closed my eyes tightly and prepared for the worst as I pressed my palm against the smooth stone of the wall in front of me. I let out a deep, strained sigh of relief. The wall wasn’t made of Seki Seki. Well, at least that would make breaking in easier.
Standing with my legs parted, I thrust my hand out in front of me, pointed my palm towards the face of the wall and recited the chat to the most powerful Hado that I knew: “Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all things of the universe that flies, that which names all. In the name of truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws!!”
I closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. I could practically hear my heart beating.
“HADO #33!! Sōkatsui!!!”
Flying in a gushing torrent, the pale blue fire was flung from my had, towards the polished white surface of the wall in front of me. Rippling up the stone, the tongues of fire suddenly exploded in a deafening “BOOM!!”
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