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Kawada moves deeper into Las Noches

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Staring deep into the hole that I had created, I allowed my eyes to adjust to the dim light that expanded in front of me. It appears that I had punched through into what appeared to be a tunnel.
A thick, stifling, blast of warm air roared from the depths as I stepped forwards into the darkness. It was quite the opposite from what I had expected. I thought that I was moving out of a desert…Not into one.


This is all I have ever known. All I have ever wanted to know. All I ever thought that I would know.
It’s dark here. A vast expanse of blackness that suffocates my very being. Attempting to stifle out my existence.
I am scared of the dark.
It’s not always dark. Sometimes the sun peeks through the black clouds that always seem to rumble and converse overhead, providing a blissful glimpse if hope. Hope that I will escape the dark. Hope that my cries for help will be heard.
They never are.
Almost always, they are eclipsed by the sound of the thunder. The thunder that emanates from the clouds. The thunder that roars and booms across the empty plane. The thunder that echoes up the steep sides of the towering cliff face.
The cliff scares me as well. The sharp points of the weathered stone. The slight glimmer that forever occupies it. Shining like black iron.
The only thing that eases my fear is the rain. The rain that showers down upon me, splashing against my skin in a chilling bite. As it falls, it feels as if all my fears are washed away.
There is a lot of lightning here as well.
That isn’t as bad as everything else. I like lightning. Anything that serves to free me from the dark…Even for a little bit.
Then there is the wind. Always the wind. Harsh roaring gales that pummel my body as I stand here all alone…Waiting…
Waiting for my cries to be heard.
To be heard by…him!


I continued inwards, advancing into the unknown. The tunnel I had knocked into just seemed to keep extending inwards, as if there was no end to it.
I could hear the echoing of spiritual pressure as I ran. Reverberating off of the walls around me. There were arrancars nearby. I could feel it in the very depths of my soul.
I just hoped that they wouldn’t notice me. At least until I found Ichigo and his comrades. I would be little use to them if I were to fight an arrancar by myself, but if I could meet up with them, I would be able to, at least, serve as back up.
The surrounding air was still getting warmer. It was as if I were making my way into some kind of underground burrow. As a thin film of sweat formed on my forehead, I reached up with my right arm and wiped my brow with the sleeve of my shihakusho.
“God’s sake…” I gasped, continuing to run. “How long does this thing go on for?”
My question was answered.
Up ahead of me, I could see a distant light at the end of the tunnel. It seemed to be emanating a flickering orange glow. It was probably some kind of flaming torch.
Approaching the light, I squinted my eyes so that adjusted and placed my hand on the hilt of my nameless zanpakuto.
Finally reaching the end of the tunnel, I stepped into the light and stared around myself. I was in the middle of a large marble hallway. So…this was the inside of Las Noches.
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