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Chapter 2

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First day, using P.O.V in this, so watch out who it is.

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Hope this is okay. please tell me what you think, I'm sorta just going with the flow with this one, it doesn't really have a higher plot right now. Oh and I know Frank is 4 years younger then Gerard, but for the sake of the story just go with it please... Suggested Ferard. :)
CoffeeLoser x

*Gerard’s Point of View*

Fuck, we were really late, the school looked really big compared to our old one, and really daunting. For once in my life I think I might actually be nervous about something.

It is silent as we walk to the main reception, everyone must be in his or her first class, oh god, and I already know this is going to be hell...

Mikey timidly knocked on the glass of the reception window, we were greeting by the face of a kind smiling woman.

"Hello boys, how may I help you?" She had chocolate brown hair, cut into a neat bob at her shoulder and didn't look older then 35. The name on the desk said Lucy Fairwell.

"U-Umm we are starting today" Mikey replied, suddenly nervous. I gently nudged his arm and gave him a reassuring smile as she turned to a pile of papers.

"Gerard and Michael Way?" She asked, we nodded in sync "Okay, lets see, Gerard this is your timetable" she pushed a piece of paper over the counter to me, "And Michael this is yours" she said doing the same. "You both have a school map, and could you both sign here so we know you found your way in." She smiles, handing me a clipboard.

I nodded and signed my name, the black messy scrawl of a signature looked like a stain on the page to me, Mikey's hand writing was so much neater then my own.

"Oh and your lockers," she handed us the combinations on slips of paper.

She stood up and came out of the door at the side; "I'll just show you to your first class then." she smiled again.

Mikey nudged for my to go first, and took a deep breath and followed her through the corridor, passing some of the classrooms, I peered in the windows, the teachers didn't seem to be shouting too much, always a good sign.

She stopped outside a door, "Michael this is your class, Math. Good luck" she smiled gently at him. Mikey was better at math then I was, by far.

He shot me an anxious look, so I replied, "It'll be fine, go in" and smiled, he mirrored the smile.

Miss Fairwell knocked on the door and opened it, "New student for you." the teacher stopped talking.

"Ahh welcome to Belleview..." waiting for his name

"M-Mikey." he stuttered.

"Come in then Mikey, take a seat here and I'll get your books." He said pointing to a chair out of view from me.

Mikey let out a deep breath and walked into the class, he shut the door behind him, I prayed that he would be okay.

I glanced at my timetable, English, okay, I can deal with English today. The teachers name read, Mr.R.Lawson.

"So are you new to the area then Gerard?" Miss Fairwell asked, trying to make small talk.
"Yeah. I guess. We had to move for. For Mom's work." I replied shuffling outside onto a different part of campus.

A few minutes later of unbearable awkward silence, we stopped in front of a door, I could hear the teacher shouting at the class. Great, Mikey gets the nice teachers and I get stuck with this one.

"This is you." She smiled and turned around. Leaving me on my own, with what sounded like a mad man on the other side of the door.

"Great, thanks." I said as she walked away.

I shakily knocked on the door, and it went silent inside the room, butterflies ate away at my stomach.

"Come in" a male voice boomed.

I twisted the handle and opened the door, "I- urm.. I started today... I-"

"Mr Way, I don't need to know your life story just take a seat next to Mr Iero at the back." he pointed pushing a jotter in my hand.

It was the only free seat in the class, and I felt my cheeks heat up so I looked to the ground and walked to my seat. The boy was staring at his book, black hair flopped down over his eyes (not as long as mine though) and a baggy AC/DC hoodie hung from the back of his chair.

I sat down and got out a pen, writing my name on the book.
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