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Chapter 3

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Still his first day, and I STILL suck at summaries.

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I don't really have anything to say now... I'm sorta writing this as a bulk then uploading it in chunks... So far this is my 3rd chapter tonight, so we'll how long it goes.
CoffeeLoser :)

*Frank's POV*

"I SAID WILL YOU SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!" Mr Lawson yelled at the three of boys in front of me again for the 5th time this lesson. I leaned back in my chair and stared at the ceiling, I hated English... No I hate most of my lessons.

"As I was saying, what does Shakespeare mea-"

He was interrupted by a small knock at the door, the whole class fell silent, he had told us the new kid probably got lost, he was at least 20 minutes late now. Geee, I felt sorry for him.

"Come in" Mr Lawson yelled at the door.

The door opened, and the boy looked to the teacher, “I- urm.. I start today... I-" he stuttered, probably scared shitless by Lawson, that man could make any 1st year cry, no, make that ANY of us.

"Mr Way, I don't need to know your life story just take a seat next to Mr Iero at the back." he snapped, I looked up as he said my name, then looked around the room, oh great I was the only free desk, he pointed pushing a jotter in the boy's hand.

He put his head down but I could still tell he was. He was amazing, long floppy raven black hair, little lips and really pale skin. Tall and medium looking in size, unlike me tiny and skinny as hell. He had a Misfits top on, I smiled to myself, nice choice in music. I realised I started to blush so I looked down to the scrappy notes I'd been making hiding from the rest of the classes gaze. He sat down and got out his pen, as he wrote his name I caught a glimpse of it. Gerard Way.

"Gerard." The name tumbled off of my tongue like music. I bit my cheek cursing that I'd said it out loud.

He looked up at me, black smudges of eyeliner around his amazing green eyes, and like I saw, little pink lips. He looked a little nervous and jumpy as the teacher began talking again.

"Sorry.. I- It was nothing." I murmured, looking down. Shit. I couldn't make 5 minutes without making a total fucking fool of myself.

*Gerard POV*

I looked up to the sound of my name, the boy looked embarrassed. He had hazel eyes and red eyeliner or eye shadow around his eyes, well the eye that wasn't covered by his fringe.

"Sorry.. I- It was nothing." he murmured, looking down, crossing something violent out of his book.

I looked to the front of the class, Shakespeare, great; I only ever had read Hamlet by choice, which I liked. But Romeo and Juliet come ON! This was the stupidest love story ever! They end up dead for Christ sake how is that in anyway romantic.

I'm sure I would have said differently if I was still with 'her', I had banned myself from saying her name, because she was the reason we all had to move. One girl. One fucking girl meant that my dad left home, and we had to move across the fucking STATE to start again.

I'd really fucked up with that one.

"Now if you all turn to scene 4 act 2-" I let the teacher talk I didn't listen anyway.

I looked down and started drawing my sketchbook, nothing inparticular just vampires again.

"Hey, new kid" I felt a ball of paper hit my hair, but I ignored it. "Hey! New kid."

I looked up finally after the 4th scrap of paper hit my head.

The boy's sat in front of us had turned around; they looked like the sort of people I wouldn’t hang around with anyway. They looked like Jocks. Idiotic, dickhead, jocks.

"What's your name?" one asked.

"Gerard." I said monotone, wanting to get back to not doing any work.
They leaned closer, stinking of fags and sweat. Nice. The boy next to me seemed to tense up, the grip he had on his pen tightened and he balled his other hand.

"You'll want to watch this one, he's a bit of a freak. Isn't that right faggot boy?" they said at him, Christ what had the boy done to deserve this?

"Go fuck your mom Chris." the boy snarled, not taking his eyes off his paper.

The two chorused, "OOoooooh I’m so scared, the freak said some thing."

"Leave him alone" I said looking down at my paper, they shut up though, I don't know why I'd stood up for him. Maybe due to the fact I hadn't really had an easy last few months.

AN: Don’t worry, soon enough you'll find out what happened to Gerard and 'her' :) also please say about the length of my chapters, I don't really know if they are too long, too short, what ever
Maria ox
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