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Chapter 5

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The fight

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Hehe had my coffee so now it is back to writing, woah 5 chapters already, I'm proud of my self. :) See ya on the other side. CL

*Narrative POV*

The two boys stood eyes to eye, they had gathered quite a crowd, the student circled them, Frank stood anxiously at the back of Gerard, not wanting a fight to start.

Chris Hemper was the captain of the football team and was not to be messed with. But Gerard had to go put him self in it here, there was no going back.

There was a deadly silence around them as Gerard confidently said, "You're the one in the closet."

Chris punched him in the stomach, but this meant as Gerard bent over he could tackle his opponent to the ground. Chris lay winded on the floor, not expecting it.

He swung his fist out and caught just above Gerard's eye, breaking the skin.
The boys wrestled, and kicked up dirt as choruses of "Fight, fight, fight!" broke out from the watching students.

Frank stood, not knowing what to do, he couldn't leave because Chris's 'gang' stood behind him, making sure he couldn't run.

Gerard definatley took more punches then he gave out, but he still got his share in. The boys stood breathing heavily watching each other.

Chris punched Gerard once more hard in the gut and he fell to his knee's winded. Chris kicked him over and proceeded to kick him repeatedly.

*Gerard's POV*

Great, fucking Great! I'm laying on the ground, my first day of a new school, having the absolute shit beaten out of me. I cover my head with my arms and bring my knee's in close, just as I think he's stopped one hard blow hits my head and I pass out.

*Frank's POV*

This is my entire fault, I think over and over again, I can't help, because the dickhead brigade is behind me.

I can see Gerard is unconscious, and it takes every ounce of my being not to leap in and help.

But I snap, as Chris is walking away, quite bruised and bloody, I grab his shoulder pulling him around and punch him right between the eyes. Knocking him out cold.

Everyone goes silent and stares at me, I don’t care anymore, all I care about is getting Gerard some help.

I kneel down next to him, good, he's still breathing. In a really twisted way he looks almost peaceful, arms limp by his head, lips pouting a tiny bit, though they are split and bleeding, I still want to- Jesus, get a grip! I yell at myself mentally.

I brush some hair from his eyes, "Gerard, can you hear me?" Gently I shake his shoulder "Gerard."

His eyes open a little and he moves his legs so they are straight.

"I'm guessing I lost then" he mumbles loud enough for me to hear.

I burst out in nervous laughter "You almost won. Come on, can you walk?"

He mumbles a yes and I grab one of his arms to hold over my shoulder.

"Here, I’ll help" a boy who shares our German lesson, Rob, got the other, to support his weight.

"Thanks." to be honest I was a little too small to hold him on my own.

He shakily got to his feet and we slowly make our way to the nurse’s office.

*Gerard's POV**

I must have blacked out on my way to the nurses office because I woke up in a bright room, Mikey and Frank sat in the corner talking quietly.

I sit up slowly, the light hurting my eyes a little.

They both look over, worried looks on their faces. Mikey rushes over to me and hugs me.

"Oh, My God, you scared me" he hurriedly says.

"Can't… breath" I gasp and he lets go of me.

"I'm s-sorry."

"It’s okay." I say clutching my side.

"T-the nurse said it's only bruising but you should go to the hospital to get it checked out. And you have to-" he said trying to remember all the instructions he had been given.

"Mikey, I’m fine, slow down... did they pull you out of lessons? I’m sorry, you can go back to class."

"Well, I would. But school finished like 15 minutes ago. You've been in and out for a while.

"oh." I say in surprise.

"Frank knocked the other guy out." Mikey said excitedly

"Seriously, and I couldn't?" I looked over to my new friend, "Thanks for helping."

"No problem, I should get going." he said standing up.

But as he did the head teacher and my mother walked in.

dun dun ddduuuuunnn... Did you like it? I’ve never really written a fight scene so do say how much it sucked. Tah Maria ox
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