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Chapter 6

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*Narrative POV*
Gerard and his mother Donna sat in the head masters office, Gerard still holding an icepack to his aching side.

The head master took a deep breath.

"Gerard. I know about your.... history, and I am sorry for the reason you are here. But please can you try and understand that what you did today was. Wrong." The middle aged man said.

"You don't know shit about me!" Gerard snapped.

"Gerard." Donna hissed disappointedly.

"Although" the head master stressed the word, "I do understand that you were provoked and what Chris said was uncalled for. But these things cannot be solved with violence."

"He started it, he-" the boy was halted by the man raising his hand.

"I know what happened, Frank told me everything, and I believe him."

Gerard look down at his shoes, covered in dust and mud, no worse then his jeans.

"Gerard, we pulled a lot of favours to get you into this school, and I'm sure you don't want to ruin it... on your first day. What would your brother think?"

Gerard's head snapped up "Mikey has nothing do to with this!"

"He will if I have to kick you out" the man replied.

Gerard was silenced by this remark.

*Mikey's POV*

Mom and Gerard are in the other room but I can hear Gerard shouting. Frank, his new friend is sat next to me, head hung and looking like he is about to cry.

"A-are you okay?" I ask quietly, as I hear my brother yell again.

He nods slowly, "Yeah." taking a shaky breath in.

"Want me to walk you home, I think this lot will be a while." I asked

"Nah, I'm good. I can go on my own, but thanks." he looked up to me "See ya Mikey, nice to meet you" he got up and walked out the doors.

10 minutes later Gerard stormed out of the room followed by mom and Mr Higgins.

"Nice meeting you" mom and my new headmaster shook hands and the man retreated back into his office.

"Gerard Arthur Way, get the in car, now" mom rarely got mad at us, she was used to how Gee was now, but she definatley was pissed off now.

I followed behind them silently, but glad that my older brother was okay. I really look up to him, minus the drugs, smoking, drinking, girls and a tonne of other reasons for me to hate him. But when dad left, he was there for me.

I never EVER blamed him for Dad leaving, or having to move, even though he blames himself.

Gerard by choice has sat in the back with me, normally he would ride shot gun, or drive himself.

*Gerard's POV*

I glare out the window and the sun has disappeared and it is now raining heavily. I ache all over from the fight and I am now truly and utterly embarrassed, the whole school knows about it now no doubt.

And I'm sure I pissed off Frank because ever since I woke up he said nothing to me.

I still don't understand how mom puts up with me, and Mikey, he is an absolute fucking Godsend. He is like an angel compared to me.

Mom turned the radio up and Mikey leaned over to talk to me, "Gee, you okay?"

"No. I'm not going back there."

"Come on, it'll be fine."

I look at him, no sorry, I glare at my little brother. He stands down and goes back to looking out his window. Our new surroundings flash past as mom drives through town, to our new home.

I slammed the car door shut and walked inside, I started walking down my steps when mom called.

"Not so fast." I rolled my eyes and turned around.

"I hurt, and I'm tired, I'm going to my room." I said to her.

"No. You're not. Come here." She said sternly. I had to do it, I didn't want to start a screaming contest.

Slowly I walked back up to face her. She gently put a hand on my bruised cheek and sighed.
"I thought we agreed, you'd try to blend in"

I moved away from her touch, "Well... I tried, didn't I." I muttered.

She caught my chin so I was looking at her, she carefully placed a kiss on my cheek.

I pulled away again and played up "Eeeewwww Mooooommm!" She smiled at me.

"Come on, I'll make you a coffee." She said walking into the kitchen. She new the way to my heart alright, I loved coffee, I didn't get a chance to have any this morning, so I felt shit all day.

Mikey sat on top of the kitchen counter swinging his legs smiling at me, "I'm proud of you big bro." He grinned.

"Thanks kiddo." I put an arm around his neck and knuckled his hair. He squirmed under me giggling.

"S-stop it.. I-I'm gonna f-fall off!" He got out between laughs. I was laughing too, even though there was a dull ache in my stomach.

I missed this.

Mikey and I used to inseparable, now, we only ever see each other at meal times, or just at school. I don't care if he is 3 years younger then me, he's always been my best friend and I'm so happy that he looks up to me even though what I put everyone through.

Mom called for me saying the coffee was ready, I could smell it, and the rich aroma of coffee was intense now in the small kitchen. I wondered over to pour the cream in and added way too much sugar, but this was the way I liked it.

I held the warm mug to my lips, it felt like old times, back in our kitchen in the home I grew up in. Mikey and mom were smiling and any moment now Dad would walk through the front door, put down his big coat and kiss mom telling her how much he loved her. He'd go to Mikey and say how much he'd grown when really he'd seen him that morning, then come to me and ask how school was going.
But he wont be doing that today, he wont be coming home tonight, or any other night.

I sighed and drunk my coffee on couch watching the news, I never used to watch it, but now I just find it interesting, Mom said it's because I'm growing up, but we all know it's because I want to see 'her'.

[* All most gonna find out who she is, sorry for keeping it so long. I just couldn't find the right place to cut it off, so it is a loooonnnggg chapter this time. And I promise the next won't be so long (I think)
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