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Chapter 8

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Thanks for the reviews, keep them coming! I love you guys, and I hope the last chapter was okay, I sorta got a bit too into it at one point. Oh well, I still don’t really have a name for 'her' so feel free to leave any suggestions :) CL xo

*Gerard's POV*

It must have been quite early in the morning when Mikey came through to my room. Because when I woke up again, he was gone.

I sat still for a minute, thinking about what I'd just done, I'd really hurt Mikey by doing this to my self. I new he wouldn't go tell mom, I trusted him with that.

I crawling to my bathroom to throw up, my head was really pounding from last night, I had obviously had too much to drink.

I stood up shakily and looked in the mirror. My eyes were red and blood shot, puffy from crying, around them fresh bruises from the fight had sprung up over night. I had a horrible dark purple bruise right on my cheekbone, which was really tender.

I lifted up my shirt and my body wasn't any better, my stomach was laced with angry purple splotches and grazes.

I brushed my teeth, trying to get rid of the nasty taste of vomit, and washed my face to wake me up more.

I turned my shower on and let the steam take over my small bright bathroom.

I stood under the hot running water, brushing my fingers through my tangled sweaty hair, I felt more relaxed already.

I wrapped a towel around my middle and stepped back into my bedroom, looking around I saw the clock 10:47am, it said in angry red numbers.

Mom must have let me sleep in so I didn't have to go to school today, understandably, but I never wanted to have to face that hellhole again. Seriously, I didn't know what on earth I'd say to Frank if I saw him, I don't get why he was mad at me.

I pulled on some baggier jeans, then yesturday -what's the point of looking good if I'm just staying at home all day- and a long sleeve top, -to hide to cuts from mom-.

I walked up the stairs and I heard the familiar sound and aroma of the coffee machine.

"H-hello?" my voice still cracking from last night, mom would be at work and Mikey at school I supposed.

Mikey's head peaked around the kitchen door, "Oh you're up. I thought you were, I made you coffee when I heard the shower. It should still be hot."

"Thanks." I smiled and walked over to the table and sat down opposite him, he was fiddling with his can of coke.

"A-about last night" he started.

"Last night, never happened okay? Don't tell Mom, please" looking up from my coffee he nodded, "But thanks for being there." I added, "Anyway, why aren't you at school?"

He grinned, "Mom let me off, I faked being sick"

"Nice, you've learnt from the pro" I smiled. "Have the school phoned yet?"

"Nah Mom called them earlier, she said you weren't " He did air quotes "well enough' to come in today, and said I threw up, then she went to work, so we will be on our own all day"

"Okay so what do you want to do?" I asked.

"Dunno I suppose we could dig out the movies and watch one."

"Nothing to horror, I don't feel like it today", I got a nod in reply.

"Do you want anything to eat?"

I shook my head; I don't think my stomach could cope.

We were sat on the sofa, our 3rd Tim Burton film now, Sleepy Hollow and there was a knock on the door.

"You go get it," I said nudging Mikey.

*Frank's POV*

I sat in English, Gerard wasn't in today, and I didn't think he would be.
I sat writing down the notes the cover teacher told us to, on autopilot, earlier our German teach had given me homework to give to him, and our biology teacher (I've now found out we share quite a few of the same classes).
After lunch I planned to go and get his address so I could drop them off, hopefully he didn't live too far away.


I walked down the road that held his house, reading each number on the building carefully so I didn't go past it.

Then I reached it, it looked really nice, I checked the house number again 34.

My heart was hammering against my ribs, I didn't know whether I wanted to see him or not, I prayed that his mom or someone else would answer.

I walked up the path, and knocked on the door.

A minute later, Mikey opened the door, "O-Oh.. Umm... I have G-Gerard's homework." I stuttered, busying myself with my bag, trying to get the right books and paper out.

"Who is it?" I heard Gerard call, my stomach knotted.

"Frank, to see you, well, to give you homework."

Gerard appeared through a door, a few seconds later, he looked terrible, his face was all bruised and his cheek was slightly swollen, he didn't look as relaxed as Mikey.

"Hiya Frank.." he ran a hand through his hair, not taking his eyes off the floor.

"Come in." Mikey said opening the door wider; the house was warm and inviting. Mikey walked up the stairs, to where I guessed his room was.

"I brought you're English, German and Biology notes. And we have an essay for English on how Romeo a-" I tried to stop myself looking at him by flicking through pages of my books.

"You walked all this way?" he asked, stopping me. His throat sounded sore.

"Y-yeah, the school gave me your a-address." I said, feeling my cheek heat up, he'd walked closer, he was about 2 feet away but I could smell him. Sweet coffee and alcohol.

He held a hand out, wanting the stuff. "Oh yeah, sorry" I said.

I handed them to him, our fingers brushed and I felt electricity ripple under my skin. My heart felt as if it was going to explode, but Gerard just acted as if nothing happened.

[* I'm sorry, I know the last few chapters have been really depressing, but they will get happier, I just needed to get it out the way.
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