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Stupid laptop

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I have a bitch of a laptop, I was checking the original chapter, and it randomly restarted itself. WHY LAPTOP WHY! So I have lost all of this chapter, so this is the best of what I could remember. I'm sorry xoxoxox CL .. ps, I'm also thinking of starting a new story soon

*Mikey's POV*

Gerard stumbled up his stairs blindly, carrying a very large pile of horror films - if there was one thing anybody needed to know about him, it was do not start a conversation about horror movies if you do not know the facts. Gee knew everything there was to know about every movie he had. I swear he had multiple copies of some of them.

"You know we don't have 100 years to watch movies? Right Gee?"

"I know, but we changed it to today for a reason. We don't have to go to school tomorrow, so we can stay up as late as possible watching them"

"I'll give it till 5:30am" I said taking half the pile so he could see his way to the livingroom.

Gee dispeared back down stairs and I made the popcorn on top of the oven, I stood watching it all pop and burst, Gerard reappeared 5 minutes later as it was finishing. he had done his hair and make up.

"No more forks in toasters I see." he mocked leaning on the door frame. I chucked a bit of popcorn at him, but he artistly caught it in his mouth.

Someone knocked at the door, "You get it, I'm busy" I said, picking up the giant bowl of popcorn and the bottles of coke.

*Gerard's POV*

I'd sworn to myself that I would not get drunk tonight,I'd have a drink, but not enough that we had a repeat of last time.

I opened the door and Ray and Frank stood laughing at something one of them said.

"Heya." Ray said handing me a six pack of beer, I laughed and replied.

"You sure this is a good idea for me...." Frank came in grinning, his laugh was so funny and contagious, I found myself laughing with out hearing the joke.

*Frank's POV**

Bob appeared 3 minutes later, and we all sat in the darkened room as Gerard put in the first movie
"The Lost Boys." Seriously, this movie isn't even scary, it's about 80's vampires that have sparkling blood!

Bob, Mikey and myself were sat on the couch with Gerard and Ray sat on the floor, sipping beer's, I poked Ray shoulder and got him to pass me one up.

Apparently their mom was upstairs, she said we could be loud but if she found Mikey or Bob drinking we'd all be kicked out or something, so the two sat drinking cans of coke. Although Mikey did keep having sips of his brothers, sharing.

An hour and a half later the movie finished and Gerard put in the next, "Scream." I remember watching this for the first time and I screamed so much through out the first half. I am actually a bit of a baby when it comes to scary movies.

Ray excused himself and went to go get more beers.

A few minutes later the phone rang and we all jumped, think Bob even screamed a little.

Gerard gave a nervous giggle and answered it, "Hello?" He said stood up pausing the DVD.

"loudspeaker" I heard Mikey whisper. He clicked the button and held the device away from his ear so we could hear.

"Who's this?" He said again.

"Who am I talking to?" a deep distorted voice said. We all froze.

"nice one Ray," he said walking to the window, peaking out of the curtain, "Ten out of ten for the voice."

"Do you like scary movies?" the voice asked.

We all shook our heads but Gerard smiled and answered "What's it to you?"

"Let's play a game.... where am I?" the voice said. It had to be Ray, why else would he have left.

"On the porch." Mikey yelled, all of a sudden there was a crack of lightening and the lights went out, I knew it had gotten stormy out side but this was getting creepy. I think it was Mikey that ended up on the floor in my lap.

We stood in the dark in silence, we could see the outline of Gerard in front of us, from the faint evening light coming through the window.

The lights flickered back on and he looked around, he genuinely looked nervous.

"W-where's Bob?"

The space where Bob had been was empty, and yes, it was Mikey that clung to me.

"Bob, really not funny," Mikey said standing up, the lights flickered, and Gerard spun to face the window, where a person in the Scream mask stood.

Mikey actually screamed and leaped behind the couch.

"Nice hiding I can see you." Gerard said confidently.

*Gerard's POV*

This was going better then I had planned, the electricy made it even scarier. Bob, Ray and I had planned this all one lunch.

"Can you?" Bob's mixed up voice said down the line to me, working to our favor the lights went again and Ray (in the scream costume) stood in the kitchen, right in view of the others when the lights went back on. Bob of course had gone.

"G-guys this really isn't funny." I heard Frank say, as Ray held up a knife I had ready covered in fake blood. If I was correct, Bob should be in my room getting changed into the bloody clothes we'd made the other day.

*Ray's POV*

I knew i shouldn't be enjoying this so much, Frank was almost passed out from fear. And Mikey didn't look any better, Gerard was such a good actor, he acting scared and cocky just when he needed to. I used the lights to my advantage, I saw the light outside flicker and I knew the house lights would go soon after, so i ran to my next position then.

I saw Bob give the thumbs up from Gerard's bedroom door and he silently scrawled up the stairs and I dissapeared out of their sight again.

"G-guys... H-help" Bob called form the stairs as he bit into a fake blood capsule.

*Frank's POV*

This was no longer a joke. I was scared and the brothers looked terrified too.

"G-guys... H-help" I heard Bob call. I froze, I couldn't breath, I dont even think I could speak, I saw the bloody hand by the door. Bob.

"Bob!" I shouted and scrambled forward, over the frozen shell of Mikey.

I got ot the door and I saw him, lying on his front, blood covering his back, the scream thing had stabbed him.

Blood was coming out of his mouth and I stumbled backward and saw the intruder run out the back, I couldn't speak, I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out.

Mikey followed slowly after and screamed backing up against the wall, Gerard ran to us when he heard it.

"Oh my god." He said, shocked. He held the phone in his hand still, shaking like a leaf.

Bob started shaking, he was dying, holy shit. Oh shit oh shit oh shit.

Then a noise came form his mouth, laughter.

He was laughing.

Why the fuck was he LAUGHING?!

"Your face!" He was doubled over with laugher.

"YOU DICK!" I shouted at him. "YOU FUCKING DICK BOB!"

Another laughter joined his and Ray walked in, pulling off the scream mask, and speaking into he phone using the voice warper.

"Do you like scary movies?" the voice repeated almost instantly in Gerard hand.

He trying so hard not to laugh.

"This was a joke?" Mikey said confusedly, staring between Bob and Ray and his brother, all of which now had tears streaming down their eyes.

"YOU ARE SUCH A FUCKING ASS HOLE RAY TORO!" I yelled at him. "I THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD!" I pointed at Bob, who now stood up.

Mikey looked at Gerard, "You planned this?"

His brother nodded and stopped laughing "The power cuts helped."

Sorry I didn't update last night, my laptop cut out again, but I saved before hand. Hope you enjoyed it, I loved writing this. Mainly because this happened to me when I watched Scream with a group of friends on halloween, however I was in on it. Still scared me shitless. Lets just say their reaction was a lot like Frank's xoxox I think i will wrap this one up soon. I may add more chapters later but I really want to get on with my new story.
Thanks for following the story, Maria xoxoxox
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