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Winny shows her 'true colors' and stands up for Dane, and Frank gets an amazingly good surprise.

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Waves Hey guys :) right, this is gonna be the last chapter i post for a couple of weeks, because i have a load of revision and im going on a school trip and blah blah blah, but, hopefully by the time i get back i'll have some chapters down on paper that i'll just type up then update :D pleeaseeeee review and rate, it will motivate me to do more and more, i swear :) Enjoy this chapter, see you in a few :] S xo

Chapter 5

Winny’s POV.

That day had seemed like it would be perfect, and the majority of it was. It had been three weeks since the police incident, and I hadn’t been called back, meaning either they got the guy, or they believed me. Which ever it was, I was fine with it. Anyways, in those 3 weeks me and Frank had managed to go on 5 dates, and yet he still hadn’t asked me to be his girlfriend, I didn’t know if he was scared or not, but I knew that when we went out tonight, I was going to take control of the situation. I dressed myself in a dangerously short black lace dress, that was fitted at the top, then kinda frilly at the bottom, and a pair of black Chinese style ballet flats. I knew I looked hot, especially seeing as all the bruises and cuts had healed and my skin was back to its normal color, so when Frank pulled up the drive in the van, I hopped out of the door and walked to the car with confidence.
“Dude, that dress should be fucking illegal. Im going to have to stand behind you the entire time to keep people from…y’know, looking.” I laughed at this and leaned over and planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek.
“So what film are we seeing?” I asked, fiddling with the radio until I heard a song that satisfied me.
“Um…I don’t want to tell you…you’ll think im a dork.” He blushed and I smiled.
“Come on, I wont, you have to tell me at some point, so why not now?”
“Alright.” He coughed as a way of trying to cover up the word “Watchmen”
“What? Like the comic?” I asked, my eyebrow raised.
“Um. Yeah, it’s a favourite.” We sat there arguing the pro’s and con’s of watchmen, then moving swiftly on to which hero was the best. After a while, we managed to make it to the cinema, but before we climbed out of the car, I pulled Frank back in and pulled him toward me, crashing my lips in to his and winding my arms around his waist. By the time we broke away from the kiss, both of us were breathing heavily. “What was that for?” His eyes still on centimetres away from mine, so I could seethe confusion in them.
“Well…you know how we’ve been dating for, like, 3 weeks? Well…I was kinda wondering about taking it a little further. And so, I ask you, Frank Iero, going back to our previous conversation, will you be my comic book hero?” The confusion in his eyes was replaced with a sort of laughter, before he pressed his lips against mine again.
“Hell yes. Come on, I wanna get the back.”
“Darkest part. Best part for making out with you damsel in distress.”
“Hey! Who you calling a damsel? I am a Heroine, I am no damsel.” He laughed and pulled himself out of the car. I did the same and walked around the bonnet to join him. We spent the entirety of the movie connected to each other in one way or another, and so when we walked out of the theatre, I had a smile on my face so huge I thought it would stick. I walked around to the passenger side of the van, and that’s when a white tissue was shoved into my face and everything went black. The last thing I heard was Frank yelling my name.

Franks POV.

I felt arms go around my arms as a restraint, and then a man appeared behind Winny and she was pulled away from the van. “NONA!! NOOO. WINONA!!!!!!!” I struggled against the man that was restraining me, kicking against every surface of him I could reach, but it wouldn’t work, he never let go. It took about 5 minutes for them to get Nona in the back of the van. My van. And the entire time I was kicking and punching and struggling for freedom. Finally I was let go and my restraint ran away from me and the van drove away. I didn’t take the time to process the consequences of my actions before I sprinted down the street after it. After her. I ran for around 15 minutes before realizing how asinine it was and stopping, bending over in the hope to catch my breath. I sat down on the curb and thumped my head into my hands, letting them get covered in hot tears. As soon as the breath was pumping steadily through my body, I picked myself up and sprinted to Gee and Mikey’s house. It didn’t take me long seeing as the van seemed to be heading in that direction anyway. It was only when I rounded on to their street did I realize just how fucked up this night was becoming. Mikey was sitting on the curb like I had been earlier, crying his eyes out over his knee’s, while Gee stood in the middle of the road, with his back to me and his hands resting on the back of his head. Donna was also present, attempting to comfort a screaming Jamie while crying herself. “Wh…wha-…What the fuck happened?”
“These dudes, they broke into the house holding guns, they held them against us while one of them took Dane. Dragged him out here and into your van. I ran outside as soon as they were gone, but it was too late. They were already driving down the road at a record speed. I figured that seeing as they had your van, they had Winny too, and now…well, now I know for sure.” Gee said, not turning to face me, but bringing his hands down from his head and shoving them deep into his pockets, hanging his head. “Mikey…Mikey hasn’t moved from that spot since I told him.” I walked over to my close friend and sat next to him. I pulled his weeping body into my arms and hugged him, trying my hardest to comfort him while I also needed comforting. “I called the police earlier. They’re on their way.” Gee whispered the last part, turning to face where we were sitting, Mikey now crying into my shoulder. “We have to find her.” Mikey whispered to me.
“I know Mikes, I know.” I whispered back to him, sobbing into his hair.

Winny’s POV.

“Fuck, my head.” I whispered to myself, before remembering what the hell was happening to me. I shot up in to a sitting position and scoped out my surroundings. Everything looked as it always did in Franks van. That was before I noticed to snoring heap of body centimetres away from me, Dane. “Dane!” I crawled over to him and turned him onto his back. My hands immediately went to his face, fluttering around it, not knowing what to do. Suddenly my body was thrown against the door to the van as it screeched to a halt. “Aww fuck.” I groaned. I was silent as I heard the door to the van slam shut and the footsteps as the men approached the doors. I scooted over to Dane and waited, waited to see if our capturer was who I expected it to be. The doors were flung open to reveal exactly who I least wanted. Exactly who I hated most. And then I did something I’d only done twice in my life. I fucking fainted.

I felt myself being shook and my eyes sprung open, to find myself faced with my crying brother, who was now looking at my with a fear that made my heart burst. “Im okay. Dane I’m okay.”
“How are you okay? How are you okay in the fucking hellhole having been kidnapped by the people who murdered our mom and fucking raped you? How?” He was quickly reaching hysteric and wasn’t hearing me trying to calm him down. “What the fuck are we supposed to do?! We’re stuck in the horrible place, not having a clue what’s gonna happen. How are you fucking ok-”
“Dane William Michael Stark! Now you stop that right this second. First off, don’t you dare talk to me like that, it isn’t my fucking fault we’re here. Second, I was simply stating that I was not fucking brain damaged, alright? And to answer all your questions, I don’t fucking know.” I stated calmly, trying to calm both of us down whilst freaking out in my head. I was about to freak out more when my thoughts were interrupted by the door swinging open and the man who had haunted my nightmares walked in.
“Well hello again, you little skank. So. I hear you told your little friends down at the station about our…night of passion,” He seemed to be choosing his words carefully as he edged closer and closer to me, with each step making my entire body tremble, “And that they are ‘On the look out for me’. Well my dear, I don’t think that was very nice of you.” He stated, now standing directly in front of me, and leaning down to touch my chin with his index finger. I turned my head away and closed my eyes.
“Take your hands off my sister.” Dane said, barely above a whisper, yet still managing to sound as menacing as a 14 year old can.
“Dane don’t.” I begged.
“Ah yes. Dane. We haven’t met, have we?” Dane did not respond in defiance. “Well, allow me to introduce myself. Im Pete.” ‘Pete’ walked over to Dane and stretched his hand out to him. Dane just stared at it in disgust, then looking up and ‘Pete’ and spitting in his face. “Oh, so it seems that you and your sister have more in common that originally thought. That was a very bad idea. A very, very bad idea.” Pete took a step closer to him and that’s when my senses kicked in and I stood and walked over to where he was preparing to hit him. I stepped between the two of them and looked the guy straight in the face.
“Listen, asshole, you’ve killed my Mom, you’ve raped me, and now you’ve kidnapped me. You are a completely and totally disgusting person, who thrives from other peoples pain like the sadistic dick you are. You have caused me more pain than any other person has, but you will never, never lay a finger on my brother. Do what you want to me. Violate me. Beat me. Kill me. But Don’t. Touch. Him. Because if you do, I swear, I don’t care what the consequences are, I will rip your balls off, then shove them so far down your throat that you shit yourself and choke to death. Kay?” I felt amazing, it felt absolutely sensational standing up to this piece of dirt. He took a step back and looked me up and down, then walked over to the door, but before exiting, he turned back and gave me the dirtiest smile I’ve ever seen, it made my bones shake. “I have a feeling I’ll be seeing a lot more of you honey. A lot more.” He then pulled the door open and disappeared, not before I heard the bolts slide shut as we were trapped again.
“Winny…I….how did you…thank you.” Dane stuttered and I chuckled, turning to face him and pulling him into an embrace.
“Baby, please don’t thank me. You’re my brother, I’d die for you.” I said, stroking his hair. “I hate that you’re here with me. I wish you were at home, with Donna and Gee and Mikes…oh Mikes…” I buried my face into his hair and sobbing a little harder. I felt like my world was now completely absorbed by a huge black hole, and no amount of Spok or whoever else was in star trek would help me.

Rob’s POV.

I heard her scream in pleasure from beneath me as she came, causing me to erupt inside her. Once I was done with her, I climbed from atop her and pulled my trousers back up my legs. I dressed myself completely, before walking out of the hotel room, throwing money at her for it in the process. Once I was out of the hotel I walked to my car. I drove home in silence, and when I arrived, I immediately went to my machine and checked it. Three new messages. I listened to the first, just some shit from my new PA about how “great and amazing” It will be to work with me. I rolled my eyes and deleted it before moving onto the next one.
“Hello Mr. Stark, this is Wendy from the hospital, im afraid I have some terrible news for you. Your ex-wife has been murdered, brutally. I have informed your daughter, Winona, and she is now living with a new guardian with her siblings. Please, feel free to contact me on…” I zoned out. Lily was dead. Winona and Dane and Jamie…where were they? I waited until the end of that message and attempted to pay attention to the next one.
“Mr. Stark? This is PC Fry, im afraid I have some bad news for you, your daughter and son have been kidnapped, we believe it’s the same man who murdered you ex-wife. I was hoping you could come into the station, if its at all possible? Get back to me, you know my number.” The message ended and I was out the door. I climbed into my car and drove to the station. Which son was gone? Was it Jamie? My baby boy? Or was it Dane? The little fighter. Lastly I thought of Winona. My baby girl. My little princess. As I thought these things over I wondered why I left them in the first place, and then I realized my answer when I moved on to thinking about Lily. My ex-wife, cheating, lying bitch.

Mily’s POV

I hated seeing Gee like this; At this current moment in time he was pacing across the floor of his bedroom as broken sobs drifted from Donna’s room, where she was currently trying to make Jamie stop crying. “Gerard Arthur Way will you stop that?!” I finally said, sighing. He turned to look at me and smiled a sweet, sad smile.
“Im sorry, Sugar. I just stop thinking about Frank.”
“Y’know you could have given me a heads up about the gay thing. Ooh, you could be like brangelina, except, well, you…you’d be…Frerard!!” He chuckled softly and walked over to join me where I was sitting on his bed.
“I meant thinking about where the fuck he’s gone. Midget Fucker ran off this morning mumbling about some sort of plan he had to find her. I think he thinks he’s a fucking genius or something.” I laughed to myself at Frank’s behaviour.
“He’ll be fine…and so will she…I promise.” I said, stroking his hair.
“How can you promise that?” He turned to me and stared at me hopefully, with a childish glint in his eyes.
“Because im a woman, and I know things. She’s going to be fine.” He turned his head to my palm and kissed it, letting a few tears roll down his cheeks. “I love you.” I whispered.
“I love you too.” He whispered back, pulling me down on top of him and kissing me passionately.
“Gee, are you sure you want to do this?” He pulled me back to him and kissed me.
“Course I do, I love you, no point dwelling on shit.” He kissed me hard again and I smiled into it. He pulled my top over my head and stroked his hands over my body lovingly. We carefully striped each other and he looked at me. “Your so gorgeous, you know that?”
“Not as gorgeous as you.” I smiled as he leaned down so his lips were level with my chest. I sighed, completely as ease, even though this amount of shit was going on around him, he still found time to love me.
“FUCK!” I screamed. In an amazing way.

Franks POV

I ran to the address Mikey had given me for Nona’s old house. I climbed over the fence into the back yard and then through the window. The entire house was covered in criminal evidence tape and shit like that. I walked through the house and upstairs. I walked into the room that was directly opposite the top of the staircase. The walls were a deep red with rectangular patches that were lighter than the rest of the wall. It was Nona’s room, I knew it was. I smiled, then backed out of it, resuming my plan, next I walked into the room next door and hit the jackpot. The majority of the room was cordoned off. There was that weird out lining thing where the body of Nona’s mom was before. I walked over to the wardrobe and began searching through the pockets of the trousers and jackets. Nothing. I walked over to the chest of draws and pulled it open, the first one was full of tee shirts and stuff, I flipped through them but found nothing. The next draw was filled with underwear, I quickly ruffled through it, embarrassed by the fact I was looking through my girlfriends dead mom’s underwear.
“Fuck yes!” I exclaimed when I pulled out an envelope with Nona’s name on it. I knew it, I knew there would be something, there always is. I kissed the envelope and ran from the room, saying a silent thank you as I went. I ran back downstairs and out the front door, shutting it behind me. I snuck away from the house then sprinted all the way back to Gee’s. I stopped outside and opened up the envelope.

My dearest Winona

Im so sorry I got you into this mess, I swear I never meant for everything to get so…horrible. Enclosed in this envelope is all the money I have. Please, please look after yourself and the boys, I know you can do it. You have to tell the police, no matter what they tell you. His name is Red Johnson and his number is 555 971. I love you more than anything and anyone in the world. Goodbye my baby girl, tell Dane and Jamie I love them and im sorry.

Yours for eternity
Lillian Abigail Stark

I nearly cried in joy. We had this guy, and we had Nona and Dane. I didn’t have to cry anymore.
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