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Escape, Reunion, And the fatal falling of tears.

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Winny&Dane get transported to a different location. And Winny breaks down.

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Here you are my little vampire pumpkins. And how are we? I know its been a while, and im so sorry, i've just been going through some...times, anyway, here is the next chapter in this woeful tale, and its a long one :D I will be actively updating this and my other story Dreamland from here on. I promise. :P Enjoy, and please R&R, S xo

Winona’s POV

For a few days we didn’t hear anything from Pete or his men, we were just given small bowls of soup and out of date bread for food, and jugs of water to last us days. Finally, after a week, we heard the bolts slide open and Pete appeared. “Well how are we then?” Neither of us replied, we just sat there and glared back at him. “Alright. If you’re not prepared to answer, its not a problem for me. You, little girl, get up.” I didn’t respond, and once again just sat staring back at him. “I said; Get. Up.” He alliterated and I stood, giving into the desire to avoid a beating. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the door.
“No!” Dane reached for me, but was batted out of the way. I turned to him and pleaded with my eyes, before he was completely out of my sight. I walked along with Pete until we came to a random room, where he turned to look at me and smiled. I waited for an explanation, but when I didn’t get one, I reached forward and turned the handle on the door, and swung it open. Pete pushed me inside with a force that had me skidding across the floor. I turned to stare at the room, there was a huge bed, covered in a beautifully designed red throw. I was confused at first, but it only took a few seconds for my mind to process my surroundings and realize what Pete wanted. He walked over to me and grabbed my arm, dragged me over to the huge bed, and sat me down on the edge.
“I thought maybe this time I would make it a little more comfortable for you, seeing as last time it was pleasant at all.” His hands went to my dress, he fingered the lace, considering whether he wanted to rip it or not. He decided against it and his hands went to the back of it and he slid the zipper down my back, and then removed the dress from around me and threw it to the floor. I stared at it as he pulled my underwear away from me and forced me to lie down. He unzipped his jeans and de-clothed, before laying himself down on top of me and kissing my neck. I felt disgusting again, like trash again. He pushed inside me and my body cried out, but I didn’t, I just lay there, numb, letting him push in and out of me forcefully, groaning in pleasure. When he was finished, he pulled himself into a standing position and smiled at my quivering form.
“There, at least this time you didn’t scream. There’s a shower through there, you can clean up the blood and bullshit. Then I will take you back to your brother.” I stood up and grabbed my underwear and dress, and ran into the room he said the shower was, immediately I turned the heat on and climbed inside, letting the boiling water burn any trace of him off of me. Once I was done washing away the blood I pulled my under wear and dress on, before rejoining Pete in the bedroom. As soon as I was back in there he grabbed my arm and pushed me out and back into the room where Dane was currently sobbing silently. He let me go and I fell to the floor. “See you next time.” Pete smirked, and closed the door, leaving a sense of finality in his wake.

Franks POV.

“Are you ready Frank?” I nodded and folded my arms across my chest. I stood on the sidewalk outside the house where my girlfriend was supposedly being held. I watched behind the van as the “riot squad” or whoever the fuck they were, smashed the door down and ran inside the house. I waited and waited for the go ahead for me to go inside and find Nona, but it never came. After a half hour, the police returned outside, along with four men in cuffs. I ran towards the nearest member of the team, “Where is she?!”
“She wasn’t in there. Im sorry.” And with those words, I felt as if my body was just shedding itself, so that all that was left of me was shit and blood.

Dane’s POV.

“….I…no….please, please….no! Frankie!! Frankie, where are you?!...NO!” My eyes flung open as my sister screamed in her sleep. I quickly surveyed the room for any changes, but when I found nothing, I crawled to her and stroked her hair. Tonight wasn’t her first nightmare, she’d been having them since the day Pete came and took her away for the first time, she seemed to think I didn’t have a clue what was going on, but I knew. From the first night afterwards she would talk about it in her sleep, and it scared the shit out of me.
I sat there, stroking her hair for what seemed like mere minutes, but was actually hours, before I heard the footsteps. I quickly shook her awake, and we prepared ourselves for what was to come, the door was crashed inward and Pete stormed in, red from fury. He marched straight up to Winny and grabbed her by the hair. “WHAT DID YOU TELL THEM?” He screamed, spitting in her face as he spoke.
“I…I didn’t…nothing…I couldn’t.” She stuttered, trying to release herself from his grip. He laughed a cold and blood freezing laugh, and spat on her once again, “If you haven’t told anyone anything, why are 4 of my men in PRISON?!” He screamed the last word and flung her away from him, seemingly disgusted in having her near. She trembled silently in the corner and waited for the next blow, not able to answer due to pure fear of what this man could do to us.
“ANSWER ME.” He shouted at her and headed over to her.
“Nothing…I – nothing…how could I have?” She stuttered, trying her hardest to scuttle away from him. He seemed to think over this for a second, before accepting it and walking away from her, he walked all the way to the door, before turning back to us, “You’d better be very careful, because one foot out of line, and slash, slash, slash.” He grinned a disgusting grin and exited the room, locking it on the way out. As soon as he was gone, I crawled over to where my sister was sat and pulled her into my arms, rocking her gently in a futile attempt to calm her down. I hoped to god this wasn’t going to get worse before it got better.

Mikey’s POV.

I woke up at around 10a.m and peeled my eyes open, I groaned and rolled away from the sunlight, wiping my hand across my face to try and clear some of the dried tears from the night before, I sighed once again as I tried to remember the night before, but only managed to get that I had a lot to drink; Ever since Winny and Dane had been taken I had been drinking more and more, and less in a way that was sociable or fun. Frank had been the one making the effort to find them, and I had been the one trying to forget everything that had happened, and pretend they were still there with me. I stroked the area of my bed that was Winny’s side, her smell still on the pillows she’d left there. “Oh Winny...where the fuck are you?” I lay there for a while, thinking about everything that had happened between her coming back and being kidnapped, and everything that happened before all the shit with her family. It reached around 12 o clock before my thought track was interrupted by my Mom bursting into the room.
“Michael James Way, up. Now. Im not going to let you sit around and waste your life because you’ve given up hope of finding her.” I groaned in response. It wasn’t that I’d totally given up hope, just let a lot of it drown out of me with the bile I seemingly constantly produced. “Up.” She enunciated, pulling the bed covers off me. I rolled over and heaved my body into a sitting position, rubbed my eyes again, and flopped my legs off the side. “I want you dressed and ready within the next 15 minutes, alright?” I grunted in response and stood myself up, stretching out my lanky, slim body and yawning. Once she was out of the room, I headed toward my closet and pulled out a pair of comfy jeans and threw them in the general direction of my bed. I then went to the draws that held many the many tee’s I was in possession of, I picked one and threw it over to the bed with my jeans. I quickly changed, not bothering to shower, and casually strolled downstairs to where my Mom and brother were eating breakfast.
“Coming out today bro?” Gee asked, turning to face me.
“Nah, think im just gonna jam, sorry.”
“No worries, tomorrow maybe?”
“Sure, maybe.” I brushed off the question and exited the kitchen again. “Im going for a walk around, be back soon.” I called back to them. I stepped out of the house and strained my eyes against the harsh sunlight, which felt like a stranger to me. I walked and walked, and before I knew it, I had ended up outside Winny’s now ghostly home, I sighed to myself and walked away from it, knowing it would only make me unhappy. I started walking again, thinking of the things I hadn’t bothered to for the last couple of weeks. I stopped at the end of a street and glanced at the sign. Cemetery Drive. Huh, cool name. I continued walking and found the reason for the name about 5 yards later, I stood in front of a beautiful churchyard, with inscribed gravestones dotted all over it. After a few seconds consideration I made my way through the gates and up into the grassy area above most of the slabs of granite. I lay down and stared up into the sky, watching the clouds slowly crawl further away from me.

“Shit…” I muttered when I awoke from a light nap and saw the sky was now turning a deep shade of purple, I had slept all day. I quickly pulled my phone from my pocket and checked the time, knowing that despite the fact that the sky was just a purply black, it was going to be pretty late. “Shit.” I exclaimed, a little louder this time, because of the realization that it was 9:45, and I had a million missed calls from my Mom and Gee. I was on the verge of dialling my house phone number, when I heard a shrill scream that was cut off. I raised myself off the floor to see if I could locate the source, and it was then that I saw her. She was currently being dragged from the graveyard by an incredibly butch guy, who had his arms wrapped around her neck and waist and a hand covering her mouth. I quickly and silently followed the two out of the gates and down Cemetery Drive. I tried my hardest to keep a low profile and not draw attention to myself, and thankfully I succeeded and was able to follow them as the guy pushed my best friend toward a house hidden at the back of a cul-de-sac. Just as I was about to sneak around the side of the house when my phone vibrated in my back pocket. I fished it out and answered, holding it up to my ear and whispering “Hello?”
“Mikey fuckin’ Way, where the fuck are you?” Was screamed in my ear, deafening me in a second.
“Shhh, Jheeze, calm down, I’m…I’ve found her Gee. I’m out side the house she’s in.”
“What do you mean you’ve found her?”
“I mean I’ve seen her, I know where she is! I found Winny! Come find me, I’m in the cul-de-sac on Stewton Lane.”
“Okay, shall I bring Frank?”
“No, the more people that come the more noise we make, it’ll just get us kidnapped too, just come find me yourself.”
“Okay, be right there, I can’t believe this!!” I hung up the phone and shoved it back in my pocket, before concealing myself in a bush and waiting for Gee.

Around 15 minutes later I felt the leaves rustle and Gee joined me in my hiding place, we waited until we saw all the lights in the house go out, before embarking on one of the most dangerous adventures the Way brothers had ever been on.

Winona’s POV

“Woah, shit. For fucks sake, if you cant drive a stick, DON’T TRY.” I shouted the last part, earning myself another bashing as the driver purposefully swerved to make me shut up, I decided this might be for the best and kept my big mouth shut for the rest of the car/van journey.

Suddenly, after another 10 minutes of driving, the van pulled to a halt and the drivers door was opened. I turned to Dane, a plan popping into my brain. “Dane, I need you to do something for me, when you get out and the guy grabs you, kick him, kick him hard, where-ever you can. You have to distract him, because while he’s distracted, I’ll get away and kick the shit out of him, then we run. Okay?” He nodded and we waited for a few more seconds before the doors to the back of the van were swung open in an elaborate gesture. We were pulled out of the van and Pete grabbed both of us, I nodded to Dane and he brought forward his leg, then quickly swung it back, hitting Pete smack bam in the groin, I turned to my brother and quickly congratulated him on an awesome shot, and then legged it, unfortunately, Pete recovered in time to grab Dane, but I managed to get passed and kick him again, freeing Dane and allowing him to run in the opposite direction to me. “GO!” He shouted as he ran. I followed his instructions and was surprised when I found myself running at a speed I didn’t think I could, and managing to keep out of Pete’s grip. That was until I reached the graveyard. I quickly ran inside the gates and attempted to make my way up to where I knew the other exit was, my attempt failed bitterly as my ankle caught and I fell to the floor. I quickly scrambled to my feet, but I wasn’t fast enough, and I braced myself for the impact as Pete’s body collided with mine and I hit the floor again. He wrapped his arms around me and dragged me back up to standing, and before he could cover my mouth, I let out a shrill scream to try and attract the attention of a passer by, failing this due to the fact that Pete’s hand had now managed to cover my mouth and stop the sound, I allowed myself to be walked back to the house that would be my new ‘home’.

I was thrown inside a room and turned around to stare at it. The first thing that I noticed was the fact that my brother wasn’t there. I sighed in relief at the fact that he’d been successful in running away and would now be free of the shit he’d been through in the last few weeks. I scanned the rest of the room and found myself to be standing in a bedroom on the second floor of a house, with a bed, a dresser and a wardrobe inside it. I walked over to the bed and sat down on it, placing my head in my hands as I waited for my punishment for my earlier antics.

“…Frankie…D…Donna…SHIT!” I awoke with a start to find the sky now pitch black outside. I must have fallen asleep when no one came to reprimand me for hours. I sighed and closed my eyes, hoping to get a few more hours sleep before I was woken to take care of Pete’s needs. After a few seconds I heard a clatter on the window that sounded familiar to when Frank had tried to get my attention the month before. I stood from the bed and walked over to the window to peek outside. I searched around in the darkness with my eyes, until I noticed 3 silhouettes, one shorter than the other two. “Who the…? Oh, my god!” I gasped, then quickly silenced myself with my own hands, to stop me from giving away the fact that my brother’s, yes, all three of them, were standing on the roof outside the room I was in. I was unsure what to do, it wasn’t like I could open the window, I looked up at Mikey to inform him of this, and was ushered backwards by Gerard. I took a step and watched in awe as he lifted his leg up and kicked through the window. My eyes widened as the glass shattered and fell to the floor, but surprisingly, it made very little noise other than the twinkling of tiny shards hitting the floor. I quickly climbed onto the windowsill on the inside of the wall and attempted to slip my body through the hole without cutting myself. I made it through, but not without tearing open some skin on my way. “Fuck.” I muttered as I quickly inspected my body. I finished my inspection and looked up at the boys standing in front of me, I smiled broadly.
“No time for smiling, Sugar. We gotta get you outta here.” Gee said, but with a grin spread across his face, I grinned back and felt a hand slip into mine. I turned to find Mikey smiling down at me, “Lets go.” He whispered and pulled me down into a sitting position with our legs dangling off the edge.
“Mikey, I cant jump that.” I murmured as I watched Gee make the jump to the small garden below us, and my brother do the same a few seconds later.
“You can, Gee!” He called to his brother, “Catch her!” He stage-whispered, then pushed me off the edge and quickly followed. I repressed the urge to scream as I flew through the air and landed in Gerard’s arms.
“Shit.” I cursed under my breath.
“C’mon.” Gee said, putting me down on the floor and pulling me by the hand over to a small gap between Pete’s house and the house next door. I could hear the concern and fear creeping into his voice as he did so. We snuck through the gap as quietly as we could, and waited behind a bush until the coast was completely clear and we knew we wouldn’t be caught. At that exact moment, there was a roar from inside the house, and I knew Pete had found the room, I pushed Mikey, forcing him to run, and followed behind him after ensuring that Dane and Gee were as close behind as possible, all four of us ran at the highest speed we could for as long as we could, and we ended up stopping outside a hospital.
“Stop…here...we’re…safe…with…people…” Gerard panted, obviously not in as great shape because of the smoking thing. He sat himself down on a bench nearby and attempted to catch his breath, meanwhile, I turned to Mikey and threw my arms around him, and he wrapped his arms around me and swung me around, both of us completely elated at the reunion. I sniffed as the tears began to role down both of our cheeks.
“You don’t know how much I missed you…” He whispered in my ear, “It was like a part of me was gone, Sis.” I giggled at the name. Sis. Sister. “I thought you were long gone…god…the amount I cried could’ve fucking filled New Jersey or something.” I hugged him tighter and whispered back. “I know. I hated it, and not because I was kidnapped, but because I couldn’t see any of you, I love you Mikey, you’re the best brother, friend and person any girl could want in their lives.” I felt him smile and chuckle lightly at this statement, “Don’t say that too loud, Gee will have a fit.” I giggled with him then pulled out of our embrace.
“Come on Gee. We need to go. Pete’s gonna be looking for me.” I walked over to him and pulled him off the bench and into my arms. He wound his arms around me and I felt the dampness of my shoulder as he too began to sob lightly.
“I missed you so much kid. God, I didn’t realize I could hurt so much over someone.” I laughed through my tears and pulled my face away from his chest.
“I missed you too, so much, I love you, Gee.”
“I love you too, Sugar.” We smiled at each other and pulled away from one another’s hold. I walked over to my brother and grabbed him, winding my arms around his neck, seeing as he was rapidly becoming a lot taller than me. Neither of us said a word, because both of us knew nothing needed to be said. After I was done hugging Dane, the four of us began the journey home, trying our hardest to be discreet, and all of us smiling insanely.

It took us around half an hour to figure out the way home, then another 45 minutes to actually get there. Finally we rounded the corner on to the right street and I started to cry again when I spotted Donna dumping the trash on the side walk, “DONNA!” I yelled at the top of my lungs and ran towards her. She turned around and spotted me just in time for me to come crashing into her body. Fortunately she was braced enough for the hit so we didn’t fall.
“BABY!! Oh my Winona!! Where? How…?” She asked as we held each other.
“Its was Mikey and Gee. They broke me out.” I replied, pulling away from her but staying very close, she looked me up and down.
“Oh thank god! Honey, we need to get you to the hospital, you’re bleeding from every place possible.” I nodded my head in agreement, and watched as she rushed inside to get her keys. I turned to Mikey and smiled again, pulling him into my arms for the second time. This time there were very little words involved, other than; “Mikey, I feel really…” Before I passed out.

For the first time in a while I woke up in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by people I knew loved me, but I didn’t open my eyes. I waited until I heard Mikey sigh and mutter to Gerard and exit the room. “Im gonna stay here again.” I heard my boyfriend say, squeezing my hand.
“Okay. But Frank, soon, you are going to have to go home.” He hadn’t left me. I tried my hardest not smile until everyone but Frank had left the room. As I heard the door close, my eyelids fluttered and I blinked a few times to adjust to the light in the room.
“You are a little faker aren’t you?” Frank grinned at me.
“How did you know?” I asked, pulling him down so he was sitting next to me.
“I could see you trying to stop yourself smiling. I missed you so much, Nona. I never stopped looking for you. Im just bummed I wasn’t there to find you.”
“Stop. You did what you could, and im fine now. And I missed you too, so much. Come here.” I pulled him over to me and kissed him hard, feeling wonderful at the sensation of having Franks lips on mine again after having Pete’s forced upon me so many times. I pulled away from Frank and frowned, thinking about everything that had happened to me in the last few weeks, I had been raped again and again. Dane and I had been beaten and left to bleed. And yet I couldn’t bring myself to share this with Frank. I felt a single salty tear slowly role down my face, the first of many as I broke down in Frankie’s arms, letting out everything I could without explaining. I knew I would have to tell someone sooner of later, but at the moment, I would much rather later.
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