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Aria arrives in L.A. to meet the oh-so-lovely band of My Chemical Romance ;D

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June 2005

"Bye everyone, I love you guys so much," I said to my amazing Italian family. I hugged my mom and dad one last time.
"I love you too,sweetie"My mom said. My mom was so beautiful--she had dark hair, light skin, and green eyes, I was happy to inherit all of those, except I got my dad nose, unfortunately...
"Have fun,Pumpkin" my Uncle said. I smiled and waved at all of them before I left to get onto the plane.

I was a bit nervous, beings it was my first time on a plane, but I survived. Earlier, I had talked to Gerard, he said that someone would be picking me up and that they would bring me to the hotel that they were staying at. After the call I jumped up and down a few times and hyperventilated. I had a feeling that I would never get use to him actually talking to me.
When I got off the plane and got all my luggage together, I looked around for someone--there was no sign of any of the band members anywhere.
Someone tapped me on the shoulder and i turned around.
"Excuse me miss, are you Aria Maretti?"
"Yes,Sir." I smiled happily.
"I was sent to pick you up from-" he took a note out of a pocket from inside of his suit "Gerard, Ray,Frank, and Bob."
"Oh well--I'm her!" I said too excited. Ek!
"Right this way Miss Aria," he smiled and led me to a limo. The whole time we drove I was looking out of the window, trying to remember every bit beings this was my first time in L.A. All of my journals were in the back, packed away (yes, I did bring every journal I had ever written, I couldn't trust my nosey family) so I was trying to remember for when I could write.
He dropped me off in front of a huge hotel. I tried to pay him, but of course, it was already paid for. I went to the lady to the desk inside and told her who I was supposed to meet here. She gave me a card to room 362 on the third floor and got two guys to bring up my luggage.
The hotel was beautiful, a lot fancier than any hotel I had ever stayed in. The wallpaper and carpet had beautiful summer colors that fit L.A. perfectly.
When I got to the door...I started to get nervous. I hoped I was dressed okay- a short, plaid skirt (from Hot Topic ;D), a plain white shirt,a black jacket(yeah, I knew where I was didn't fit black jackets very well, but wherever i went, I wore a jacket) and combat boots.
I put the card in the slot and took it back out, causing a little green light to come one. I took a deep breath and opened the door, feeling dizzy.
The first person I saw was Gerard.

And then it started all over again.
Ugh, I miss Bob D:

Reviews? :) Please?(only if their nice ones though :P)
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