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The title says it all.

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June 2005

My eyes might as well have turned into hearts like they do on Anime cause I was sure it was written all over my face.
"There she is!!!"Frankie exclaimed when he saw me.
"Hi!" I said nervously, but so happy I couldn't contain it. I ran up to Frankie and dropped my purse on the floor so I could hug him. Then I moved onto Ray and Bob. Then I walked up to Gerard. He was wearing his classic gray shorts with a black hoodie. I couldn't help it--I looked up to his beautiful(also Italian) face. We were both smiling. Then I hugged him too. I could feel the tears coming-- to be there in his arms..the man I had cried so many tears over, thinking he would never know who I was or how much he meant to me.
"'re so cute," Frankie said and handed me a tissue.
"Thanks,"I tried to laugh off my embarrassment "What's up?"
"Not much," Frankie said. I noticed Gerard was still smiling. "You hungry? Gerard said he wants us to take you out to dinner."
I probably started glowing at the thought of it being his idea.
"Yes, I'm starving" I said.
"Good,"Gerard said, finally talking to me!!"Are you ready to go now?" he stared at me with those beautiful green eyes of his. I tried not to explode.
"Yeah,"I smiled.
"K, great, let's go!" Frankie said and started walking out with Ray and Bob following behind him.
"I made a reservation at an Italian restaurant, since you're Italian, like me and Mikey,"Gerard laughed.
"I knew that," I flashed him a silly, flirty smile "YouTube." He smiled back. I bent down to the floor to get my purse from when I had dropped it earlier.
"You can take that if you want, but you're not paying for anything." he smiled.
I smiled back "you don't have-" "-I know I don't have to, I want to" He gave me a smile that ,I swear, sent me up to Heaven.
We walked down the hallway by ourselves, talking about music and somehow hamsters,until we got to the rest of the guys who were holding the elevator for us.
It was a painfully ride down. I was trying not to scream and damage every one's hearing in the entire building.

Being sick sucks D:

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