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She Escaped

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Shrek placed Fiona somewhere...

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Fiona's HDR went on for months, until Shrek gave up on trying to help her.
One December evening, in the middle of the night, Shrek jolted awake again for the third time that night. He didn't know what to do this time, so he jumped out of bed and ran to the master bathroom. He was lucky their bedroom was completely sound-proof, because he just sat curled up in a ball, covering his ears, and let her scream.
Twenty minutes passed and he couldn't take it any longer. He swung the bathroom door open and rushed over to his wailing wife. He took her in his arms and softly squuezed her. "Fiona! Wake up!" he cried to her.
She felt tear drops, that she assumed fell from above because she could already feel the ones running down her own cheeks like there was no tomorrow. "Shrek?! You're here!" she cried as the many cracks in her voice became clear.
Shrek had later fixed her some tea and mixed medicine inside to help her fall back to sleep. He gave it to her, and she drank it. She fell asleep sooner than Shrek thought she would've. He picked her up and carried her outside, all keeping as quiet as he could be to not wake anyone in the house. "Alright," he whispered, "here we go." And into the night, he sped off with her on his back.
Sometime later, he came to a stopping point on the top of a hill, "Here we are." he said catching his breath. He walked over to the tall white building, and walked through the sliding doors.
Around noon that morning, Shrek recieved a call about Fiona, "She what?!"
"She's seemed to escape, sir-"
Shrek crushed the phone into a million pieces with his hand.
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