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Love Aint Just A Joke.

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{Frerard} Frank is inlove with a some one, but does he know?

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Sorry this is quite a short fist chapter, been really busy with school work, so they'll be getting longer after this (:. Pweeaassee R&R, trying to get at least four reviews perchapter, good/bad are welcomed, so keep them coming :D

*Franks POV*

"Thank you guys, you've been great tonight, we love you all and thanks for coming out for us" he panted in to the microphone. The roaring crowd got louder and louder when he marched up and down the stage. "I love you, the guys love and thank you!" He shouted back to the screaming fans and skipped off backstage.
"That was fucking amazing guys." I said to the rest of the guys as I wandered to the fridge to grab some bottles of water. "I know, I don't think I've ever had so much fun in my life" Ray shouted whilst walking down one corridor. I turned around to bump in to Gee "errr...sorry" he stepped back a little and stopped, just glared me in the eyes. I felt like he was burning a whole through me. His black raven hair was stuck to his sweaty face whilst he was stood aimlessly just like I was. "Hey Frankie can I talk to you about something?" Oh fuck, its about that kiss I gave him onstage, fucki I knew shouldn't of done that. "Yeah sure Gee, what about?" We wandered over to the couch and sat down as far away as each other as we could get. "Yeah its about that kiss err, on err stage?" He asked me, I could feel the tension build inside of me. Should I?, no I cant, its too early, it would break our friendship, and the band. It just too early, what can I say "hmm?"
"You know, that kiss you gave me during the guitar solo of I'm Not Okay?"
"Oh right, erm, that yeah, well, its just errmm, ya know, stage fun, doesn't really mean anything" I lied straight through my teeth, of course it meant something, it means I fucking love him,
"Oh, okay, cos I don't want like Olivia to find out or anything." Olivia Olivia Olivia that's all he ever talks about isn't it, his precious fucking girl friend, what about me huh?
He wandered off to some other room, I was left there with Mikey sat on the small seat of a dressing table, it was rather awkward there, I couldn't stand awkward moments like this, but we all know that Mikey can't help but be awkward.
At that, I stood up and left Mikey by him self and went to find my own dressing room. I walked in and just laid my self on the couch that was there, I was knackered, if I fell asleep now I don't think any thing could wake me.
I woke up ever so slowly, my eyes weren't open properly, but I could see some one standing at the door, I couldn't tell who it was, but it was just a figure. I opened my eyes, more and more, letting the bright lights of the room fill my eyes. It was Gerard. He was stood in the door way, slouching against the frame of the door. He had a smirk in his face, as if something was funny, but he didn't want to tell me.
He came over to me and sat on the edge of the couch just a few centimetres away from me, his body heat radiating off of him and hitting me like the summer sun.
He stroked my hair softly, looking down at me as if I was his cat sleeping, well, not a cat, you know what I mean. "Wake up sunshine" I sat up slowly and rubbed my eyes "you've been asleep for three hours and in that time, we've packed everything up and put it on the tour bus,except yours"
"Whatt? How come no one told me, oh fuck, were leaving in half an hour, how am I suppose to get all my st-"I shot up like a bullet and almost ran for the door when Gee stopped me. "Dude calm down, we did it for you, we know how stressed you've been latley,"
"N'awww thanks Gee" I swung my arms around him for a hug when Mikey came. "Errrrr. What's happening here?" "I was only giving Gee a thank you hug for putting my stu-"
"Actually, that was me" Mikey snapped his head to gerard and shot him with a death glare like a hail of bullets coming from the roof. "Oh right, well thank you Mikey" I walked up to him for a hug, but he had already left.
"Come on then, we need to get back to the tour bus" Gee said looking back at me as he was exiting. I followed close behind him.

*Gerards POV*

We all got back to the bus, Frank sped off to his small bunk as soon as possible, I wanted to go see what was wrong with him. But I know he likes his privacy. So I went to the so called 'kitchen' and made us all a coffee.
I walked to the back of the bus where Mikey was sat reading one of his comics whilst Ray and Bob were playing video games. I sat down the coffees on the coffee table and Mikey picked his up and sat back down still indulged in his comic.
So its three hours later and Frankie still hasn't come out, Mikey has gone to bed and Ray and Bob are still playing video games. I set down my book I was reading and left the back of the bus to go see what Frank was doing.

*franks POV*

I heard a slight soft knock at the door. It had to be Gee, he's the only one that knocks. A herd of butterflies wearing spiky boots trampled on the inside of my stomach as I lifted my head from my pillow. "Mm?" I said with slight frustration with that I've been trying to get to sleep for the past three hours. "May I come in" Gee said with a soft voice whilst peeking his head around the curtain/door.
"Yeah sure" I said, and sat up on my cramped bunk and saw Gee come in slightly flustered. "How come you haven't come out of here since we left Chicago, is everything okay?" "Yeah I'm fine Gee, just tired, I've been feeling a little home sick, that's all though" of course, I lied through my teeth, just like every time, of course I was tired, but I was everything BUT homesick, how could I be homesick there's nothing to miss. I loved being with Gee and the band, but knowing that Gee has a girlfriend back home is just awful, and being with him everyday for a couple of years is even worse.
"Look if anything is wrong, just come speak to me, I'll make it better, kay?" He used his thumb to brush my dark brown, almost black fringe out of my eyes. He looked me in the eyes for a while, stood up gave a me a peck on the head and left. I was once alone again in my bunk, with my comic books covering the end of my bed, I pushed them on to the floor. I laid down on my back and just thought of everything, Life.

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