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Chapter 3- Friendship

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Chapter 3- Friendship
I walked in and everybody turned and stared. Every-body except Frankie, the one person that I wanted to see me.
"Ummm...Gee are you wearing you costume for halloween already? If so it's a good one pretending to be like that Frank kid. He is a freak after all." what did I say? I was tied inbetween being myself again, and living up to everyones expectations.
"Actually Alex it's who I am. I've changed for everyone but this is who I am. Go on call me emo but I might have less friends when i'm like this, but i'm a better person." He smiled good one Gee. That's exactly what the freak would say. I have to say i'm impressed. I let it go and walked to the back of the classroom where my seat was.

He still hadn't looked up, maybe he really did hate my guts that bad. I took my seat and thre my rucksack down and took my headphone out.
"Happy Birthday Frank."

I was startled when the voice next to me said happy birthday. How did he remember and he hadn't talked to me for months, unless he was bullying me. Since he'd walked in the room I hadn't looked at him once, even when they asked if he was wearing his halloween costume.

When I turned round to say thanks I was shocked, it's like having the best friend their that i'd known since reception back. I wasn't sure but my mouth felt like it was hanging open. It was but only a little bit.
"Ummm thanks...and Gerard and if you are dressed as me for halloween, i've think you've taken it a bit, too far. This is really hurting my feelings." I had to tell him 'cause I just felt, if he was it was a bit mean.
"No Frank I haven't dressed up as you, the reason I done it was because...don't worry okay." he'd stopped halfway through. I wanted him to tell me, this was the first decent conversation we'd had in ages.
"Go on Gee tell me." i'd called him Gee. Shit I wasn't meant to it just sorta came out. His lips turned up into a gorgeous smile one that I remembered clearly.
"Well I thought as it was halloween, i'd get away with being myself. I was just gonna tell people that, I had dressed up as you so I got away with it. Now though I want to go back to this, be myself I feel great and it means well we could maybe start to, be friends again just maybe."

My heart was in my throat. Did he mean all of this or was it one, big prank. Did Gee really want to be my friend again.
"Gee do you mean that, cause if you do.." before I had finished he'd held his hand out.
"Heyy i'm Gerard Way, i'm a big fan of The misfits and I am myself no one else. I'm and outsider and I have an awesome best friend. His names Frank Iero." I couldn't help but smile he really did, the sincerety on his face, was enough to tell me that.

The rest of that lesson me and Gee just talked about anything, it was like old time all over again. I was happy and I had my best friend back. I wanted to be more than best friends though. This whole being gay thing was so hard. Especially when you fall for some-one that's straight. He was gorgeous though. The way his eyes were darkened just by, a hint of eyeliner and his hair that fell into his eyes. Wow and his eyes were so deep and full, of emotion. The bell went and Gee got up.
"What you waiting for ?"
"You silly!" I had to laugh he was no different then before the summer. Maybe this birthday was going to be better after all.
"So Gee you really are yourself again?"
"Naaa i'm Bob Marley!!" I smiled and pushed him, I really did miss him. Just having him near I felt happier. More alive than I had since my mom...I stopped there. I coudn't think of her not here.
"Heyy Gerard what you doing hanging with the freak?" It was his friend Alex I think.
"I told you Alex, i'm myself again. I don't want to hang around with you anymore. Frank is all I need he's an amazing friend."
"Fine Gerard but don't bother come running back to us, if he disappears again." I gulped was that the only reason Gee went to them, because I wasn't there?
"C'mon Frankie lets go."
I agreed my heart heavy with guilt, I should've told him that my mom hung herself, and my dad got into alcohol and drugs. Maybe I would tonight.
"Gee, I don't mean to sound rude but can I come around yours tonight?"
"Sure, but don't your parents have something planned for you? You better call your mom first."
"Yeah my mom I muttered." A tear rolled down my cheek.
"Frankie? Whats wrong?"
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