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Chapter 5- Confess

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Chapter 5- Confess
Frank: We were walking, to Gee's hous in silence, both thinking. I was the one that broke the ice, I couldn't take it anymore.
"Heyy Gee, what you thinking about?" I was curious, he could never be silent for this long.
"You." his face turned scarlet, and he looked at the floor. Why was he thinking about me? It was probably because of what I just told him.

The rest of the walk was in scilence, until we got to his house. I'd walked past his house every morning and not once did I explain myself. I regretted this.
"Go on in Frankie." had he even told his mom, I was staying.
"Okay Gee but will your mom be okay, with this?"
"Frank when has she, ever cared a thing about what me and Frankie do? Now go in and up to my room." I was spending the night with him, this was going to be hard.

I entered the door into, the familiar hallway full of family photos. I couldn't help but smile, I felt home. It was a weird feeling, like I belonged here all along. I gave Gee a quick nod and went upstairs. I went in the door at the end of the hall(Gee's room). As I went in I expected it to be different. It wasn't. Posters still filled the walls and only a little, bit of light was coming through the window. I put Pansy down and my bags and went over to Gee's bed, and laid down.

I hugged the duvet and took Gee's scent in, the angel in disguise. I had missed him so much, why had I never tried to make amends with him? My eyes welled up and my heart was in my throat. The sound of the door closing signalled that Gee, had just come in. I didn't change my position though.

Gee: He was hugging my duvet and crying. I dropped the spare sheets and pillows I was holding, and sat at the end of my bed.
"Frankie why are, you crying?" I hated seeing him like this it emotionally hurt me.
"Gee I...ummm well I missed you so much." next thing I knew he'd thrown his arms around me, and was squeezing me. I hugged him back. My stomach was doing backflips. I'd wanted to hug him for so long and now I was. It felt so natural like, he was made to be in my arms and I was made to hold him.
"I missed you too Frankie." Unthinkingly I kissed his head. Shit, I wasn't meant to do that. I started to pull away, afraid what his reaction might be. Too my suprise though he held me closer afraid to let me go maybe.
"Frankie I need you too know, but I'm gay." he loosened his grip. I'd lost him now, he wouldn't want to be friends with a gay. No I couldn't lose him I only just got him back. He pulled back and looked in my eyes.

His gorgeous brown eyes sending me into a trance.
"Gee i'm gay too." he smiled weakly. Wow Frankie was gay like me, I didn't see that one coming. I wanted him even more now, that I knew there was a shot that maybe I could have him. I leant in, I could feel his hot breath on my skin. Frankie closed up the distance.

We were kissing. In my head everything and everyone except us disappeared. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip, asking for entrance into my mouth. I accepted and opened my mouth. His tongue exploring mine, and my tongue exploring his.

Too soon he pulled away for breath. I wanted his lips back, I wanted to make him mine. I brought my hand up to his cheek and used, my thumb to rub circular motions. He closed his eyes obviously, enjoying it.

"Frank." I broke the scilence, we had to talk about this it was important.
"Yeah Gee." when he said my name a chill, went up my spine.
"Well does this mean, that were sorta together y'know a couple?" I wanted to know before I got ahead of myself.
"If you want Gee. I know I want to be with you." his face lit up, like a child on christmas day. I loved him I really did, but I couldn't tell him that. Well not yet.
"Yes Frankie it's what I want. It always has been, I just never told you." I kissed him again.

We kissed for what felt like hours, it could've been. After awhile Frankie started moaning into the kiss. I made it more deep, bu pushing him onto the bed and straddling his waist. Our hips were grinding together, it felt so good. Our hards rubbing together. I was moaning quite load and so was he, suddenly the door opened. Oh shit!
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