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Chapter 6- Together?

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Chapter 6- Together?
Gerard: Shit. I quickly got off Frank and looked to my door. My brother Mikey was standing there. I relaxed he knew I was gay so it didn't bother me.
"Frank is that you?" Mikey's voice had shock, in it.
"Yeah Mikes it's me." His face turned scarlet probably, because he was embarrased about being caught.
"Mikey what do you want? I sort of want to get back to kissing my boyfriend."
"What you two are dating?" his face turned into a smile, was he happy for me.
"Yeah we are Mikes, if that's okay with you. It's just I love Gee so I want to be with him, but only if you don't mind."
"Of course I don't mind. It will be nice to have you around again Frank. What after all the moaning Gee done." I got up off the bed picked up a spare pillow and threw it at him.
"Get out of here." I said it in a playful way, even though I meant it. I backtracked a bit.
"Frank did you say you loved me!" my heart was beating really fast, and my stomach was full of butterflies.
"I think i'll leave you two alone." With that Mikey left and shut the door behind him.
"Yeah Gee I did and, i'm sorry but I love you. I have done for ages I just never had the courage to tell you." I made my lips meet his. I couldn't not be overwhelmed with happiness. He loved me, Frank Iero loved me.
"I love you too baby." I really did. I wanted to make him mine forever, but I was still 15 and he was only just 16. I thought about a future with Frank. Would he want the same as me? I sure hoped he did.

Frank: He loved me back. Could my birthday get any better. Gee was mine and nothing was going to come in our way. I carried on kissing him then stopped.
"Why you stopped Frankie?" There was panic in his voice. I pecked him on the lips so he knew it, wasn't him.
"I was just wondering what, are we going to do about school? Are we gonna be a couple or not?" I knew what I wanted the answer to be.
"Yes baby why wouldn't we. Were in love and nothing gets in the, way of love. It's an amazing thing and we shouldn't, have to hide it because were gay." I beamed at him, he really was amazing. I'd do anything for him.

We started kissing on the bed, this time I took over and straddled his waist. We were both hard and I was moving my hips, dry humping him. It felt so good and he was moaning, which was getting me harder. How was that even possible. I started kissing his collarbone. My hands went up his shirt and I took it off. His body was perfect, so gorgeous.

I started to kiss his chest up and down. I moved down so my legs were straddling his. I kissed to the top of his trouser line. I slowley undid his belt and wriggled down his trousers a bit. I wasn't going to do anything just tease him. I licked where his trosers had just been, he shivered.
"You like this babe?" I gave a giggle I could tell, he wanted more but he wasn't getting it.
"I want you Frankie."
"No not tonight okay." I gave him a smile and went back, up to kiss his lips.
"Lets wait till your 16 okay." He nodded and we carried on kissing.

"Gee, Frank dinners ready." Mikes had obviously cooked dinner their mom, wouldn't be home from work till late.
"Yeah Mikey just coming." Gee answered him I didn't. I pouted I didn't want to stop this I was enjoying it so much.
"C'mon Frankie." I got off and waited till, he put his shirt on. I then held my hand out waiting for him to take it. Once he was ready I grabbed his hand and laced, my fingers through his. I took him downstairs and god did it smell amazing.
"Mikey lets hope this tastes as good, as it smells." I giggled Mikey had always been, a good cook. Better thamn me and Gee anyday. My limit was banana pancakes.
"Well I hope it is Frank, i'll probably get shot if I gave you food poisoning." He emphasised the 'you' and me and Gee both gave a giggle. Just before I sat down my phone went off.

"Hello, yes i'm Frank Iero" I listened to the person on the other end of the phone, I was shocked I threw the phone at the wall.
"Oi Frankie what's wrong?" Gee was next to me comforting me.
"My dad, he's at the police station."
"What for?" Gees face was full of worry.
"Who of Frankie?" his voice was scared but, he kept himself calm and composed.
"My mom."
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