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Rock in my shoe

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things get moving in art class and for some reason, Frankie has issues with his balance in my mind.......hmmmmmmmmmm. R+R PLEASEEEEEEEEEE

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Frank's Point of view

I went from class to class, not really listening in anything. The bell rang, ending fourth hour - math. Ugh. I rushed from the room, getting caught in the flow of students. I didn't need to check my schedule to know I had art next.

Or to see that it was lunch after that then music and English. I nearly ran to the art room.

The teacher was a balding man, standing in front of the door, keeping it open. I nodded to him and hurried inside the wide room. My eyes scanned the rows of tables, looking for an empty seat. I spotted one in the back. I looked to see who was next to it - and nearly died right there.

Gerard's Point of view

I couldn't help glancing at the door in all my classes. If I was being honest with myself, it was because I wanted Frankie to be in some of my classes. But I passed it off, acting like I was looking at people's clothes.

So of course I did in my art class, and there he was, walking through the door. My heart sped up and I looked down quickly.

I think he saw me looking, though. He was going to have to sit by me – the only open seat in the whole room was to my left. I pretended to be shading in my zombie (yes I have an obsession for drawing rotting bodies cracking people's skulls open).

The chair scooted next to me and I looked up, smiling. Frank had been on my mind all day, and seeing him again made me feel better somehow. He smiled back and waved. “Hey, Gee.”

“So how's your ass?” I asked teasingly. He grimaced and I giggled. From the corner of my eye, I saw heads turn. I ignored them and poked Frankie's shoulder.

“I'm sorry, but you gotta admit it was epic.” He just blushed and looked down. Mr. Barer walked in and called the class to attention.

“Okay kids! Today is,” he paused dramatically and I rolled my eyes to Frankie, who giggled. “paint day!” Mr. Barer finished his sentence.

There was a happy chorus from the students – paint days were the best. We just got to do whatever we wanted with paint. Most kids just did lines next to each other.

I got up and got some paint; black, red, white and gray. Frankie grabbed some green, blue and red.

We started brushing on our canvases. Mr. Barer came walking around, nodding at every painting.

When he came to see what Frankie and I were doing, he gasped. I looked away from my canvas to Frankie's.

He had his mp3 player on so loud he didn't hear Mr. Barer gasp. He kept on painting.

Frank's Point of view

I put on my music – I worked better with music breaking my thoughts – and started painting. Not sure what I was doing, I dipped my brush in the green paint. I mixed it around, making sure there was plenty on the bristles.

I let go of all my thoughts, letting the brush move against the canvas. I focused on the music, all my movements weren't mine. It was like I was watching the brush move against the pale tan, leaving green lines and swirls behind it.

Next there was blue getting mixed with red over it. Then there was just red, moving around in a small shape. The blue was running down, mixing with the water that was washed over it.

A tap on my shoulder made me jump. I pulled out an earbud and looked up. There was a little ring around me. Gee was leaning so far on his seat he was practically falling off. The teacher was staring at me with an open mouth.

The kids all around us gaped at my canvas. “What?” I asked innocently. “Dude,” Gee said under his breath. “Well, Gerard, it looks as if you have competition for best artist in the class,” the teacher murmured, looking back at my canvas.

I looked at it – really looked at it. It was of a girl with bleeding blue eyes, red lips and blue and green hair. The eyes were running, making it look like the actually painting had been crying.

“Oh,” I blushed. The teacher broke up the crowd. “Okay everybody! Back to your paintings!” he patted me on the shoulder and walked away. I looked at Gee.

He was staring at me, his eyes searching my face. I looked back, looking into his eyes. We stayed like that until the bell rang.

“Okay! We'll continue our paint day tomorrow.” He watched the kids running around, putting paintings anywhere they would fit. I didn't move. Neither did Gee.

Once all the other kids were out he came to stand in front of our table. “You two staying late?” he asked.

I looked to Gee, who nodded slightly. The teacher nodded and went to sit at his desk. I went to work, cleaning up. I washed my brush out and dumped the dirty water into the sink. The water was cold and I swished it around in the jar. I washed my hands and turned around, drying them on a paper-towel.

Gee was standing just behind the desk, waiting for me to get done. His space was already clear, his painting leaning against the cupboard on the second shelf just behind his head.

I tossed the wet towel in the trash bin and went to fond an open space to put my canvas. The door banged open and a thin, lanky kid with light brown hair popped his head in through the door.

I jumped so high I nearly dropped my canvas. “Gerard! Here you are,” the kid said in an angry voice.

“Mikey,” Gee sighed. I listened to their conversation while I tried to put my painting on a high shelf. A hand came into my sight and pushed it up with ease.

I looked up to see Gee grinning at me. “Frankie, this is my brother, Mikey. You really don't need to pay attention when he talks. He doesn't notice.”

Mikey gasped and stamped his foot. “You better listen to me, Gee. I'm the one who wakes your ass up in the morning.” he huffed, looking ruffled.

Gee just grinned and winked at me. We left after I grabbed my bag. The teacher called a goodbye after us as the door swung shut.

We walked outside and went to sit under a leafless tree. “So it's Frankie's birthday, Mikey. Why don't you give him a lap – dance?” Gee teased, making me blush and Mikey gasp.

Mikey slapped his brother's knee hard and looked at me. “I would never do that............ unless you want me to.” he teased me, poking my ribs lightly.

I laughed. “I'm good.” I giggled. Mikey feigned looking hurt. Then he smirked mischievously. “Oh would you rather Gee did it?” he asked, shaking his head with mock anger. He looked at Gee and growled. “You win this round, brother.” he said mockingly.

Gee just grinned and blushed. We all broke into laughter and the bell rang sometime later.

We stood up to go and I felt something in my shoe. “Hey hold on guys. I think I have a rock in my shoe.” I snagged a low branch and held onto it for support as I slipped my shoe off, shaking it.

A dime sized pebble fell out and I started to slip my shoe back on. There was a snapping noise and I was falling. Before I hit the ground, someone caught me.

I looked up to see Gee holding me by my shoulders. He was looking down at me and he was blushing sightly.

Gerard's Point of view

Mikey and I paused, watching Frankie try to put his shoe back on. The branch he was holding onto snapped and he fell, looking confused. Without thinking, I stepped forward and caught him in my arms.

He looked up and I met his eyes. His cheeks turned red and he started to push away from me. “Thanks Gee.” he said shakily, dropping the branch he had in his hand. He used me as support as he slid his shoe back on.

“No problem.” I said, trying to not blush as he smiled up at me. Mikey caught my eye and smiled. I elbowed him in the side and shook my head quickly.

He just grinned wider and looked at Frankie. His phone came out of his pocket and he texted me quickly.

My phone went off and I pulled it out, looking at the text he'd sent me.


I glared at him and texted back, my fingers flying over my keyboard.


His phone went off and he laughed.


I glared at him and he laughed again. Then he turned off and went to his class. I looked at Frankie.

He was looking at me, confused. I shrugged and he giggled. “What's your next class?” I asked to distract him. “Uh.....” he pulled out his schedule and handed it to me. I read over his after – lunch classes and smiled.

“We have the same after – lunch classes.” I murmured, handing him his sheet back. “Really?” he took it and shoved it in his pocket.

I nodded and we walked to class together.

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