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chapter three

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Some Frerard things happen in here (; Gee finds out about Franks undenying love for him :3

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Sorry for keeping you guys waiting, so much school work its unbelievable, so I've made you guys quite a long chapter, I'll try and keep up with updating, but blame my school for handing out to much home work. Anyway please rate and review, I'll stop ranting and get on with the story:

Gerards POV

I woke up around midnight to the sound of fits of laughter coming from the back of the bus. I didn't bother to go see who it was or what they were doing cos they wouldn't pay any attention to me. Pulling the thick black covers off of me I made my way to the kitchen and flicked the kettle on. I poured my coffee in to the mug and added some milk. As I made my way out of the kitchen the boys came running past me, Frank chasing Bob half naked. It was torture seeing frank half naked, its pure torture. He was so god damn beautiful, I couldn't help but stare. i found my eyes moving there way down to h- "move out of the way Gee" i turned back to reality and saw frank coming straight at me full pelt. Before i could even move my self out of the way, i found myself flying across the bus. coffee flying everywhere and frank on top of me."eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" a high pitch squeal escaped frankies mouth and almost making me deaf and everything turned black for a couple of seconds.
I woke up with Frankie on top of me staring down at me, his alcoholic breath stinging my eyes. "Frankie, what are you doing on to-" "i told you to get out the way" well he was right but why couldn't he just get off of me.
"Errmm Frankie, can you g-" "shhh" he whispered in to my ear and his soft pink lips crashed into mine, I was so shocked at first. I loosened up abit, giving back the kiss, making it harder and harder. I ran my tongue along his bottom lip, feeling the cold metal from his lip ring against my tongue. He granted my entrance. My tongue searched the whole of his mouth. I could taste the sweet beer on his tongue as both of our tongues danced together.
A small moan escaped from the side of his mouth. He ran his frail fingers through my tangled black raven hair, then down the side of my arms. I shivered at the feeling of it. I ran down one finger down the spine of his back, feeling every curve of his pale skin. I got to the rim of his boxers. No that's too far. I pulled my hand back up slowly up his spine, making him shiver. As I was running my hand up and down franks back, he moved down and looked at my shirt. I knew what he meant, I let him take off my shirt and throw it aside. He leant back down on me, he kissed his way down my chest and getting to the rim of my jeans. Staring wide eyes at the belt. I was about to nod when Mikey came in to the kitchen. "EEWWW. Boys get a room, or wait till we get off the bus, cos were getting right off the bus in a couple of hours. Please, just not in the of the tour bus, its not right." Me and Frank burst out laughing. He slid off of me and I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head.
"Mikey, where's Bob?" He stared at mikey, waiting for an answer whilst helping me up. "Oh he's locked him self in the bathroom. Why?" He ran straight past me and Mikey, making a small wind rush past me. "YOUR SO DEAD BOB!" Frank charged full pelt at the bathroom door, hoping to knock it down. Of course, it didn't knock down under his light weight, but I did hear a small scream coming from behind the door. It was obvious it was Bob, he's the only one that screams.
I walked over to Mikey and stood there and laugh with him over Franks failures of attempting to push down the door. Bob was laughing from behind the door as well. Until Frank finally knocked down the door of the bathroom and attacked Bob for his clothes. It wasn't really an attack, it was merely a tickle fight.
Bob gasped for air "I don't ha-" he burst out laughing once again. Mikey walked up to Frankie who had now pushed Bob in to the small shower, and tapped him on the shoulder. "WHAT" Frankie spat in his face, Mikey wasn't very pleased with that but carried on "Frank, Bob doesn't have your clothes, Ray does". A crazied look came to his eyes, "RAY YOU FUCKING BASTARD" he tried running out the door, but I stopped him. "Dude don't you have any other clothes?" He stood back looking confused at me. "Oohhh yyeeeaahhh, dduuhh" he smacked his head cartoony like. "Okay let me past now" I moved reluctantly out of his way and watch him dive on to Ray.
Out of no where Mikey skinny fingers wrapped tightly around my wrist and dragged me in to his tight bunk. What the fuck does he think he's doing! "What the fuck do you th-" he pushed me on to his bed and he sat next to me. "Gee, what was with you and Frankie laying on the floor earlier?" What the hell did he just say? I thought he he already agreed with me if I could be gay/bi/straight. "Mikey we've already talked about this haven't we, I thought you didn't mind me being gay?" He sat up from leaning against the head board, creasing his new iron maiden top as he did. "Look Gee I don't care if your bi, I don't give a fuck at who you fuck, but don't you think it would be nice if you broke up with olivia first before you start getting any closer with Frank?" "Your seriously right there bro'" he laughed at this. I leant forward for a brotherly hug, he gave back the hug, like Mikey always does.
I can feel him trembelling under his worn out Misfits hoodie and his brand new iron maiden top. He's never like this. I lean back at him. Staring him in his hazel eyes behind his glasses. A shocked look swirled onto his face mixing with rage of anger inside of him. "Mikey, what's wrong?"
"Oh,nothing Gee" Mikey wiped his eye from under his glasses. Shit he's crying. "Mikey, tell me what's wrong, I can see you trying to hide the tears."I scooched up closer to Mikey to try and hug him for comfort, a flow of tears ran down the side of his cheek behind his glasses. "Mikey, what's wrong?" He crashed in to me for a hug, I could feel his salty tears soak through my grey top. I stroked his soft blonde, "Mikey, calm down" he looked up at me, black rings of eyeliner around his eyes. "Come on baby bro what's wrong?" He wiped away the tears from his eyes, smudging hid eyliner across his face. "Its just, I reaallyyy miss her Gee." He once again sobbed in to my shirt, making me feel really upset, I really miss Grandma Elena too. I couldn't help but burst out in a river of tears, grabbed Mikey in to a tighter hug not letting go of his skinny figure. We sat in his small bunk cuddling together as we sobbed in to the corner of each others necks, he squeezed harder when the curtain/door flung open. "Boys, you coming out for co- what's wrong?" The sweet voice escaped his mouth and ran down my ear. I looked up from Mikeys neck, his skinny hands gripping harder at the side of my body. Frank was walking over to get the tissues from the bedside table and came over and limply sat on the edge of the bed next to Mikey. "Mikey" Frank tapped Mikeys shoulder blade with his finger, I felt him jump under my tight grip, making him grip tighter. I let go of him and made him face Frank. He looked up from behind his glasses, and stared into Franks hazel eyes. "Come here Mikey, let me wipe your eyeliner off, its half way down your face." A small giggle escaped from the side of Mikeys mouth. Frank used his spit to wipe off Mikeys smuged eyeliner, Mikeys face scrunched in to a ball in disgust of Franks spit. I found it funny and sat there giggling at them. "Mikey come here and let me wipe your face." Mikes lent forward for once again to let Frank attack his face with a tissue. "There we go Mikes, wasn't so bad was it?" "N'aaww, I guess not"

Franks POV

"Right guys, I'm knackered, so you lot are going to get out of my room and in to yours. Kay?" He made shooing acctions making it obvious he wanted his sleep. Gee gave him a tight hug and whispered something in to his ear, Mikey nodded back and let go. "Hope your feeling better Mikes". I mumbled to him as I wandered out of his room and in to mine.
I felt cold smooth hands slowly curl around my waist, pulling me away from my room. I looked down at the hands, and then behind me. I stared in to the chocolatey eyes that were partially covered with black raven hair sweeping across his pale white face.
He was so beautiful, I turned around properly so my body was touching his. "I really like you Frankie." I looked down at my feet and blushed, I felt the red over power my face. I'd never knew that some one could feel about me like this in that way before. "I like you too Gee" I slipped my hands behind his back and dug my head in to his neck, squeezing him in to a hug. "I love you Frankie" he wispered in to my hair. "I love you too Gee." He came out of the hug and took a tight grasp of my hand and took me to somewhere I think of his bedroom.
We entered in to the cold dark room which was over powered by the strong smell of coffee and fags. "Bloody hell Gee, how much do you smoke in here?" Coughing as I did, Gee pulled me down on to his bed so I was facing him, he was facing me. I stared in to his chocolatey eyes and dreamt that life would be perfect from now on, but that can't happen, can it? He sat up for a moment and picked up his pillow and grabbed a sheet of paper beneath it. Gee held out the piece of paper to me so I tuck it from him and stared at it. "What is this?"
"Its a drawing I drew, of you on stage playing your acoustic." I laid back down holding the piece of paper infront of me so I could look at the beautiful drawing. "Gee, this is beautiful, I love it." He let out a small giggle and said "thanks, I hope you like it." I put down the piece of paper and dragged Gee back down with me. He put his arm acroos my waist. And I scooched in closer and put my arm around his waist. "I love you Gee." "I love you too Frankie" he leant forward and gave me a soft peck at the lips and I turned around and curled in to a ball so Gee was protecting me. I felt so safe next to him, I didn't want this moment to end,
He nuzzled his head into my neck, I could feel his warm breath beat against my neck. I couldn't let anything ruin us now, were perfect for each other, and he knows it as well. But whatta bout Olivia? No Gee can just break up with her can't he, she's the past, and were the future. The future is bullet proof.

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