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Welcome back. We missed you horribly.

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Everybody's back to earth, and Cadel's got his eyes set on a new girlfriend...

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“I don’t remember agreeing to this” Lincoln said as Cadel pushed him towards the door.
“Yeah, well, if you leave last then you might not leave at all” Cadel explained. “Oh, you trust me, that’s good” Lincoln said sarcastically and stuck his hands into the pockets of his torn up jacket.
Lincoln strode over and opened the door.
“Now it’s time to go where no man-”
“Oh, just shut up and go. I wanna go home already.”
“Fine!” Lincoln snapped and leaped through the black space behind the door.
“Malcolm’s next” Numbuh one said, pushing the partial Delightful to the front of the group.
“What if I don’t want to go?” Malcolm asked boldly.
“Reason number one why you’re going: There’s one of you and nine of us. Reason number two why you’re going: You’ll never see sugar again. Reason number three, I’m older than you, I’m meaner than you, I’m angrier than you, and I fight unfairly. If I had to bet on an outcome of a fight between you and me, I’d bet on me” Ingrid declared, staring Malcolm down.
Malcolm tried to match Ingrid with her stare, but he blinked.
Ingrid pointed at the door with her bat.
Malcolm opened the door and jumped through.

“Who’s next?” Ingrid asked.
“Wow, girl, I didn’t know you were so vicious” Numbuh five stated, raising her eyebrows.
“The little bugger tried to kill me. No truce yet until Cadel can reverse him” Ingrid reasoned.
“Me next! Me next! Me next!” Numbuh three jumped up and down and waved her arms.
“Get going kiddo” Cadel said, giving Numbuh three a friendly shove.
Numbuh three ran to the door, tripped, and fell through with a shriek.
“Oh, she’s fine” Cadel dismissed.

“Hey whot if we all end up in different spots or in the Delightful mansion or something?” Holly asked.
“We didn’t close the door, so we’ll all end up in the same spot. As for the Delightful mansion, there’s only one way to find out” Cadel said.
“Do you ever think anything through?” Numbuh one asked.
“Yes! Science fair, second grade. Actually, now that I think about it, never mind” Cadel leaped though the door before anyone could ask him any more questions.

“Let’s all go together!” Ingrid said.
“I don’t know if we’ll all fit though the door. If we get stuck, I don’t think I’d ever hear the end of it from Lincoln” Holly said.
“Don’t say Lincoln’s name all sing-songy. It’s disgusting” Ingrid said.
“You’re disgusting.”
“I’m aware” Ingrid smirked.

Numbuh two just jumped through without saying anything.
“Thanks for the warning” Numbuh four muttered, and then jumped through the door after him.
“See you all on a different dimension” Holly said, saluting.
Holly climbed through the door, disappearing.
“You go next, Nigel” Ingrid said to Numbuh one.
“Alright” Numbuh one sighed. He took a running start and then kicked his way through.
Ingrid looked around at the landscape, then back at the door. She sighed heavily and then reluctantly climbed through, shutting the door behind her.

Ingrid landed on a heap of all her other team members.
“We need a signal or something that’ll let you know when to freaking go” Lincoln said from the bottom of the pile.
“Could somebody please stop standing on my face?” Malcolm asked quietly.
“Oh, that’d be me, wouldn’t it? Sorry!” Holly stepped out of the pile.
“State your Numbuhs and keep your hands where we can see ‘em!”

Everybody looked up.
They had landed in the KND moon base.
“Where are we?” Lincoln asked.
“Moon base” Holly said.
“Ah. Of course” Lincoln said.
“What’s your Numbuh? Answer now or I’ll be forced to open fire!”
“Oh, shut up, Fullbroight. It’s me, Numbuh 59” Holly spat, puling Lincoln to his feet.
“Oh....What’re you wearing?” Numbuh 86 asked.
“I invented it! It’s battle armor that probably saved our lives in an alternate universe!” Cadel said, jumping to his feet.
Everybody was silent.

“I’m Cadel” Cadel introduced himself to an astonished Numbuh 86 and breaking the silence.
“Hello....Cadel. I’m gonna go get 362....” Numbuh 86 wandered off in search
of her.
“Wow. WOW. Who was that?” Cadel asked as soon as she was gone.
Lincoln burst out laughing.
“I heard of her! Numbuh 86! Cadel, she eats tech-heads for breakfast!” Lincoln said, in between bursts of laughter.
“She doesn’t! Don’t be so mean to her!” Cadel defended Numbuh 86.
Lincoln abruptly stopped laughing.
“Please tell me that you don’t think that Numbuh 86 is pretty” Lincoln asked, hoping the answer would be no.

“Heh. NO. I don’t like her. Not really” Cadel tapped the ends of his fingers together and stared at the floor.
“MALCOLM! GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!” Ingrid screamed. She hadn’t been paying attention to the conversation. Malcolm had climbed up on a control panel and had started ripping out some wires.
“Never!” Malcolm yelled back, his light blue eyes now full of hate.
“Freaking mood swings making it so bloody difficult to look out for stupid Malcolm and his Gollum ways...” Ingrid muttered.
Holly sighed.

“Malcolm, if you don’t stop being an idiot, Ingrid going to be really angry. Loike, Really, really angry. She’s still koind of angry at you, so I’d listen to her” Holly tried to reason with Malcolm the sanity challenged.
“I can beat Ingrid in a fight. I will fight you! And I will win!” Malcolm jumped down and landed in front of Ingrid.
“If that’s the way it’s gonna be, then this moon base ain’t big enough for the two of us” Ingrid swung her problem stick experimentally.
Malcolm slid out his nails.
Numbuh 362 rounded the corner, saw Malcolm’s nails, and screamed.
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