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HR4TSTRS'S first try

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ok this is a story im makeing up on my own with the help of my girlfriend i WANT reveiws i want flames i want ideas anything you want to say say it true and full summury inside

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he was given a drug that has torn over 50000 people limb from limb by scientist who call it compound W they were trying to create the ultimate super solder he survives and escapes now he must stay on the run while learning just what the hell the sick bastards did to him and how to control it while also protecting himself from the ones who have already been labled as succeses
will jason survive or will he be brought back to the lab to be dissected and studyed as a freak of nature

the screams coming from the cell next to mine were unbareable but that was nothing compared to the sight. the drug they had given the man next to my cell was somehow tearing his body apart until finnaly with one final soul scaring scream he...exploaded, is the best way I can put it. he was torn limb from limb from the inside out in such a bloody way that the walls were freshly painted in a stream of blood, although this place was painted like that daily it seemed. i was so apalaud by what these, these scientist had been putting this man through that my mouth was gapeing open and as my luck would havve it some of his blood landed into my mouth and i instictively swallowed the coppery tasteing liquid.

"looks like number 58379 was unable to take in compound W" the scientist on the left said in a frustrated voice. i couldnt make out any features of either scientist scince they were both wearing lab coats and face masks except that lefty was slightly taller than the one on the right and that both were male.

"now, now, billy boy dont get to frustrated even if compounds a f and e only took 20-40 test we finally got it right well get this one right eventually. and after we do we can give the president as many E-warriors he wants." righty said in a much calmer albit far accented and more relaxed voice

"john how many times do i have to say stop callen me 'billy boy'? its a very annoying name. and stop talking about the projsect to thoose wholl die either way." the scientist now identified as bill

as the two were bantering back and forth my body started to burn my heart beating faster and i started to bleed out of my hands. the weird thing was it hurt so much more than it should have i realized as i started to scream.

the two scientist stopped their banter when they heard my screams "ah so number 58380 is already starting well we might as well go not like itll be over to quick we have about 18 hours till the finnal resaults." john said as he turned to leave bill looked at me for a moment before he left as well.

as they left I lay there cryIng and screamIng as I waIted for It all to end hopeIng that I would dIe so I would no longer have to bare thIs paIn, but It was no avaIl Instead of dIeIng I just blacked out. thIs Is how my new lIfe began a lIfe of fear, runnIng, hIdeIng, fIghtIng, leadershIp,revenge and eventually truth.
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