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Painfull memories

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Frankie is reminded of how bad his life had been when he'd met Emily

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Frank's Point of view

Gee had taken the clean up rather well yesterday. But I'd seen the look in his eyes when I told him how to do it. It wasn't the first time I'd gotten that look.

I knew he was scared. The whole time, I felt the fear radiating off him as we worked. And in his eyes when I put the body in his arms. The only time he relaxed was after the dumpster was on fire and we were leaving.

He doesn't belong in your world the thought hummed around and around all night as I tried to sleep. Gee was lying next to me down in his room. His weight next to me was comforting and he had taken my hand in his.

I'd woken up not too long ago. About four hours now. He looked so innocent that I couldn't wake him up. So I watched him sleep.

I was lost in thought, trying to get back to sleep. He rolled next to me and over my chest, still asleep. I put my arms around his waist and thought. Maybe there's some way he could be safe with me.

Maybe we could leave. Change our names and leave. We could bring Mikey and Emily, too. It was obvious that Mikey liked her. He sat next to her all night and offered her his bed.

But I couldn't do that to them. Maybe I could leave. They would be safe here if I was gone. The only other person who knew they knew was Emily and she wasn't going to turn them in.

Hours passed and Gee stirred in my arms. He looked up at me and smiled, still half asleep. “Morning, love” I said softly, kissing his hair. He shivered and buried his face in my chest.

We stayed like that for a while. Then both of our stomachs growled loudly. Gee giggled and started to pull away.

When we walked into the kitchen, Emily was sitting at the table, watching Mikey make coffee with apathetic eyes. Like what he was doing didn't really affect her. Seeing her like that reminded me of when I used to be like that. Cold, distant.

“They really broke you didn't they?” I whispered. I felt my face go cold as she turned her flat eyes to me. Our gazes held and the room was filled with tension. Mikey had frozen, his hand on the faucet. Gee squeezed my hand.

Emily used to be so vibrant, so......alive. Now she reminded me of a zombie. A hysterical laugh burst through my lips. Mikey jumped and Gee squeezed my hand tighter. I looked away from the zombie Emily to him.

“You know how you like zombies so much, love? Well you finally get to meet one!” I nearly shouted at him. In some corner of my mind, I knew I was breaking down, but I didn't care.

Gee was staring at me, along with Mikey and Emily. I laughed again, and the air was caught in my throat. It came out as a sob. Gee pulled me to a chair, sitting me on his lap.

He put his arms around me and let me cry. Mikey sat the coffee on the table and sat down next to Emily. She was still staring at me with those flat eyes.

Mikey touched her shoulder and gestured to the coffee in front of her. She looked down and picked it up slowly. Silently, she took a sip and set it back down. Her face never changed.

I cried for a long time before I was able to pull myself together again. Gee held me and rocked me lightly the whole time. One thought battered around in my head. The same thought that came when we had first set at the table together.

God, I love him! I pulled away and kissed him softly. He kissed me back and kept rocking me.

I tucked my head into his shoulder and sighed. “Sorry love. I usually don't snap like that.” I whispered against his skin. His hands rubbed up and down my back, making me shiver slightly. I felt his lips on my forehead and I tried to relax my tense muscles.

“Frank,” Emily murmured behind me. My back stiffened at her toneless voice. Still on Gee's lap, I was a head taller than him. He held onto my waist like I was going to fall off.

“Yes?” I asked tensely. I didn't want to hear her monotone answer. Tension broke in the room and the kettle started to whistle again.

Gerard's point of view

Frankie had just snapped. He was laughing and crying and saying something about zombies. I held him tightly, letting him cry.

I studied Emily over his shoulder. What did he mean, she was a zombie? Her skin wasn't gray and saggy. And her hair wasn't falling out. The only thing on her that looked even remotely dead were her eyes.

About an hour had passed when Frankie stopped crying. He pulled away from my shoulder, looking at me with a strange look in his eyes. A kind of pain. I couldn't focus on it. He kissed me as soon as I noticed it.

I rubbed his back lightly and he buried his face in my shoulder. “Sorry love. I usually don't snap like that.” he whispered against my shirt, moving the fabric.

“Frank,” Emily said softly behind us. My lips left Frankie's forehead and I looked at her. Her voice sounded dead, too. Maybe Frankie was right about her being a zombie.

He tensed up again under my hands. His back went rigid and he nearly hissed his response. “Yes?” his hands were clenched and his head was still ducked.

“I am sorry Frank. They did break me. And they broke me good. I am a breaker now. I am.......very good at it.” she said simply. Frankie gasped and looked at her sharply.

“You break people now?” he hissed. She nodded easily and Frankie started to climb off my lap. He advanced on her, stood over her.

She looked up at him with empty eyes. “Do you remember what they did to try to break you? What they made me do to try to break you? Then you ended up breaking me! You got me out! You made me quit and run! Don't you remember that?” his whole body was trembling as his voice got more and more acidic, more accusing.

She didn't flinch like Mikey and I did. She didn't blink. Frankie lifted his hand and for a wild moment, I thought he was going to slap her.

He didn't. His hand fell to her shoulder, resting there. She didn't move. She just looked up at him with her blank eyes.

The kettle had gone off some time ago and it was burnt up, still on the stove top. I went to take it off and set it in the sink. I ran the water over it and a big puff of steam gushed out and the two of them stayed the same, Mikey got up and walked over to the window, opening it and waving the steam out.

Thanks to all my fans for staying with me. I know that I ramble a lot and some times the story's really slow. I love you guys (>'.')> hugs for all!!!!!!!!!
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