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Guilt is a slow death

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Frankie can't help but take the blame for everything that has happened to the Way brothers

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Gerard's Point of view

I didn't set my alarm clock last night. Mikey came into my room and shook me. “Gee, wake up. Come on. Frankie's up stairs waiting.” At the mention of Frankie, I snapped up, making Mikey almost fall over.

“Wow that was fast.” he said breathlessly as I ran around the room, pulling on clean skinny jeans and a shirt. I plopped on my bed and crammed my shoes on my feet. Casting a quick glance at the clock, I saw I had about thirty minutes to eat and finish getting ready.

Mikey went up the stairs first and I ran up after him, grabbing my bag and switching off the light. Frankie was sitting on the couch, leaning his head against his hand. Emily was sitting in the chair. When Mikey came into view, Emily laughed. Then I rushed in and sat my bag on the couch.

“Morning love!” I kissed Frankie and nearly ran to the bathroom. “Over sleep did we, love?” he called after me. “Yep” I shouted over my shoulder. He chuckled along with Emily and Mikey.

I did my eyeliner roughly and yanked my comb through my hair. The door was still open behind me and I saw Frankie in the mirror. “Want some toast?” he asked softly as I ran a washcloth over my cheeks.

“No thanks, love. I'll just grab an apple when we leave.” I turned to him and held my arms out. “Well?” I asked breathlessly.

He chuckled and nodded to my pants. “Your fly is down but other than that you look perfect.” I threw a look at my pants and blushed, trying to zip them shut. Frankie laughed at my shocked expression and walked in.

I was still blushing and he touched my hot cheek. His hands were cold on my hot skin and I shivered. He chuckled and pulled me into a kiss.

His hands played in my hair, tangling it again. My hands went around his waist again and he deepened the kiss, his tongue running over my bottom lip, begging for access, which I granted.

He tasted like coffee and candy. A sweet combination that made me lift him off the floor. I held him there as we kissed. There was a cough behind us and we broke apart. I sat him on the floor again and he took my hand.

Mikey and Emily had been standing in the doorway for who knows how long. They both had their heads ducked and Mikey had a fist to his mouth.

Frankie winked and turned to them. “Welcome to the bathroom, a regularly visited place in the Way house. How may we serve you?” he said mockingly. Emily giggled, trying to cover it with a cough.

I glared at Mikey. “Enjoy the show?” I asked, my voice holding a hint of acid. He turned red and glared back. “You're the one who didn't shut the door.” he said, his voice acidic as well.

We glared at each other long enough for Emily to pull him away from the doorway and Frankie to slip his arms around my waist.

I felt his strong, small arms around me and smiled. He was so much stronger than me and he knew that I knew. And he knew that I wasn't scared of him. I turned and kissed him again, making him moan quietly with surprise.

Frank's Point of view

Mikey, Gee and I left Emily at their house. Gee had told her to not answer the phone if it rang and to not let anybody in. He had started to tell her if anybody tried to break in to call either him or Mikey and that they would call the cops, but she cut him off, laughing. “Gee, if anybody tries to break in, I could handle it faster than any cop.”

Gee had laughed and nodded. He amended by telling her to call him or Mikey and take care of the guys her self, but to not break anything.

We left, walking together like we did last week. And like last week, Mikey left us in the hall and Gee kissed me goodbye. We sat next to each other in art. And as he'd told me last week, he added more details to the clothes of his zombie.

And just like I told him it would, a preppy girl wearing a tight pink shirt walked behind us and squeaked and ran off. “I told you so, love,” I chuckled and went back to my painting.

“Her hair is different,” he said as we were cleaning up. I was so distracted waiting for the water to run clear that he startled me.

“Yeah,” I leaned closer to him and whispered soft as a breath. “When they break you, the make you like everyone else. They take away your personality and freedom. They take everything from you. Even your soul.” his eyes had flashed and he looked away.

“And you used to be like that.” he said quietly. I nodded and put my brush in the can that had a sign “WET BRUSHES GO HERE” taped on the front.

Mikey came to the room again, less frantic than last week. I had noticed changes in both of them. They looked older. Not physically, but when I looked into their eyes, they looked wiser.

Something squeezed in my chest. I knew what the difference was. I just didn't want to admit it.

They'd lost their innocence. I felt a twinge of regret and guilt. It's my fault. They weren't innocent anymore because of me. They'd seen how fragile life really is.

Guilt built in my chest and I nearly choked. I'll find a way to make it up to them. Even if it kills me to do it.

Classic guy. Takes all the blame XD hope you liked this chapter. R+R PLEASE.

PS IDK how many chapters this is gonna have
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