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Somewhat normal

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things slip into normality but the ball rolls to the side a bit, not a straight line anymore. how do the Ways get back to their normal lives now?

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Frank's Point of view

I had to go home around eight that night. My mom had called me and complained about me not being home since Thursday. I had flinched and nodded and lied smoothly. Some of her anger evaporated when I told her about what good friends Gee and Mikey were.

Not enough to keep me there another night. Before Gee and I left, we had made arrangements for Emily. She was going to stay here until I could convince my mom that her parents didn't want her and I was her only friend.

It wasn't going to be that hard. We would have to wait, though. And Emily would have to get clothes and a bag to make it look real. Lots of planning.

Emily and I were good at planning though. Mikey didn't like having to lie but Gee didn't mind. “Whatever it takes to keep her here, I'll help.” he had said, putting his arms around me.

Mikey and Emily had called goodbyes as we walked out the door. Hand in hand, we walked down the street. “School tomorrow,” Gee murmured. I nodded and grimaced.

“And I had math homework. I'm going to be up all night getting that done.” I groaned, cringing at the thought. Gee laughed and kissed my cheek.

“You can do it, my little math nerd. Your good at it. I bet if you focused you could have it done in ten minutes.” he said sweetly. I poked his ribs and laughed.

He kissed me at the doorstep, the door still closed. No need to have mom getting over excited tonight, and this would throw her over board.

She knew I was bi but she thought Gee and I were just friends. If she'd found out right now, I'd never get my homework done. Or go to sleep for that matter.

I watched him walk back down the street, looking back and smiling at me every few feet. My heart squeezed and I went inside.

“There's my Frankie boy!” my mom yelled from the kitchen, running out to hug me. This time I didn't choke when her arms locked around me. I let my muscles absorb the force and I breathed through my nose.

I hugged her back, slipping into the normal routine. “Hi mom.” she held onto my until I cleared my throat.

“Mom,” I said softly, touching her arm. She let go and stepped away. “Sorry dear. I just missed my little boy!” she pinched my cheek. “Mom!” I groaned, stepping back, out of her reach.

She laughed and went back to the kitchen. “You hungry, dear?” she called back over her shoulder. “No. I have stuff to do, though. I think I'm going to clean up my room,” I said to distract her. She was always getting on me for not cleaning my room.

“Really?” I could almost hear her eyebrows raise on her face as disbelief colored her voice. “Yes, really.” I rolled my eyes and she laughed.

“Don't roll your eyes at me Frankie boy. I know how to fight, too.” she said, in a sort of threating voice.

I laughed and went to my room. She was standing in the kitchen doorway, leaning against the door frame, her arms crossed over her chest. Her face held a hint of amusement and skepticism.

“You think you got your fighting skills from your father?” she asked lightly. I shook my head and smiled back at her.

“I know I didn't. But I don't think you could win. You're to old.” I drew the word out, taunting her. Anger flashed in her eyes and she smiled.

“With age comes more experience. Don't forget that, sweetie.” she murmured and turned into the kitchen.

I laughed again and went into my room, closing the door behind me.

Gerard's Point of view

I got home and opened the door. Emily was sitting with Mikey on the couch, making plans to go get her some clothes later. When I came in, Emily looked at me and nodded to Mikey, who got up and went to the kitchen.

Emily nodded to the chair across from the couch and I sat in it, watching her warily. I knew what she could do, but I wasn't sure if she was going to do anything. She just looked at me softly, her face now alive.

Her blue eyes focused on mine and she opened her mouth. “Gerard,” she started. “You can call me Gee if I can call you Ems.” I said softly.

She nodded and started again. “Gee, I'm sorry you had to see all that. All of it.” her face looked concerned and sad. “All of what?” I asked quietly.

Her eyes flashed like Frankie's when he had talked about the bodies. “All the fighting, me like that, all the bodies. The list goes on and on,” she waved her hand dismissively. I nodded, keeping my mouth shut.

“The point is, Frankie isn't as strong as he might look. He's hurt and sad. And you make him happy. I already told Mikey all of this. I will give my life to keep all of you safe here. There's nothing more important to me than keeping my family safe. You are my family, Gee.” she never looked away as she said it. She leaned forward and snagged my hand.

“Your brother loves me. I love your brother. You love my brother and my brother loves you. So, in a way, you're my brother.” she finished confusingly. But I understood it, somehow. I nodded slightly and squeezed her hand.

“And you're my sister. I understood all that.” my voice held all the confusion that I felt. Emily smiled and stood up. She hugged me and Mikey came out.

“He took it well?” he asked Emily. She nodded and Mikey laughed. Then he came over and patted my shoulder.

“I'm surprised you understood the last part. It took me a minute and I'm the smart one.” he teased.

“You're also the annoying one.” I snapped, making Emily laugh. Mikey glared at me and I considered licking his cheek again.

“And I'm the one who knows how to play guitar.” he said mockingly. I glared and stepped toward him.

“Give me a hug, little bro,” I held my arms open and he stepped back. “Why?” he said, suspicious.

“Just give me a hug, you wuss.” I prodded. His eyes flashed and he stepped into my arms.

Stupid. He should know better by now. I locked my arms around his and licked his face. He gasped and squealed loudly.

I let go of him and stepped back. Emily laughed as he freaked out over the germs on his face. He ran to the kitchen and washed his face.

Emily smiled at me and we followed. I had my phone out, taking a video to show Frankie in the morning. Things were starting to get slowly back to normal. Mikey still freaked over germs and my phone still took videos. My hands were still long and white and I was still wearing my black sleeved jacket.

Maybe Emily and Frankie could slip into normal life and be happy with us. Frankie already had, somewhat. Emily could, too. And we can all be happy together. At the moment, things seemed really easy, not forced. Maybe everything can be easy like this. And just maybe I'm a wishful push over.

Whatever the reason, I was happy. And I knew Frankie, Emily and even the freaked out Mikey were to.

I think this is just a filler chapter. IDK yet. Im just goin with it as I write
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