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morning sunshine

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I was the first one up this morning- as usual. I was normally the last one to crash and the first one to wake up- if you could call it that, I normally woke up and stumbled around in a zombie like state for a while before my brain wakes up. Once I was properly awake I found out that I was bored, we only got through 2 series of Red Dwarf last night before we all passed out. Oh well. I licked Ray's nose to wake him up. He looked at me with a odd expression before grinning his massive afro grin and mumbling "Morning Sunshine!"
We got up and walked to the kitchen, I flicked on the coffee machine for Ray and then pulled some Dr Pepper out of the fridge for me. It was very rare that I didn't feel like coffee, but I figured; if you don't want it, why have it? And I was craving sugar anyway so I downed my can in record time. Ray was sitting on the counter and kicking his feet like a child for a minute, cute.
"Where did you actually move from?" Ray asked, taking a cautious sip of the boiling coffee.
"Oh, we moved from England, obviously. A small village in Telford called St. Georges, you won't have heard of it." I replied, no one ever did know where it was, or even that it existed.
"Actually, the name rings a bell, lots of murders and suicides and a few cases of rape?" Ray asked
"Yeah, that's the place. How'd you know?"
"We were doing a project before you lot arrived about the most dangerous, but unheard of places in England. Why, we will never know, but St. Georges was one of the places we found out about. Lots of drugs and underage drinking too apparently."
"Yup, that's about right. I loved it there, especially at night. But the only interesting thing you could do was annoy one of the local mass murderers and hope you can run fast enough!" I replied, laughing slightly at the shocked look on Rays face. "You see, the more dangerous things are, the happier I seem to get. I'm attracted to danger, and pissing people off has always given me a kick. I love adrenaline rushes, and I will stop at nothing to get a good one!" I laughed my loud and famous cackle before hearing two people stir in the living room.
"I love you you know that?" Ray said before pushing me on the table and kissing me with everything he'd got. He jumped off when we heard a cough from the doorway.
"Jeez guys, the kitchen? People eat there dudes." Frank said before grabbing a doctor pepper and sitting on the table. A few minutes later the others all walked into the kitchen and Hollie said.
"I'm hungry now, we haven't eaten since McDonalds yesterday." She stretched and rubbed her eyes before I made everyone drinks and sat down bacon sandwiches in front of everyone and 3 poptarts in front of Frank.
"How'd you know?" Frank asked me, poptart and doctor pepper dripping down his chin.
"When Gee offered you a bite of his burger yesterday, you looked like you were gonna puke!" I laughed. "Seriously, I pick up on everything, habit."
"Oh, I thought you were just a germaphobe like my darling brother Mikey, he's such a clean freak and hates my room. Or 'the swamp' as he calls it!" Gerard mused, happily munching on his bacon butty and grinning a wide grin.
"Nah, M'm a bit of a clean freak though." Frank replied shooting a look at me and Ray, "That's why I don't approve of displays of personal affection in a KITCHEN." Ray was blushing wildly and Mikey had a look of horror on his face which made us burst out into fits of laughter. A strangled "Eeeewwwwwwww" escaped his lips as he dumped his sandwich in the bin and went "Now I'm not hungry." With a frowny 5 year old expression which only made us crack up and laugh more.

Gerards P.O.V
I had noticed that Jackie didn't eat at all yesterday, or Friday, and she hadn't eaten today either. "Jackie, when was the last time you ate?!" I asked, truly intrigued on how someone can eat so little and still bounce around like a powerball.
"Uhmmmm, dunno. Thursday maybe, possibly Wednesday. Sometime before we landed in New Jersey anyway, we only got here Thursday night and I think I had a slice of pizza then. I can't be sure though." Everyone looked at her with shock on their faces, but Hollie and Cheyenne didn't react. It was obvious that she often went days without eating, but we were still shell shocked.
"Seriously, no big deal, I can go for a week without feeding my face!" She laughed before reaching into the fridge and pulling out a tin of beer, cracking it open and taking a swig.
"So, what are we doing today?"
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