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facing the jocks

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The next morning, as promised, when I stepped out of my front door Gee, Mikey, Hollie, Bob, Cheyenne, Ray and Jackie were waiting by my gate.
"Come on, another day in hell and we've got phis.ed first!" Ray shouted
"Ugh, yuck." I said as I joined them at my gate and we started down the sidewalk towards school.
"Do you mind if I hold your hand Frankie boy?" Gee asked sweetly, pulling the unneccassary cute card. I pretended to think for a minute before grabbing his hand.
"What about all the jocks and bullies?" I asked, truly concerned for mine and my GeeGee's safety.
"Oh, don't worry. I had a word with them last night. They won't be giving us any trouble EVER again." Jackie grinned a sly grin.
"Please tell us that words were all you used." I whined, her smashing their faces in wouldn't help our situation. She tapped her nose and winked knowingly.
"That, my friends, is for me to know and you NOT to find out." A wide shit-eating grin was spreading across her pale features.
"Wonderful, not only is my girlfriend a psycho, she's also an assassin." Ray grinned and gave her a nuggie, she retaliated by shoving him into the road as he narrowly missed an oncoming van. "Fuck! What did you do that for!?"
"I just wanted to make sure that you knew where you stood you afrotastic awesome thing!" She screamed kissing his forehead and taking his hand as we strode through the school gates. We got a few odd looks from the chavs and jocks, but no verbal or physical abuse. Thank god. Whatever had happened yesterday between the jocks from hell and Jackie obviously worked.
"We're doing bench ball in PE, so it's not all too bad." Bob said.
"OH YES! Benchball is the shit right. I love whacking a ball around the court and running around like a maniac, makes me feel so much better!" Jackie said happily.
"Oh, but you don't have a kit?" Bob said
"Who gives a shit, I can run in skinnies no probs!"
"Guys, I can't do PE, coz of my wrists, if I fall on them they'll break real easy." Cheyenne mumbled.
"Ah, that's not an issue, you can just sit on the side and watch as we run around and get VERY sweaty." Bob grinned sheepishly and then added, "By the way, boys and girls have to get changed together, budget cutbacks are a bitch."
"BAH!!" Hollie shouted
"Ah well, I don't give a shit, actually, I think I've got some black combats and another t-shirt in my bag I can change into." Jackie told us, rummaging through her bag, "Yup, who put those in there then?"
"I did, I actually READ stuff, i.e. the timetable!" Hollie replied

Jackie and Hollie were like women possessed out on the court! Hollie could throw like a motherfucker and got on the bench in no time. Jackie just ran around in front of the back bench and defiantly refused to let and balls get through, so our team won real easy.
"Ha! Benchball, picking the fat kids first since 1829!" Jackie sang as we walked back to the changing rooms.
"Hey, you. Are you using guy spray?" One of the jocks shouted at Jackie
"Yeah, that girly stuff's a load of toss. Lynx is the shit right?!" She replied enthusiastically by bouncing up and down. NOT a good idea topless, but she didn't seem to mind. Dignity was obviously one of the words in the dictionary she hadn't found out about yet. The others being grace, subtlety, manners, politeness and probably soberness, actually.
I couldn't help but gaze at Frank as he changed out of his P.E kit. I noticed the scars down his back too, they were bad. I'd ask him about it later, thank God Jackie and Ray had already left for break, they'd just ask him straight out.
We wandered to the tree where we all hung out and flopped down under the welcome shade of it. Mikey was busy complimenting Hollie on her benchball skills and Hollie was busy blushing. Cheyenne had started to feel ill and so had Bob, there was a bug going round, so they'd probably got that. Or they didn't want to take the torture of geography with the worksheet woman. NO ONE ever wanted to endure that. Frank was lying besides me and had his arm round my waist.
"Where'd you move from Frankie?" I asked softly, tracing random patterns on his back.
"The other side of the state actually, it's nicer here. I had some, erm...problems in my last school. That's why we left." He replied, a small and quick flash of pain made it's way across his angelic expression and dissapeared as quickly as it had come.
"Oh, okay." I'd have to ask him about the scars when we were alone, maybe when I could get a better look.
The bell rang for next class and we all groaned and lugged ourselves up off the grass towards the door.
"Cheyenne and Bob have gone home." Hollie informed us, checking her messages as we lined up for the torture of Geography. This teacher was incredibly annoying, and for Heavens sake, she had a map of the world UPSIDE DOWN stuck on the wall. Why, we will never know. But she does, and for some reason it really grips my shit.
Oh well, only 3 hours and forty minutes till we're released from hell, then I can start living. Eating pizza, bumming around with my friends and doing square route of fuck all and DEFINATELY not doing homework. Apart from school, life was sweet...
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