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scars remind us

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It was about two days since I'd first seen the scars on Frabk's back, and we hadn't been alone for long enough for me to ask about them or get him to show me so I can see how bad they really are. I wasn't sure where he had got them from, when, or how. But I was determined to find out.
It was a Wednesday, and Wednesday is always one of the most shitty days of the week in my eyeas, it's still ages to the weekend and your still tired from the previous one.
It was a shock to me when everyone but Jackie was at school, she didn't look like the sort of person to get ill, though Cheyenne had been off for two days previous as, like Bob, she gets sick easily. It didn't really dawn on me though, until we walked through the gates towards our own personal hell, that we all were walking with our shoulders hunched over instinctivley. I immidiately straightened out, we didn't act like this before we met Jackie, did we? No one could hurt us, we were all a family and we'd been accepted as much as humanly possible for people like us now, even me and Frank. Well, that's what I thought.
"Fag!" Someone shouted as we walked down the corridor.
"Losers! Where's psycho today, huh?" We all carried on shuffling with our heads down, what's going on?
"Aren't so brave without that lump of brain dead beef you call a girlfriend are you, Toro?" Someone asked, Ray just went red and carried on shuffling. This was hell, it was like my first day of high school, but worse. Because on my first day, I knew I wouldn't be accepted, but now I'd let myself fall into a false sense of security and I could feel it in my bones that one of us, if not all, was going to get hurt today.

I was on my feet, shuffling and ignoring the people hurling tasteless personal attacks at me one minute, and the next, I was up against a wall. My feet were dangling and a jock had me by the throat.
"Not so happy now are you? You scruffy punk FAGGOT!" He shouted, he smelled of sweat and fags. Lovely. I couldn't make a sound, all I could do was try not to cry. A circle had formed now, and my friends were looking in on me with shock and dispair plastered all over their faces. But there was nothing they could do.
"People like you don't deserve to live!" The boy screamed, before throwing a punch with his massive fist straight into my head, blood exploded from my mouth and I just hung there. Helpless. I was dropped to the floor as another five pairs of fists and feet started pounding in on me. I needed to get out, but the beatings didn't stop, they were out for blood, and a lot of it.
My arm was limp and unmoving, my lips split and head throbbing. How had no one noticed the fight yet? Well, more like just a beating up. Even if they had, would they care? Could they do anything? I was lying in a pool of my own warm blood, feeling weaker and weaker every second. I knew this was going to be bad, if I even lived it out. I made small whimpering noises, but couldn't scream yet, screaming was for the fatally damaged. I was only bordering on severe. More blows were taken by my stomach and head as I started coughing up my own blood, not fun.
My ribs were being pummeled when I felt a large crack and screamed out, the first scream of the beating. I'd done well. Another blow was taken by a huge nike covered foot to my temple, as the blackness washed over me and took me away into a numb slumber.

My eyelids forced themselves open as I took in my surroundings, white walls, white bed, white everything. Hospital, great.
"Gerard, he's awake." I heard Mikey say as he prodded his sleeping brother who was slumped at the uncomfy chair next to my bed.
"Wha- Oh! Frankie, are you okay?" He asked, tearing up immediately and squeezing my hand.
"I-I'm fine Gee. How long have I been here?" I asked, squeezing his hand back the best I could.
" Two weeks" said a deep English drawl from the other side of my bed.Jackie.
"Really, Jesus." Jackie got up and started pacing, muttering to herself.
" I should never have let you out of my sight, too dangerous. I was stupid, I should have known guys like that don't give up just because I slashed them." She muttered, but we heard this time. Ray's voice was dry and raspy.
"You did that? I got told his cuts were from a fight with a big guy in a pub with a knife."
"You had only just met us and you did that?" Questions were being fired at her from all sides of the room, why had she risked her freedom on some punks she only just met?
"Look, I could tell as soon as I met you that you all mean something, your all really great and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make sure none of you get hurt again. Oh, and Frank. Your parents know about Gerard, that's why there not here, I think it's about safe to say they hate you and they also told me to tell you that as soon as your better, your moving out. They don't care where you go but they don't want you. So I called them homophobic idiots and punched them, I do hope you don't mind." She said, looking me straight in the eyes, which is actually rather scary.
"Wow." Was all my split lips could muster.
"Your moving in with us Frank." I spun my head around to the door, where a certain Mrs. Way was standing.
"Really, you mean you don't mind?" I was shell shocked.
"Of course not dear, your important to Gee, Mikey, me. All of us, we'll help you with whatever you need. I can tell you and Gerard are perfect together, and you've all got awesome friends, none of them have left you all week. Apart from Jackie to talk to your parents and move the stuff from your room into Gee's." She smiled the angelic, heart melting smile her son had inherited.
"You really didn't have to do that, guys." My face was burning, nobody had ever liked me enough to do that before, anything like that, ever.Everyone looked up at me with shocked eyes.
"We did." My friends and new family spoke simoultainiously.
"Right, we're gonna leave you and Gee alone for a bit, we're going for coffee." Ray said, as everyone walked out the door.
"Wow. Gerard's chosing ME over coffee?!" I joked.
"Your worth it Frankie." He looked cold, and tired, so I flipped back the covers as much as I could without pulling the IV out.
"Get in, you look knackered." I chuckled slightly. Which hurt. A lot. He removed himself from the plastic chair and I snuggled down close to him.
"The police are gonna sort them twits out, there going up for a load of stuff, cocaine and everything. They may even be sentenced to life on death row for all the crimes they've committed, robbery and everything." Gerard mused, happy at the thought of dead jocks.
"We'll dance on their graves." I said
"Together." Gerard gave me a one arm hug/squeeze thing before releasing me to lie next to him again. "I can't wait till we get out of here Frankie, life will be sweet..."

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