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Tonights the night

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build up to the ultimate Frerard scene

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It was around six when the others left, they decided to stay at Mikey's moms and just tell her that me and Gerard weren't feeling up to it and were having a night in. Gerard was busy in the kitchen cooking an italian style vegitarian spaghetti bolognase. I sat on the kitchen counter, watching him as he worked, he seemed to know exactly what he was doing- no hesitation or checiking recipies or even weighing anything out.
"You okay Frankie? You just spaced out." Gerard said, still working.
"I'm fine, just watching you." I sighed. "I miss my Moma." I admitted.
"It's okay Frankie, we'll go and see her tommorrow, tell her 'bout the wedding." My head snapped up at this.
"What?!" I asked, both shocked and confused.
"Well, she is your Mom, she should know. And maybe if your parents see that this isn't just some idiotic horny high school kids messing about, and that we're actually in love, then maybe thay will accept it." He explained, stirring the spaghetti.
"Maybe, but probably not. I don't miss them exactly, but it's weird not having them around, it's weird not having your Mom around. This just generally feels wierd, nice, but wierd. And I'm scared, how are we meant to pay for everything, we get forty quid each a week for being students and Jackie and Ray's weekednd jobs only pay so much." I frowned.
"Don't worry about it, I'm sure they have a plan. They always do." He mused, setting the plates down on the table. "Dinners done." He said, flipping out the lights and lighting some candles.
"So you DO have a romantic streak after all." I teased, smiling.
"Babe, it's a mile wide." He grinned as we started into our meals.
"Oh my God, this is amazing Gerard!" I was truly shocked, I mean, Mikey had a habit of putting forks in turned on toasters and I was pretty sure he was the only person I knew of that was capable of burning SOUP!
"It's reasonable." He shrugged.
"Come off it! It's the best thing I've ever tasted! How did you do it?" I asked, my mouth filled with amazing flavours that left it craving more.
"I don't know, Grandma Helena taught me how to make it, she taught me how to sing and draw too." He told me.
"She sounds awesome! No wonder you love her." I said.
"Loved." He corrected me, "She died a few years back."
"Oh, I'm sorry." I mumbled, looking down at my plate.
"It's no big deal, shit happens." He told me, taking my hand across the table as we carried on eating. We ate until we felt fat, then collapsed on the beanbags in the living room, watching some mindless stand up comedy.
"I feel faaaaat." Gerard moaned as he undid his belt and the button on his skinny jeans, making some room for the stomach that wasn't there.
"You certainly don't look it." I told him, nuzzling into his armpit and wrapping my arm around his waist- breathing in the delicious scent that could only be described as... Gerard.
"I love you Frankie baby." He told me, resting his head against mine.
" I love you too Gee." I said- I was paying no attention to the brain numbing program on the telly, and neither was he. We were just appreciating the company we gave each other.
Eventually, Gerard sighed and flicked off the TV. "Bed time?" I asked.
"Sounds good." He said, taking my hand and walking up the stairs. We got to our room and shut the door behind us, I made my way over to the window and sat on the sill- looking out onto the lake that reflected the moonlight beautifully.
"It's a beautiful." I sighed as he took a seat next to me.
"But it's nothing compared to you." He breathed as I leaned my head against his muscular chest, listening to the low, soft thump of his heart. He turned my face up to face him and gently grazed my lips with his, I tilted my head, deepening the kiss and latching onto him, never wanting to let go. I slipped my tongue through his lips and massaged his tongue with mine, making him groan at the contact. Our tongues started the 'battle for domination' which I enjoyed so much. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his slender waist, never breaking the furious contact between out lips. He stumbled blindly towards the bed and dumped me down on it, straddling my hips and creating more welcome friction between us as my hands tangled in his cherry red hair.
"Frank." He gasped pulling away from me and sitting up, pulling me with him to look into my eyes.
"Will you give yourself to me?" He asked sweetly.
"Yes! I want you so much it hurts!" I gasped, noticing the now painful bulge in my pants.
"Me too." He giggled, stripping off our shirts.
"Tonights the night..." I said, knowing what was soon to greet me.
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